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May contain high concentrations of Thorax and/or Pharynx. You've been warned.


Thorax and Pharynx get invited to visit the Crystal Empire, and unsurprisingly, there’s snow in the area. Shenanigans ensue.

Written for the Winter Wonderwriting event on NavelColt’s Discord server.
Takes place sometime during the second half of Season 7.
(Edit: whoa, featured? Aww, thanks :twilightsheepish:)

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Nice chapter. Seem to fit in about any story :twilightsmile:

“We would have, but the dune looked like just another hill, and by the time we realized it wasn’t one, it was too late to either stop the train or accelerate.”

That's still kind of dangerous even for passengers who doesn't have enough time to react they will get hurt

I expected comedy, but slice of life was nice to :twilightsmile:

Well this is a pretty interesting one here so it looks like thorax and pharynx are going to the Crystal Empire to visit and pharynx still doesn't trust the ponies yet but before they get there they had a delay apparently a snow bank is in the way and they had to figure out to get that one out of the way pharynx is a little bit paranoid so he checked out everywhere to make sure they're not being ambushed while thorax decided to just give of the snow and it looks like it was pretty easy for him since he can transform into a giant monster and everything and I did like the ending in the parts of the chapter

“Eh. Whatever. It’s not like I can change your mind about anything, so why bother?”


“It’s because he loves you, Thorax, and he wants to protect you. I haven’t known him for very long, but I get the impression that he’d never forgive himself if something happened to you, maybe even if it’s something out of his control, so he can’t rest until he goes above and beyond to prevent any such situations from ever happening, and Chrysalis must be the most obvious threat he can see.”

I guess that's makes sense but still if he let that fear get to him it's going to really make his day more miserable including everybody around him

I would say this was a pretty nice story and seeing how they're doing lately so it looks like they finally made it to the Crystal Empire and pharynx is really not in the mood and thorax was pretty happy to see Cadence Shining Armor and flurry heart and it looks like they're about to play in the snow thorax is still having trouble with pharynx to open up and apparently Cadence told him about he's just looking out for you even though it may be rough but it kind of shows that He does care but once they got to the location they start to play in the snow Even build a snow Pony and pharynx just basically just whine about it and thorax was starting to had enough of his attitude and basically kicks snow in his face and apparently it caused him to go in a frenzy of snowballs fight I guess that's another way to get him to participate this was a pretty nice one keep up the good work

I knew the icy inferno at Flurry’s crystalling hadn’t deterred them from gathering around the castle, but was it because they were used to such weather or because they’d been willing to risk their lives to honor the newborn princess with their presence?

...more that they were just that oblivious. :rainbowlaugh:

“Explain to me something, pony,” Pharynx hissed at the conductor. “How does a dune of that size end up on the train tracks with nopony being the wiser?”

Proof that the changelings live in a distinctly southern location that doesn't see much snow, because anyone who's lived through some snowstorms knows perfectly well how snowdrifts work and how they'll form wherever they darn well please and at any size, should the wind blow them there.

So basically, all Pharynx is proving here is his own ignorance towards the properties on snow and snowstorms. :ajsmug:

Trains can't stop on a dime--even when breaking as hard as they can, they will still continue forward for quite a distance, particularly if they are very weighed down in terms of cargo/passengers or already traveling at high speed (an object in motion stays in motion and all that physics stuff). So if an obstacle appears suddenly before them, close enough that the train wouldn't be able to stop in time, it really has no choice but to hit it, whether it wants to or not.

It's why drivers are taught, should your car get stuck on railroad tracks with a train oncoming, to immediately flee the car, because often times the train isn't going to have any ability to stop itself in time to avoid hitting the car--and of course, the car's not going to stand a chance against the train.

Same applies for snow. Trains usually operate in such a way that, if they know in advance the tracks are covered or otherwise obstructed so, they'll try to avoid going down those tracks altogether knowing full well they could get stuck (or worse case derailed). But as we all know, the weather isn't always so predictable, so lots of trains operating in snowy weather are mounted with snow plows at the front as a precaution, in hopes that will clear any snow blocking their path that they otherwise wouldn't be able to stop in time to avoid.

That's what that pointed metal grate-like nose stereotypically seen on trains is for--to serve as a last ditch protection against any sudden or unforeseen obstructions that might be on the tracks it otherwise can't possibly stop in time to avoid and, hopefully, push any such obstructions out of the way should they be encountered without critically harming the train or its contents.

“Even if you’re just playing in the snow. There’s a lot one can do with snow, so he’s sure to come up with something interesting."

Snowball fight incoming--calling it now.

His expression went blank for a moment, and air seemed to have turned into a vacuum. Then he pierced me with a long, hard stare.

Yup. Knew it. :rainbowlaugh:

I so would not wanna get into a snow ball fight with Pharnyx as he would literally take it VERY seriously. :rainbowlaugh:

Pharynx being the typical older sibling and tormenting his younger brother

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