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It was a tough few days. She made a few unlikely friends and ran away on an epic adventure, and it almost ended in a disaster. Almost. As it turns out, she may have just saved the world... or at the very least, put an end to the hatred that divided the pony tribes. Her dream came true, but there’s something missing.

Or somepony.

So Sunny writes a letter to him. Nevermind that he’ll never read it; she just had to get a few things off her chest.

Spoiler alert for the G5 movie! Proceed at your own risk if you haven’t watched it yet.
Edit 16-Jan-2022: Now with Youtube reading by Rainbowshine295!

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And it’s a path I intend to stay on. I’ve only just begun, after all; but there is so much more out in the world that we turned our backs to long ago! We don’t even know what it’s like for the other creatures out there anymore! Did the griffons restore their former pride and glory? Do the yaks still brave the unforgiving winters? Do the hippogriffs still soar through the sky and swim with their seapony brethren? Is the changelings’ love still keeping their starvation at bay? Did any of them try to keep Equestria from straying into darkness? Do any of them have records about what happened and how? Do any such records still exist in Equestria, in some dusty corner of an abandoned archive or a forgotten library? The ponies may have broken apart from one another and the rest of the world, but it doesn’t have to be like that! We can be friends again, and I want to find a way to get there! I can do it, dad, I just know it, now more than ever!

There is so many question of what happened to the other creatures as well are they like in hiding or something hopefully we'll get some answers if they make a TV series of it

Aww this was a nice story how sunny is explaining to her father how her experience throughout her days it is kind of sad that he's not around I wonder did she ever felt lonely about that before she grew up still is the new start of a generation and I'm sure Sunny and the others can do this this was a pretty good story keep up the good work

Something like this could've been in the ending credits of the movie. Well done.

We are all friends again, dad, and it’s everything we ever hoped for! I wish you were here to see it! I can almost picture you racing Zipp through the meadows; she onlz just began to fly but I can already see she’ll be on par with Rainbow Dash if not better! I can almost see you tapping your hoof to Pipp’s beautiful songs; I wonder if old singers like Rara and Songbird Serenade had ever produced such heartfelt melodies! And I can imagine you wearing Izzy’s friendship bracelets! She made some for all of us, dazzling as the best of Rarity’s creations, and I just know any one of them would fit you perfectly! In a way, you were her friend too, even if you never got to meet in person. Do you know she’s the one who found that drawing we sent out all those years ago? Can you believe that’s what inspired her to come to Maretime Bay? In a way, you helped start it all!

Messed up "only" once in this fic!

Correction aside, I'm glad you liked the film too, Owtcast! Super-sweet fic, too. I don't expect Sunny or anypony else to remember the changelings in canon, but we can hope, right? :twilightsmile:

What's your favorite scene from the movie?

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Thanks for catching that :twilightsheepish: my keyboard must have temporarily switched to english layout

We can certainly hope someone will remember changelings, yes :twilightsmile: Favorite scene? Let's see... Maybe when the light shone through the earth pony crystal onto the lighthouse light and dispersed all over the room and helped Sunny realize she was missing a puzzle? Oh, and that one when Izzy unraveled the drawing. Yours?

That’s actually a pretty nice aftermath of the movie having Sunny and her friends want to spread their friendship across Equestria and if they’re going to continue on with this generation five I hope we get to see more creatures out there but nevertheless good story

That’s pretty much like Sunny singing out to her father

Kinda hard to say, but... possibly the campfire scene, or Zipp and Hitch jumping on Sprout's mech while the other three went to put the crystals together. I really loved the first attempt to put the crystals together though, mostly for the raw emotion everypony displayed. I really wanted to hug poor Sunny at that point. and the way Izzy looks at the ground when Sunny walks off is just heartbreaking!

Ah, yes, one could see that coming, two crystals and three tribes, but ... when one has only so many puzzle pieces, one can be forgiven for missing a few of them ...(to borrow Discord - 'return to where you begin')

Wonder if they could use the abandoned station for a bit for the series ??

How did her father died? (sorry for asking, i didn't watch the movie yet)

Aw...poor, sweet Sunny...this is so beautifullll!!

Also, I agree with her, where are all the other creatures?! Time to find out! *puts on Pinkie's Sherlock Holmes outfit*

It was nice to read, cute fan fiction

Truly a piece written straight from the heart!

it was never told how her father died but it was confirmed that he is dead.

this is a grate short story. i can see Sunny sitting righting this in her diary.
a truly amazing story.

Ain't gonna lie, this might be the first story I've read that got me teary eyed. Such an amazing story! You've got a follow and fav from me! Keep up the great work.

A very heartwarming fic. Truly beautiful.
I just wanted to ask- can I do a reading of this fic?

Thanks :twilightsmile: You don't even have to ask that; I'd be honored

Thanks! I'll give you link back here when it's done!

Reading done! Here's the linky- https://youtu.be/_L0wNAQrN_k
It's a little bit screwed, but I'm pretty sure you can understand, cause it's my first time doing something like a fanfic reading!

Thanks! I'm putting the link in the story description :pinkiehappy:

Reading the story for the 16th time inspired me to do this- https://www.deviantart.com/rainbowshine295/art/Dear-Dad-904414235! Hope you like it!

I do, thanks :twilightsmile:

(wow, you must really like the story if you've read it that many times :rainbowderp: not that I mind, of course :twilightsheepish:)

Of course I love the story! It's the best story I read here (beside and MacDash fics!)

Aww I love it! It was nice how you compared Sunny's emotions to the famous G4 ponies' emotions, it shows they have a lot in common! The idea for this story is a really good one and the story is too. Definitely liking this :raritystarry:

I love this story. Such a nice story how sunny is explaining to her father. A really amazing and interesting story. H‑E‑B Partner Login

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