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Dreams are what you make of them. Either terrible or fantastic.


It's Thorax's first crystal faire. It's amazing - it's absolutely spectacular, breath-taking, and the love that the crystal heart emanates on the day feels like it could keep him fed for a whole year. It should be the most fantastic thing he has seen all year! And yet...

“That’s a stupid question.” Pharynx rolled his eyes, while coming over to look at the markings Thorax had made in the dirt of their room in the hive. “I think, you dummy, that you can literally transform into any pony that you want.”

“Plus, why would you have wanted to been a pony in the first place? Being a changeling is the best.” He said, puffing up his own chest, before scowling down at the drawing of a pony that Thorax had made, before scraping his own hoof in it, swiping the dirt right back into place over the pale imitation of a pony, before roughly nudging Thorax.

“... Right.” Thorax said, smiling slightly at his brother despite the rough-housing, and the comments as he looked down at the dirt where his drawing had been. “I don’t really know why I would want to be one,” he lied, as he got up from the position he was laying down in, going to follow his brother.

Or becoming a part of something you dreamed of, but never thought you could really have.

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Later that day...

"Uh, Shining?"
"Yes, Thorax?"
"I know you already gave me the plushie, and I'm grateful, it's so cute and huggable, but... I was wondering..."
"Could I... maybe... could I have a real live crystal ewe to hug by any chance? Or more than one?"
"...how many?"
"Well... all of them?"
"It's just... they're so fluffy and adorable... :fluttershysad: Pleeease?"
"Well, no, how are we supposed to... *sigh* Yes."

Liked the story. Thorax could've been a great side character if they'd actually incorporated him more.

So adorableeee! Thorax is just the most precious little cinnamon roll, he deserves all the Crystal Ewes!

What a strange concept. Thorax frowned as he tilted his head, feeling more than a bit put off by the situation. “I don’t really get it I suppose,” he confessed, flinching at the sudden roar of the crowd cheering once more as one of the two stallions were hit by the lance finally.

Awww he's such an innocent one I really like him

“... You’re like family to me and Cadence.” Thorax felt his heart seize in his chest, as he quickly looked up, blinking rapidly.

Awww that is so adorable and so nice and that was the one I really wish to see that in the episode while he was still living with Shining Armor and Cadence

Aww this is actually a really nice story and it's always nice to see how thorax is doing after the event it looks like there's a festival going on and Shining Armor wanted to show him the events thorax still felt out of place but Shining Armor told him not to worry and even telling him he felt like he was part of the family no matter what he is and thorax felt like he was home again this was a pretty nice story I really like that keep up the good work

I tend to base Thorax off of Astolfo from Fate/Aprocrypha when I write him. In fact, I asked for that in my original prompt before I was told (properly) that not everyone knew who that was. So, I changed the prompt to what you got, and I have to say, I didn’t expect this absolute cinnamon roll of a boy.

So many cute Thorax moments here, I want to hug him so much. I wish the internal confoict of being a pony or not would come up more, but I still love him.

Thank you for giving this to me.

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