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Sometimes Life just needs a new Perspective.


Summer in Ponyville is always nice, and with the visit of Shining Armor and Princess Cadence coming to the humble town, Twilight Sparkle is doing her best to make sure that their stay is lovely.

But when Twilight receives a note, two days before the Royal Couple are expected to arrive, things start to go wrong. And when things start to go wrong, it can only do one of two things.

Get better.
Or get much, much worse.

Set after S5 Finale

Chapters (4)
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It was a good effort but I had a hard time following it. Just for my two bits of CC is that there are plenty of guides out there to help you along.

If you're looking for pointers, the Internet has some great articles out there. I'd look into "showing vs telling" as well as sentence structure. Some things to look out for are fragments, run-ons, and making sure the subjects tie in with the verb.

Even the order in which you write things can make or break a piece of comedy. (You keep the punchline at the end of the joke, right?)

Writing paragraphs is easy, but keeping related details in the same paragraph and having them flow into the next paragraph is hard.

Hope this helps.


The original design was structured a bit differently, but I had to change it to suit submission. In hindsight, I might've overdone the editting a bit. I've tweaked the piece a little, to hopefully make it flow a little nicer. :twilightblush:
The indentation probably did the job of what I was after anyway.

I'll try not to overdo it for chapter 2 :twilightsmile:

My dearest Twilight.
I am afraid that I cannot explain Shining Armor's last letter to you. I have answers, yet they are ones I cannot give openly.
I would suggest coming to Canterlot, as soon as possible.
All I recommend, is come with an open heart, and open hooves.
Princess Celestia.

That does not bode well :fluttershysad:


Well hopefully Twilight can figure out what's going on soon :raritywink:

6792000 I beginning to think there is more to Cadance's pregnancy here...either a still born happened...or some even shittier has been waiting in works since the marriage...either way I beginning to think that karma is biting these two in the but for not resolving the changeling crisis. And no..blasting them out of the city is not a resolution unless you can find the body.

And there better be a happy or at least hopeful ending because I don't wanna know what happens if my first two guesses are wrong...because then you really need to change the picture you have for this fic...cause shit is going down the tubes really quick.


I plan on having a bit more Buggery happen before things even get rolling yet. The inner workings of Twilight's mind are WAY too fun to not play with. :twilightsmile:

Every story has a happy ending!
Wait. I don't work for Disney. :twilightoops:

I'm glad this is stirring thoughts though! :trollestia:


I plan on having a bit more Buggery happen before things even get rolling yet. The inner workings of Twilight's mind are WAY too fun to not play with.

Buggery...BUGgery...changelings confirmed:rainbowderp:

I have so many theories not shinings foal, shining cheated, cadance lost the foal and my favorite, twilight isn't going to be an aunt but a big sister


Big Sister…

Would… that make Cadence pregnant with… Twilight's dad? :twilightoops:

Next on Jerry Spring Equestria, Help, my Son is my Brother. :raritydespair:

6793200 no I meant that shining and cadance had twilight as teens and to hide the scandal twilight was raised as his sister

This was the plot of a one-shot I read long ago and I liked it and I have yet to see another



That is… a lot nicer than what I said…:applejackconfused:


I like to think that it takes more than sarcasm to get under my skin


Wasn't trying to, mate :rainbowkiss:

I meant the idea of SA and C being Twilight's parents was a nicer one than Cadence going after Shining's Dad :rainbowlaugh:

… I think.:twilightoops:

why do I get the feeling something bad happened to Shining armor


For all we know, he could be in Cadence's secret dungeon! :pinkiehappy:
Or… Chrysalis' secret dungeon… :pinkiegasp:
…or… Celestia's? :rainbowhuh:

Well… we'll see. :moustache:

(scream laughing)

To Canterlot!

Maybe Shining and Cadence are in Canterlot because of something happened to Twilight's and Shining's Parents.

Speaking of Canterlot Friends......


Twilight's on a Warpath in her head. Don't put more ideas in her head, she's distracted enough! :pinkiegasp:

6799955 What about Luna's dungeon...aka "The Twilight Zone."

Yes I ship them...


I think, by name, its reserved for Twily. :pinkiecrazy:

6814344 So it's one of those dungeons?


Somehow, somewhere; you KNOW there's a picture.

Should've guessed that it was miscarriage.

Kind of figured that Cadance miscarried, especially after Celestia stated that Shining Armor was physically fine.

This is the end?


To be fair, Omni; I do actually have… well let's call it an epilogue in mind. I feel that I left Chapter 4 on a bit of an empty quadrant.

Something small should hopefully be following.

i half expected them to tell cadnace and shiny armor and celitsita to tell Twilight that Cadance and shiny armor were her real parents......... but this is just sad :fluttercry::raritycry::pinkiesad2::applecry:

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