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May contain high concentrations of Thorax and/or Pharynx. You've been warned.


Thorax and Pharynx get invited to visit the Crystal Empire, and unsurprisingly, there’s snow in the area. Shenanigans ensue.

Written for the Winter Wonderwriting event on NavelColt’s Discord server.
Takes place sometime during the second half of Season 7.
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This story is a sequel to Winds of Change

He wished for friendship.
He wished for acceptance.
He wished for peace.
He got more than he bargained for.
He got the throne he’d never cared for and the whole hive to watch over, and now King Thorax must lead his kind into a new era of peace and harmony such as the changelings had never known before. So much is at stake, not just for him or his people, but for the whole world; he cannot allow himself to fail.

Good thing he knows what he’s doing.

…he does, right?

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It was a tough few days. She made a few unlikely friends and ran away on an epic adventure, and it almost ended in a disaster. Almost. As it turns out, she may have just saved the world... or at the very least, put an end to the hatred that divided the pony tribes. Her dream came true, but there’s something missing.

Or somepony.

So Sunny writes a letter to him. Nevermind that he’ll never read it; she just had to get a few things off her chest.

Spoiler alert for the G5 movie! Proceed at your own risk if you haven’t watched it yet.
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A king serves his country in many ways. He must care for his subjects’ needs, set roles of conduct, cooperate with leaders of other lands to ensure peace; he must live up to his subjects’ hopes and expectations and be a role model to inspire those around him. But there is one more duty a king must fulfill: to ensure there is someone to pass the torch to, should he not live forever.

If only it were so easy...

Written for the Pride and Positivity 2021 event. Help out by donating to one of the charities they’re contributing to this year!

-Transgender Law Center
-Palestine Children’s Relief Fund
-Sewa International (An Indian charity collecting funds for COVID relief)

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This story is a sequel to Walk Where There Is No Path

Now that Spike has convinced Princess Cadance that the ponies had been wrong to assume Thorax was an enemy, the kind changeling was given, and accepted, the opportunity to make the Crystal Empire his new home, one where he hoped to soon have many friends, plenty of love to sustain him, and basically a good life, much better than the one he’d escaped from. He really should have known it wasn’t going to be that easy.

Set between Walk Where There Is No Path and Winds of Change. The story will touch on some of the events from Path, but familiarity with said story isn’t an absolute requirement.

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A few years after the Battle for Equestria and the subsequent unification of nations, borders between lands become a mere formality and creatures begin to live outside of their species' primary territories. Two such ponies living in the Changeling Hive fall in love, but unfortunately for them, a few bigoted creatures decided to live there too. Their paths cross one day and, for a moment, it looks like hatred will take victory.
Little did the bullies know that changelings not only disapprove of hatred, but are in fact preparing to spread the message of love to the rest of the world.

Set after The Ending of the End but well before The Last Problem.
Teen rating and Violence and Profanity tags just to be safe.
Thorax plushie in the cover image was made by EpicRainbowCrafts and the rainow flag is a memento from one of the Pride marches I attended.

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Written for the Pride and Positivity event.
Black Lives Matter - Where to Donate
Support Black People MasterDoc

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This story is a sequel to Walk Where There Is No Path

Pharynx has always been a capable and fearsome fighter, one of the best in the hive. It came as no surprise to anyone that he should become First Commander after the previous one’s death in battle. He has succeeded in every task and every mission given to him, except for one: to turn his soft-hearted brother into a warrior too. Correcting that one blemish in an otherwise spotless career would undoubtedly prove his devotion to the hive and its Queen. But upon Thorax’s sudden departure, having been given the unenviable task of damage control, Pharynx is left questioning his lifelong conviction and must decide where his loyalties lie.

I know it says above that this is a sequel to Walk Where There Is No Path, but it’s actually more of a midquel to that and Winds of Change, and familiarity with the said stories isn’t a requirement to understand what’s going on. I recommend that you read them anyway if you haven’t already, but you don’t have to do it before reading this.

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This story is a sequel to The Odd One

Having found friendship in the Crystal Empire, Thorax comes to enjoy his new life and begins to heal the wounds of the old one. But when a covert incident in the middle of the night threatens to take it all away, his search for help leads him into joining a team in a dangerous rescue mission, the outcome of which may result in consequences beyond his wildest imagination.

Originally a sequel to Walk Where There Is No Path, but I hadn’t anticipated getting inspired to write something that bridges the gap between the two stories at the time of writing this one.

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Pharynx's transformation had changed more than his appearance: he had gained a new appreciation for ponies and the love and friendship they had. So when word of Chrysalis' return reached the hive, no one was surprised to see Pharynx readily agree to lead the hive's army into battle to help save Equestria. After all, ponies were Pharynx's friends now!

And while that was true enough, none of them knew that Pharynx had another reason to do so... a much more important one.

Cover art by me: click here

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Thorax has always been a black sheep among his kind. But only during the Canterlot invasion did he realize how wonderful it would be to have a friend he’d always wanted. Meeting no understanding among the changelings and finding every next day harder to bear, he decides to leave the hive… for better or worse.

Takes place some time after The Canterlot Wedding and before The Times They Are A Changeling.

AU tag added for modified version of canon.

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