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Pharynx and Thorax have their differences. Among those is that Pharynx usually doesn’t call for help when doing something strenuous. When he does call for help, Thorax has to check it out.

QnS Secret Santa gift for Tangerine Blast.

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I for one loved it. Very sweet and thought-out, and both the brothers are perfectly on-brand. Ocellus is too, I like the tie-in to the problem she was trying to tell Starlight about in the show (too bad Starlight was distracted though)

Wonderful job!

Huk #2 · January 3rd · · ·

Hmm, honestly, it read more like a drama than a comedy. Other than that... it was OK :unsuresweetie:

I'm going to be completely honest, I don't know what tags like 90% of my stories fit into besides SoL. This was designed as a comedy with Thorax being a comical character with Pharnyx bouncing off of him for a similar effect.

But even though I intended it to be a comedy, I didn't tag it because I really don't know if it's funny enough (I edit and upload all these stories completely by myself, so I had no outside consensus). I did it anyways after a short run because I felt that I designed it that way and figured it couldn't hurt to add it in anyways. I've seen worse taggings. Pegasus Device for instance, was tagged as SoL until AuroraDawn came back and fixed it himself.

Apologies for the confusion, the tag has now been removed and I'll return to my "nothing but a sole SoL tag" cave.

Huk #4 · January 3rd · · ·


No problem, I understand. I made the same mistake in the past on one of my stories. And to be clear, it may be just me, and others may find it more fun than drama :twilightsheepish:.

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