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May contain high concentrations of Thorax and/or Pharynx. You've been warned.


This story is a sequel to Winds of Change

He wished for friendship.
He wished for acceptance.
He wished for peace.
He got more than he bargained for.
He got the throne he’d never cared for and the whole hive to watch over, and now King Thorax must lead his kind into a new era of peace and harmony such as the changelings had never known before. So much is at stake, not just for him or his people, but for the whole world; he cannot allow himself to fail.

Good thing he knows what he’s doing.

…he does, right?

Edit 2-Jan-22: made it into the Featured slot! Thanks guys!

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So, we finally get the long awaited continuation of Winds of Change, and I say you’re already off to a really good start. You captured Thorax really well here, especially with his feelings towards his sudden ascension to leadership and how panicked and overwhelmed he feels about it.

Overall, I’m already tracking.

Yay, more cinnabug fic! This one's essentially your take on "To Change a Changeling", right?

More cinnabug is always good. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Wonderful! How many times did they have to be told to loosen up around me?


Alright, stop it! You’ll never get anywhere like this!

Look at that, progress!

They'll get to it, I'm sure, but there's some other episodes they would hit upon first. Triple Threat for instance.

This is essentially my take on Season 7 onward from Thorax's perspective, with a few alterations to canon

Great start with the first chapter!! I assume the next one will be picking up after Blood Thicker Than Venom's final chapter?

Thanks :twilightsmile: No, there'll be a couple more in between

Right, right. Sorry, I totally forgot about Triple Threat and Cinnabug showing up in the season premiere somehow. :twilightblush:

No problem, and cool! Can't wait to see what the next chapter will be about!

No problem. Even if those episodes didn't exist, I would have invented something for cinnabug to do while he waits for the canon appearances to come up

Okay more story of thorax awesome okay so apparently he's still very nervous how to taken charge of the hive he just never expected to be the leader but I'm sure he'll figure out what to do in the future I know it's going to be hard and very complicated situation he just needs to believe that he can do this and yeah that would be an interesting reaction if his brother finds out that he is in charge I guess we'll find out next time

Well this was a nice start.

I am so sure Phaynx will love to learn what happened to the military!

To be honest, I don't like the idea of limiting one's freedom when you become an army personnel. But, I know that no race or nation can function with peace of mind if there isn't some form of armed forces to rely on for safety and security.

I feel like there might be some changelings that are inclined to object Thorax's disband of the military.

Thorax will learn about the need for a defense force eventually. Also next chapter spoilers

a grate first chapter to what looks to be a amazing story.

the one thing i never agreed with in the show is removing the army.
you still need a army or every one and every thing is going to be looking for tender bug snacks.

Oh and Thorax you keep what you kill.:pinkiehappy: :scootangel:

There’s a character named Apex in here, huh?

He was first mentioned in Blood Thicker Than Venom (only mentioned, so I'm not surprised if it sailed over your head). He's (was) the sub-commander in charge of airborne sentries circling the hive. He may have some minor/cameo appearances in this story, but as far as my current plans go, nothing grand, partly to avoid confusion with other people's better-established characters of the same name

Yeah, I’m with you on that last part. Especially since Apex is the name of one of NavelColt’s changeling OCs.

I look forward to the next chapter. this was very good.

Liked the first two chapters you've done so far. I like the part where the drones started getting a taste of what Thorax got and finally started seeing things from his point of view.

So that was what this was about! I slapped myself and burst into laughter.


I composed myself quickly under her confused stare.

“Sorry, uh… You actually have nothing to worry about. I always hated the egg-laying-privilege thing and want to put an end to it, and I would have said so in the speech I held today, but I was kind of overwhelmed with everything that happened, and Psycho gathered up everyling for the speech before I was ready, and I had to improvise, and, well, I forgot. I probably forgot to say a bunch of other things I wanted to, now that I think about it… Anyway, everyling is now free to have as many eggs as they want, whenever they want, with whoever they want!”

Grim’s face brightened drastically at my words. “Really?! I’m not dreaming, am I?”

“You’re not dreaming! Go ahead, find yourself a mate and lay those eggs you’ve been waiting for! I’m sure you’ll be a great mother!”

“Hold on, I get to raise them, too?!”

“Of course!”

This honestly feels like the most significant of Thorax's first acts as Changeling leader to me. It's hard to top completely changing some rando's life from empty and "meaningless" to exactly what they wanted and would find fulfilling in a matter of seconds. Just by being his usual, sweet little Cinnabug self. I absolutely live for it.

Needs more hugs, tho. :trollestia:

“Not a chance in Tartarus! I can’t believe I’m still bothering to talk to you! C’mon guys,” he said, turning to the rest of the group, “let’s go find Chrysalis and join her! Or better yet, help her come back and rip this clown apart! I can’t believe we thought coming here would accomplish anything…”

If you guys leave you guys are going to be Public Enemy again and you guys are going to go hungry again

“I don’t know,” she sighed. “Apex told me what happened… what you did and… and what you’ve been doing since and… well, I’m still half expecting to wake up in Luna’s bed and in her form, trying to forget the crazy dream I just had… but that’s not going to happen, is it?”


Awww, buggo needs a bed! He's had quite a day, he needs a comfortable sleeping space!

All in favor of helping his new subjects set one up for him?

So it looks like after the speech a lot of changelings we're asking some permission about what they're going to do and unfortunately there are some changelings are still not fun of his decision even some of them deciding to leave just to find Queen Chrysalis but it was sweet to see that some of the changelings either apologize to thorax and even asking what else can they do something fun and nothing dangerous and poor thorax he really can't find something to sleep since his burrow is gone well whatever happens and hopefully the return of his brother pharynx I wonder what's his reaction hearing about thorax becoming a king well I guess we'll find out next time

wow Thorax is just starting to realize just how much has changed in his new life.

I had a strong flashback when the changelings left for Chrysalis. It reminded me of Frostpunk, and how a sizeable amount of Londoners left the northern winterlands for london again, likely freezing to death.

I wonder if it will take Pharynx or another nation to get Thorax to rethink his stance on abolishing the army and/or policing force. Unless, somehow, he is quite the charmer and got the princess to provide security indefinitely

Well, let’s see how this all goes down:

Ooh, I wanna snuggle them right now -


Treasury Supervisor Bandit at your service!

"I'm actually surprised to learn we have enough of an economy here to maintain a treasury."

"We don't. Ponies aren't the only ones with fitting names."

“And why did you think I wouldn’t approve?”

"I can excuse painting, but music is where I draw the line."

“And I heard you made Grim’s day last evening! I can’t believe it - we’re gonna get so many super cute little nymphs when everyling hears what you told her! The whole hive could be crawling with them! Ooh, I wanna snuggle them right now -” Suddenly, her outburst of energy stopped and she landed slowly onto the floor in front of me, fidgeting her hoof and looking at a random corner as if it were the last thing she’d ever get to see. “Ahem. Please forgive me! I… I get carried away sometimes…”

Aww she got so excited 😊

this is a huge steep in calling for piece with everyone lets hope it works out.
a great chapter for a amazing story.

Well, I'd say Thorax is off to a great start, if a little bumpy

Okay, so chances were I’d have to wait for Pharynx a little longer… not unexpected if Psycho’s estimate had been correct, but Feisty being here so soon had gotten my hopes up. Okay, Thorax, all in due time…

Boy it's going to be a long time until his brother comes back and see the surprise

Ok it looks like thorax is starting to getting a hang of his royalty so far I mean it is not easy for him especially he's not while himself but With a Little Help from the other changelings I'm sure he'll get there soon and hopefully making peace with the other ponies and creatures across Equestria well let's see what's going to happen next time

I sighed. “Well, can’t say I’m surprised. She could be anywhere by now, and who knows what she’s planning!”

Yeah just waited till season 9 😥

Ok so it looks like things did not go as planned about this whole political thing I mean psycho did help out the situation even though it's a little bit lot blont but he was very helpful so far the time to figure out which cities taking negotiate with the others I mean I'm not much into those kind of things but hopefully they can figure this thing out and Yeah pharynx is going to be surprised when he gets back well let's find out next time

No shit Pharynx will be surprised at the revelation.

There was that time she made the mean six. Don't remember which season, but it was before nine for sure

I remember they appeared in season 8 I mean it would have been very interesting to see how much of a threat they can be

Aww, sweet little Thorax, it's okay! I think you're doing a great job, and everyone needs help sometimes!

Bitaly... I don't really see much of this name before and I can only assume it is a reference. Is it Bug Brother in Bitaly by Semillion? If so, nice!

The alliance with the dragons reminded me of the Tripple Threat episode. They both seemed to be on good terms and it became ambiguous after. Considering that Thorax became king at the end of season 6 and they three met mid-season 7, I am really excited to see where this will go!

Would the dragon land's leader have a close friend relationship, mutual friend, or even a relationship? Despite leaning towards this ship myself, I am fine with any outcome. These two are entertaining to see interact in the show!

Yeah, I guess you can say Bitaly is kind of a reference to that fic. As for Embrax, I never liked that ship (I'm not a shipper in general, and this one irks me especially for some reason) and absolutely won't go in that direction here. They'll be friends, though

well Thorax this Rabbit hole is just going to get deeper.
a amazing chapter.

It’s cool, man. Stuff happens.

Cool to see Pharynx finally returning.

It's better to be late than to burn out and never return. If The Changeling of the Guard is an example to go by, you'll be fine. Your anthology (Trilogy? All your recent fiction) is really well written!

It sure took Pharynx a long time before he returned to Thorax to discuss about their previous quarters. I wonder if Pharynx did abandon the hive before his overprotective feelings guilt him back to Thorax...

Pentalogy. Thanks :twilightsmile:

Pharynx didn't leave the hive; he was just skulking about, assessing the new tactical situation now that he'd decided to keep protecting the hive and privately pledged his loyalty to the new king, as seen at the end of Blood Thicker Than Venom (and trying to burn away some of the frustration in the process). It just took him that long to finish up what he deemed couldn't wait until morning.

“And become like the rest of you?” he spat back. “No thanks! You’ve ruined the whole hive already, but you won’t ruin me!”

By Allah, you better hug that bug right now, or I'll give you a taste of my shoe!

He facehoofed. “Thorax, you’re a king now! You can’t sleep around the commoners!”

Pretty sure he can. I seem to recall reading a pretty good book about that.

Gonna go out on a limb and say the story will wrap at To Change A Changeling?

Also Pharynx is a dick

Nope, that's around one-third into the planned total chapter count. There'll be more

Huh. Then the pace of the story sounds a bit faster than I thought it would be.

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