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AU. When Shining Armor and Cadence's love shockwave vanquishes the Changelings, before being sent away Queen Chrysalis fires a poisonous beam at Twilight's chest that leaves her in a comatose state she might never wake up from. As the doctors fail to find a cure, and everypony starts losing hope, Shining Armor is determined to help Twilight return to them, but on the inside he is conflicted by the cruelty he mustered at her the night before and his failure to ask for her forgiveness before being shot. Shining won't be able to live in once until Twilight says she forgives him, but how can that be when she can't probably even hear him?
Will Twilight wake up and go back to her old life, or will Shining Armor's tortured memory forever haunt him?

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Great story. A real tear jerker. Good luck with future stories.


It's a miracle! But I do wish you one more chapter. :)

nothing can warm you're heart more than family

This story was very good. I swear that I going to cry when they were about to pull the plug!:fluttercry:

5140762 that's the idea it's a kind of reference

Surprisingly enough, this one made me smile. Not because Shining Armor suffered, but because all was forgiven in the end.

That was a really touching story there. Well done!
ladyanaconda, do you plan on writing a sequel? If Twilight comes back with the (complete or partly?) appearance of a changeling, I'd sure like to see your take on how she and her close ones would deal with it, and on how would things go from there.

Sweet justice for letting Twilight's friends and Shining Armor suffer! :pinkiecrazy:


Course there's the fact that the way she presented it all was so melodramatic and basically hard to believe in the first place, Yeah they'll feel guilty after, but she presented it in the most idiotic way she could have possibly done so without any evidence.

Wow! This was really really awesome! It was totally depressing, but I loved every thing about it! :pinkiesad2:

This seriously warrants a sequel. Will Twilight ever be able to fully purify herself of her Changeling DNA? How will she cope with her new look? There's a lot of potential for a sequel here and it must be done.

Cadence is an ass and feels really out of character. It's not really love if she's just going to not marry him at all unless Twilight wakes up. Also, she ought to be a lot more sympathetic since she got flung into a cave and left there. She should know that Chrysalis is a master of deception. Not much of an alicorn of love or emotion or whatever. Smacking someone who's grieving and trying to blame them for everything is unfair and illogical. Why does Cadence expect the same behavior from Twilight friends, just because they've known her for a couple years when her argument to Shining Armor is about family. Was he supposed to let Twilight slander Cadence who I presume he's know for longer than Twilight's friends have known her?

Yup, here we are with another great story that deserves a sequel. I would love to see how she adapts to her new body and find out if anything else changed.

... Please tell me that's not the ending... If it was trying to be a cliff hanger it's not working.. However overall the story was packed full of emotion and it was AMAZING!!

A very good lesson on what could had been lost due to something as simple as not listening

Not listening to somepony is often not as distearous as what happened in the wedding, but now and them, something can go VERY wrong because of a refusal to listen.

wait did twilight turn back to normal or what???

This reminds me of angel beats' ending, full of emotion until the very end.

I loved everyrthing about this story, I think you should do a sequal to this. Do . The . Sequal.

Her coat lost it's pretty shine,

its, not it's

5256750 Thank's for the observation. :ajsmug:


ps even more paiend than those of the others.


Sweet. That was so emotional. Great job.

Awesome story, so emotional and excellently written. :twilightsmile:

Can't Twilight use her newfound Changeling abilities to turn herself back into her old self?

one of the best family moments I've seen thus far

hope to see a sequel, i mean it !!!!

If this is AU, shouldn't it have the AU tag? :twilightoops:

I really liked this, its a really good story. It does have some flaws though, like a really bad case of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome. (generally you should try to use names and pronouns more than descriptions, like "Twilight" instead of "The lavender unicorn")

Comment posted by Snickerdoodle deleted Nov 24th, 2014

"It's beautiful!

"And you can forget about being my best mare. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all." Saying this, he walked away.

I think only the text in quotations is supposed to be italic and bold in this case.
Also, when Twilight says "Instead of gaining a sister, I have lost a brother", I think there should be an 'I've', rather than an 'I have'.

Still reading, looks good from a non-grammatical standpoint so far!

:raritydespair: Tied for best fanfiction I've read.
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Mind if I ask? Do you think that we could possibly see a side story as to how Twilight's friends, Princess Celestia and Cadance would have been doing during Twilight's comatose? I think it would be interesting as to finding out how they would have coped while Twilight was out and wonder what sort of consequences they would have had to face during their worries for her.


I may. Thanks for the suggestion

You constantly seem to use the word "familiars" rather than "family" or "friends and family". A familiar would be an animal magically-bound to a magic-user, possibly through a ritual or contract. Spike might be considered Twilight's familiar, as he is a magical creature assisting her, a powerful magic-user.

Other than that and the mistakes noted by the others above and a little bit of out of character stuff with Cadence, it was good.

docters? More like dickters! :twilightangry2:

Chapter 1.

Spike finally spoke after two hours of silence, but his voice was equally or perhaps even more paiend than those of the others

Mach 1

it was like he was running on one of the exercise machines on gyms.

"And you can forget about being my best mare. In fact, if I were you, I wouldn't show up to the wedding at all." Saying this, he walked away.

"I'm so glad my brother is not like you. He would never trust an stranger more than he trust his flesh and blood."

Celestia stander aside from a

"No one never gets used to the idea

Cadence sobbed at the idea. "

Let's end with her pain."

Two long fangs had grown on her mouth, too.

Chapter 2.

She took Twilight's hoof when the latter came into contact with her shoulder. "

Well, no okay-okay, because you look like a Changeling,

"And what about 'taking you friends' worries seriously?'"

Cadence leaned in and gave him a quick kiss in her lips,

I want you by mi side when I

Typos aside. This is a very good story.


This was really beautiful:fluttercry:, I must say don't cry fast but while reading this, even I cried

S-so sad :fluttercry: but it is awesome: :raritycry:

And then while Shining Armor cries into her lap Twilight's eyes flash green and miles away Crysalis laughs as she controls her new Twilight drone.

OH! I'm the evilest little shit aren't I? :pinkiecrazy:

So sad .:raritycry::fluttercry::raritydespair: couldn't help but cry . But I did like the end the most. Sequal?

This is AMAZING!! The only reason I'm not crying is because I don't cry easily, but 11/10 best sad fic:heart: Sequel? Maybe?:applecry:

Nope. I do not like this. With so many people singing this story's praises, I hope you're ready for some negative criticism.

There's a lot of cheap emotional manipulation that tries to cover up the blatant OOC behavior. There's also some religious references that are extremely jarring and out of place in a pony setting. In addition, the "turning into a changeling" thing came out of nowhere. I can see it was meant to be a twist, but it just ended up making things weird. It makes the plot unnecessarily convoluted.

There's also the matter of the word "familiar". To quote The Princess Bride: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." According to some quick research, it was used in that context at one time, but that was many centuries ago. To give you an idea, it had already fallen out of use by the time William Shakespeare was born.

Most authors appreciate when people take the time to tell them the reason they gave their story a downvote. I hope you are not an exception to this.

So is it safe to assume from the title that you are in fact a panhead......

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