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Beyond the mirror of opposite-Equestria, Thorax is tyrannical and bloodthirsty. This doesn’t bode well for the rest of the hive when he decides to crown himself king.

Co-written with the wonderful BezierBallad.

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It was very interesting and slightly off-putting to see everyone with reversed personalities, to be honest it threw me for a bit. I know you might call me a hypocrite, Bez, cause I make Phary sensitive in my stories as well, but in my stories he's more inwardly/emotionally fragile while fronting as a very tough and strong leader, plus Thor is compassionate to him and helps him through his struggles, unlike this Thor.

All in all, this was a fascinating read though, you two did a great job!!

Such is the MLP mirror universe.

Then our next collaboration is gonna break you.

So, if Thorax is the opposite of himself, but so is Chrysalis... that means the ABSOLUTELY GOOD Chrysalis saw a psychotic nymph and did NOTHING to steer him differently...

This is the problem of just flipping personalities around. It immediately WRECKS continuity. Nothing would play out the way it did before, INCLUDING THE ENTIRE PAST HISTORY.

I almost want to write a "thorax meets thorax but with a twist" story.
Everyone is surprised to see thorax isn't surprised by evil thorax... in fact, they seem to know eachother very well.
The good thorax had a choice a long time ago to go down this path, but he chose good, and the other chose evil.
And when good thorax kills evil thorax, evil thorax is not even mad. In fact he laughs when good thorax says: "I always wanted to kill myself."
And everyone's jaw huts the floor with how casually good thorax murders the evil one, and how funny the evil thorax finds it.

Who better to know what you could have been, then the one who chose what to be.

By "almost" I mean I would need permission from eemoo1o and B.Ballad.

What do you mean? I could do it... I think...
is... is it a terrible idea?

Prince Thorax had returned after one of his usual hunts - it was glorious, really; he’d found a cluster of ponies and drained the of love just to watch the colour empty from their eyes, because he could, and because it brought him joy - just to be bombarded by his wretched mother.

Yes. Mind broken ponies are an absolute delight. :twilightsmile:

Also kindness doesn't mean weakness; it's possible to be a kind ruler most of the time while completely destroying any opposition. This fic doesn't seem to understand that.

No, me and eemoo were just planning on a sequel where Thorax and M!Thorax do meet, it just ends completely differently, to put it simply without spoiling

According to this story's Chrysalis, she DID try to raise him like all the rest of the Changelings. So with love and acceptance and kindness. He just outright rejected all of it.

and what would happen if at the end Chrysalis, trying to do something to leave Thorax, teleported behind him, hugged him tightly and poured all the love she had into him? (as Thorax did in canon before reforming).
Would such a construction of positive emotions kill Thorax, or would it shift the balance in his heart in a positive direction?

Nah, seems pretty in line for how stupid Chrysalis generally is.

Chrysalis probably attempted to steer Thorax to be bad in canon, as she had with the rest of the hive, as I’ve seen several fics portraying, so Bez and I portrayed the opposite: Chrysalis, a naturally kind-hearted individual, spreading negative reinforcement by giving-in to her son.

Plus, it’s what we gathered from Sockiepuppetry’s pieces on the matter.

We do understand that, I of all people understand that, it’s just that canon Thorax is reminiscent of m!Chrysalis, and vise-versa, as well as the fact that Thorax seems naturally naïve and compliant.


Thorax: Evil? Oh, not me. All I've ever wanted is a friend.
Thorax: [narrating] From the moment I first split my egg in the nursery hive...

I’ll leave you with this :moustache:

canon chrys is very assertive.
This chrys does not stand up for herself or others.
I've seen wonderful people raise absolute monsters because they refuse to stand up to them
*cough* my mom and my sister *cough*

Someone on Discord linked this story to me. Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes the idea of a mirror universe Thorax huh? XD

Thereth shalt also probably be-eth a sequel :moustache:

Mainline universe Chrysalis is a complete f:yay:ing idiot, so mirror-Chrysalis being full-on Good Is Dumb sounds about right.

I'm glad someone made something inspired by Sockie's AU, I find it really interesting but didn't have the time or drive to do anything, myself. :trixieshiftleft: You two should let them know! Bet they'd love to see inspirations from their work. :yay:

Congrats on the feature!

Well, Sockie’s AU, plus Scar from TLK. :twilightsheepish:
And thank you!

11350779 But this is OPPOSITE WORLD Chrysalis! She should be friggin' Steven Hawkin's changeling! :trollestia::rainbowlaugh:


Heh, imagine that.

He gets so much love that he literally breaks in two:

One is canon Thorax, the other is this one.

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