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Whilst their younger siblings take part in Equestria's annual royal summit, newly-met Shining Armor and Pharynx find themselves alone in a waiting room, with little to talk about other than what they share in common - a passion for homeland security, and a dorky little brother/sister.

* Cover art by the awesome Doodle-Mark!
* Featured 2/27/19 - 3/4/19!
* Story reading by Skijirama!

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I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen these two together in a story before now, they really do have a lot in common.

Anyway thanks for the story, t'was really good.

A well-written and thoroughly entertaining exchange between two big brothers that we don't see nearly enough of.

That was SO good man. Absolutely loved the dynamic you gave Pharynx and Shining, just a great idea in general. Keep up the good work my good man :twilightsmile:

...now I want a Thorax and Twilight shipping story, those two would make a great adorkable couple :twilightblush:

Ha, ha, everybody is so in character all throughout this. What else can I say than that? That is what makes the story, here! :twilightsmile:

Great interaction between the characters. I also like how the conversation doesn't straight away talk about their siblings but they bond over other stuff first

That was great! Awesome story!

Absolutely adorable. Shining and Pharynx are best big bros.


Good story. Have a like and a fave.

Please write a story in which Pharynx meets Limestone Pie so they can exchange younger sibling stories.

There are a few floating around.

Amazing story, but I'm a little dissapointed that shining didn't ask thorax a certain question

This was a blast.

"Still, ladybugs are harmless. In fact, that's their entire reputation."

"Exactly what my dad said."


I got ladybugs in my old home every winter, and if you picked one up while they were hibernating, they were liable to bite your ass! I know this much from experience! And let me tell you, for something so small, those things can BITE.

This is adorable~

Heehe, nice story. ^w^

The ladybug reveal makes me wonder how Twi feels about Ocellus, since the young 'ling's carapace looks like a ladybug's.

Pharynx sneered. "Unfortunately though, I can match it. Thorax is terrified of spiders. To the point where even now he'd probably cower behind me, despite being both taller and bigger than I am."

Hee hee. I take it you're a fan of RossmaniteAnzu's art?


Thorax beamed a wholesome look, but it was swiftly lost to Pharynx's rolling eyes.

Quite the feat with compound eyes ^^;;;(yeah I know, changeling eyes can do that, and are not really compound)

That ending is masterclass, it’s really fantastic. ^^;;;

Yup! Ross and I are good friends, actually. :twilightsmile: We regularly inspire each other to make bugbro art in our respective craft in a back and forth, unending cycle. :pinkiehappy:

* Featured 2/27/19 - 12/28/19!

Dang, this story's so good it travelled into the future!

Jokes aside, I really liked this. As somebody who has a younger sibling, I find Pharynx and Shining's banter very relatable.

Oof, darn typos. :trollestia:

I've never had a brother but I've always wanted one, so I find myself drawn towards depicting the kind of relationship I'd enjoy having. :twilightsmile: Always happy to hear brothers give positive feedback on relatability! :pinkiehappy:

We the people have been waiting for this conversation between these characters. Thank you for your service.

Great work, as always!
I liked how you captured the bugbros' dynamic :twilightsmile:

I wonder what embarrassing stories Celestia and Luna have about each other. This is going to favs now.

I don't have to write a long comment now, so...


I didn't know I need this until I read this

Th is a very good one-shot.

Oh my god, this is adorable. I feel like there should be a follow-up conversation between the sets of siblings with the youngers yelling "You told him what? Well what about that time when you did [x]!"

If I was to do a follow-up, it'd probably be the inverse of this one - Twilight and Thorax talking about Shining Armor and Pharynx. :derpytongue2: We'd get insight to those aftermath conversations as told by each of them, and much more about the younger siblings' perspective.

I feel like that one would be even more adorable because, well, Thorax. :rainbowlaugh:


I feel like that one would be even more adorable because, well, Thorax. :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like I agree with you. :pinkiehappy:

"low and behold" should be "lo and behold" as in the archaic exclamation "lo!"

I have only text, and I must squee! I absolutely loved reading this! Adorkable is an insufficient descriptor :heart:

Personally, I don't understand Thorax's attachment to Pharynx despite the latter's consistent disinterest. Is it because of the times Pharynx came to Thorax's defense?

I wouldn't know anything about that.

Thorax is sentimental, so just the fact that Pharynx is his brother is enough reason for him to love Pharynx unconditionally. :twilightsmile: Pharynx is the same way, they both just have different ways of expressing it.

Thorax, being sentimental is very outgoing and forward with how he feels about those he cares about, both verbally and through actions. Pharynx is the opposite. His care only displays through indirect actions, like protecting Thorax from bullies when he was younger.

At the end of the day he's family, so Thorax cares about him, even if he is a grump. :pinkiehappy:

Someone hasn't watched the official MLP shorts. :trollestia:

Shining Armor blinked. "O-oh, I'm sorry, I totally forgot to mention! The royal summit today has left me a little scattered. Yeah, Princess Twilight is my little sister. I run the Crystal Empire with my wife, Princess Cadance, now, but I was actually born in Canterlot. For a time I was the captain of the royal guard there, and these days I'm in charge of the Crystal Empire's guard teams, instead."

She wasn't old enough for magic school yet and I wasn't old enough to enlist for royal guard duty yet, so we ended up doing almost everything together.

Cap. (name of group / organization).

It's funny, she's so grown up, now, the princess of friendship, but every time I look at her, she's still the adorkable filly who once proudly said I would be the only friend she'd ever need.

Cap. A title (like Star Swirl the Bearded; or Clover the Clever) / Epithet. It's something she's known by, but isn't technically what she rules (nation wise). Things like Alicorn of X; Princess of X; or even other similar titles given to one of the princesses of Equestria (such as Princess Luna, Princess of the Night, Guardian of Dreams, Destroyer of Nightmares, and Vanquisher of Dust Bunnies).


He keeps mentioning that the dragon lord has been helping him with his assertiveness, but I've seen little improvement./quote]

Cap. Official Title of the ruler.

"I mean, to be fair, earlier that year we had a huge swarm of ladybugs invade our house, and I think the sheer number of them freaked Twilight out, left an impression on her."

No the impression was you telling her all those spots were eyes watching her wherever she went.

(Glad he got called out on that by Twilight. Although I wonder what the story behind her Quesadillaphobia is ... or why it being "so cheesy" gives her shudders).

Meh ... not to bad a fic. I can definitely give it an upvote.

'Dragon Lord Ember' would be capitalized, but just 'dragon lord' would not need to be, unless it's a direct replacement for Ember's name in a sentence. Same goes for 'princess of friendship'. Titles like 'President', 'Prime Minister', etc are sometimes capitalized always, but this is a style choice, not a grammar rule.

Likewise, 'royal guard' by itself would not be capitalized unless used in a sentence like, "I'm Captain Shining Armor, of Canterlot's Royal Guard". It's not the same kind of officially named organization like say, the United Nations.

Basically, if the title/ephiphet is used as a direct replacement of their real name in a sentence, or if the real name is in any way attached to the title, then it needs to be capitalized, yes. If not, it's usually style choice and nothing more.

English is incredibly specific and confusing at times. Not the first time this has been pointed out to me, won't be the last, probably. :unsuresweetie:

I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :twilightsmile:

All of that was wrong.

1) https://www.englishgrammar101.com/module-11/capitalization/lesson-2/titles

Capitalize titles of heads of state, royalty, and nobility when they are used with names, in place of names, or as appositives. Members of the nobility are often called by their titles. Therefore, the title becomes an alternate name and is capitalized. Titles of nobility are also capitalized when they are the names of titles of state or nobility.

For Dragon Lord, it's replacing the name, and is used in place of it.

Also see said parts there for things like "Duke of York", or "President of the United States".

2) Epithet: a characterizing word or phrase accompanying or occurring in place of the name of a person or thing.


Epithets get capitalized since it's taking the place / used for a proper name. When you say Princess of X, noone needs to ask who that is. Because it is obvious whom your talking about. So it gets capitalized.

3) Much like the US Army, the Coast Guard, the Navy, or the Marines. Capitalize them. Especially since you're talking about the military organization. Read up on how to handle Military Capitalization rules, as well as Organization Cap rules.

So yeah. Cap them.

:derpytongue2: Huh, viewed the same website, but I guess I missed the ending clause of one sentence, there. For the record though, there's no need to get defensive and blunt. This isn't your story, so don't state things like orders, please, it's rude. :unsuresweetie:

I'm usually naturally blunt, and sorry for being defensive. It's just a problem I come across way to often (and usually have to waste time explaining things). So it's less defensive, and more generally annoyed by the short answer for why not doing it.

That said, yes it isn't my story. But in my initial critique I was constructive. Still got an upvote, and a fav. So it's not like I'm tearing into it, merely pointing out some (relatively few) errors in grammar that could be fixed.

Yeah I know, that's fine, my issue was based with your second reply. :derpytongue2: Thanks for clarifying, though.

You're welcome, and sorry that I came across as offensive. Take care and have a good day.

I can only imagine this being an unrestrained idolization-fest, which would be cringey in itself but unsurpassedly so after this, which featured the elder siblings rubbishing the younger behind their backs.

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