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In a time of peace in Equestria, it falls to everypony's favourite God of Chaos to stir things up a bit. But not in the way you'd expect.

Digging into another Dimension, Discord has introduced a game to Equestria, in his own design. HearthPone! Battle your friends, collect cards, and try to not know Discord enough that he makes a card or two of you!

Who will be Equestria's HearthPone Champion?

[I claim no Copyright of Hearthstone. It is owned by Blizzard Entertainment]
[Cover art by GeneralThunderbat, used with their permission :pinkiehappy:]

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Comments ( 10 )

How many decks does Pinkie HAVE?!


Knowing Pinkie, I would assume all 18... Or at least 18. :pinkiehappy:

7170266 apparently she has a druid deck, a shaman deck, a hunter deck....

As a "filthy casual" Hearthstoner and solid brony (duh), I entirely approve! Just forget the "Old Gods," all hail the mighty Pink One!

You can tell it's fictional because Twilight was excited to get Yogg-Saron. Seriously, gold or not, nobody should get that excited over a trash legendary unless they needed the dust.

You might wanna redo the layout of the cards a bit. I'm pretty sure all of them should be Legendaries, not Epics, and the background of Pinkamena should be the dark blue of the Shaman, since it was summoned by a Shaman card.


Twilight used Yoggy in her Mage deck which had full golds besides Yoggy himself. It'd bug me too, TBH.

I did quiz on whether to make our favourites Epic or Legendary; but you'll see why they're not Legendaries when you see the REAL legendaries :pinkiehappy:.
I know Pinkamena's card should be Shaman blue. But Rogue black looked so nice! :raritycry:

I have a paladin deck that's awesome, but I stopped playing the game. My PC broke :fluttercry:


It's on phones and iOS now. It should still be linked to your BNet account. :pinkiesmile:
Pallies have some good stuff.

This is cool, Anybody a priest main?

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