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This story is a sequel to Blue Fang

After the events of Blue Fang, the Fang Gang starts to settle into the new hive. All seems peaceful until a threat arises from the darkness. The Fangs, once a gang of outlaws are now tasked with stopping this threat, not only for the hive, but for all of Equestria.

Excellently done cover art by the talented Hippocratic Oath! Thanks a lot buddy!

Chapters (12)
Comments ( 94 )

Good story Keep it coming

A very suspenseful first chapter. Can't wait to see what happens next!

Woah...another amazing chapter!

Heh, thanks. I assume you know how are mystery mare is, huh?

No problem I was going to ask if it was possibly Temp. S but I was worried about being wrong

Keep it up! Don't you dare stop with these!

That was a great chapter, a nice introduction to Tempest. I feel sorry for Blue though...

Well, I believe I've mentioned before that I know how it feels to not get thanked for helping...cast aside and forgotten...I'm sure Tempest is just doing her job and doesn't realize she's outcasting Blue, but I still feel sorry for him...

Yeah. Hopefully he makes it known that it's bothering him before things escalate any further. Still, it was a great chapter

No problem. I'm looking forward to another chapter

Uh oh...this can't be good...

Yeah...a great chapter though, I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes...

Another good one. I have to say I like Blue and Thorax’s interactions.

D'aww, that was some sweet fluff with the tickle scene. Though that's a bit worrying that Blue's vision distorted...is it his Rage?

Heh. Thanks.

*Embarrassed Blue Fang noises*

Hey thanks. And who knows

No prob, it was a great chapter. I'm looking forward to more-especially if we see more of Blue being tickled

Another great chapter! Feel bad for Tempest though...hard to properly fit in to a group that's been a team for years

Yeah. I’m sure they’ll both come around eventually

Well, I’m glad you enjoyed

Yep! Looking forward to another chapter

Awww! That was a great ending for the chapter!

Yes! It was adorable! Dagtis is so cute!

Huh. Reminds me of Hive’s past.

True. Except Hive didn’t kill anyone.

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