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After accidentally turning herself into a stallion from a backfired spell, Twilight 'Dusk Shine' Sparkle frantically seeks the help of Princess Celestia. In Canterlot, Dusk Shine fails to find his mentor, but does find solace from those closest to him.

* Takes place prior to S3

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2 things: First of that picture is inaccurate representation of a (pony) brothers relationship (from my understanding) and is more of a (pony) sister-brother relationship. And second is thank God this isn't a clopfic... Now that I think about it, there is a significant lack of gay clop fics (it could be). Unless I'm being a moron

3691778 If the entire point is a sister being trapped in a male body, then the 'sister-brother relationship' feel for the picture should make perfect sense, no? :derpytongue2:

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Ah, this makes me happy. Princess Trollestia, an innocent Spike with the birds, and not farr off from a Lesson Zero Dusk Shine. Well done, I haven't seen stallionized Twilight written this well thus far.

AND THEN I READ THIS. :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy:

3692558 I'm glad you're enjoying it thus far :3 Thank you for the feedback! :trollestia:


If this turns into a clopfic of any sort, I'm ripping my gold star right off this story. Just sayin', there are too many of those stories out there.

Anyway, I'm interested to see where this goes, in the non-cloppy direction of course. :pinkiehappy:

3693404 No clop to be found. Nothin' but bro love born from bro/sis love :pinkiehappy: Sibling love is best love.


Good to hear, it's nice to finally find a fic like this that has no clop. Very refreshing.

Anyway, so far, so good.:twilightsmile:

Can't wait for a new chapter, only two chapters and you got my follow, bravo, only two have managed to do that. :ajsmug:


Twilight tore through town, the blue potion and its' vastly thickening smoke flooding out of her force field steadily. A few passerby ponies gasped and leaped out of the way before they got bowled over, while others stared on in confusion at what their crazy librarian resident had done this time.



There's way too many GAY clopfics out there. We could use more of the regular kind.

For that matter, we could use a separate gay shipping tag to differentiate from regular shipping.


Oh my god

rule 63 Twilight Sparkle with shining armor and it ISN'T a clop fic?!



This has potential for great dawwwws.
Please proceed:scootangel:

Ha. Where's that "dis gon b gud" gif when you need it?



3693480 That was what intrigued me. Guylight/Shiney with no clop? MOARPLZKTHX :pinkiehappy:

3693806 When you see the element of magic running with a smoking substance, go the opposite way! OR When you see a unicorn running, try to keep up with them. (Last part paraphrased from my uncle, an EOD technician)

sees cover art
checks groups and tags

Well...I don't see incest anywhere.....you have my attention:trixieshiftright:

3693480 Lol who disliked this comment?Nice fic btw.

Oh this is going to be good!

Nice work so far, the writing and the story are both great :twilightblush:

I like it. When comes next chapter

You know, I have to say, I think this is Rule 63 done right.

I am expecting fully-blown crowning moments of heartwarming in this fic. It's off to a very nice start. Won't say if I like or dislike since it is too early to tell.

I thought Twilight seemed just a little too panicky, and I'm surprised she didn't try to quantify and document the unintended effects before attempting to correct it. In any case, I'm being overly nitpick-y. Beyond that, it was entertaining and has potential. :ajsmug:

Oh, I do have one actual correction:

"I-It's magically endued imbued, Spike! The

Heeeyyyy CD, it's Shift from MLP Forums. Just wanted to say, I approve of this fanfic and i'm waiting for more. :pinkiehappy:

More Luna, that is

3695583 Thanks for the word correction :twilightsmile:
And yeah :P All I have to say on the matter of 'Too Panicky' is, 'Lesson Zero' xP As for quarantine, she did so with her magic, but as the potion's mist was expanding and couldn't be contained, quarantine wasn't possible :3

Bemused : (adjective) bewildered or confused
Her distain for sweets bemused the Pinkie.

Concept is interesting, but I just didn't enjoy reading it.


Rule of funny: plot holes for the sake of hilarity are permitted. And this is already hilarious. Do continue, my good sir :twilightsmile:

3695926 Hilarity is about to turn into feels, prepare yourself :moustache:

"Being a guy is easy," Spike said, laying on the grass and lounging with his claws behind his head. "You just be cool, relax, and let the flow take you where it goes. You'll get used to it no time. Then you can just find a way to turn back. Piece of cake!"

das sum bullshit, spike. suuum buuuuuullllshit.

3697387 :moustache: Maybe Spike's just mastered the art of being a guy.

Yeah, seriously. No need to say it like that. You can almost always tell by the description or by the first chapter is there is no picture. And if you somehow end up in a yaoi clopfic, and you aren't looking for that, just leave the page and your done with it. Nothing else to it. Besides, this isn't even a clopfic! Do even you check the ratings? It says "Everyone" for a reason.

3697703 There's also no 'Romance' tags or such :pinkiecrazy: Not sure why people would assume there'd be clop or heavy relationship stuff in a story with nothing but 'Slice of Life' and 'Alternate Universe' as the tags.

What's this? A Dusk Shine and Shining Armor fic that DOESN'T involve sex? Holy shit is this real life??

Might give this a read at some point.

Hehehe. that's sibling love right there^^ Oh I can SO relate to Shining in that last scene^^ I'd react about the same way if something like that happened to my little sister^^

Oh, wow... totally missed that one... Probably my cue that I should have gone to sleep a while ago:facehoof:

3698366 Same :facehoof: Nightowls for the winfail :trollestia:

You know, everyone's saying they're glad this isn't a clopfic, but frankly I have NEVER seen a clopfic of this scenario.

Sure there's tons of Twilight x Shining, but absolutely no Dusk x Shining. Sort of disappointing.


Maaaan, what kind of rigid gender and familial roles are you subscribin' to? Cause I don't think anyone else here is.

Twilight tore through town, the blue potion and its' vastly thickening smoke flooding out of her force field steadily.

I might be remembering wrong, but I'm fairly certain that the apostrophe after the 'its' is not needed. "It's" always stands for the contraction of it-is or it-has and "its" always is the possessive form. Don't take my word for this though, I could be wrong.

Congratulations Twilight, you now have the advantage of peeing while standing.

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