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Standing on the ruins of Chrysalis's fallen empire, newly-crowned King Thorax has a long overdue meeting with his former peers. Amidst their discussions, the reborn changelings are met by a coal nymph, forgotten in the hive's nursery. Scared and confused, the young drone shuts down towards all but Thorax, who consoles the nymph, and demonstrates the power of sharing love between changelings.

* Edited by Double R Forrest.
* Part of the Love Bug Continuity!
* Story artwork by Percy-McMurphy.

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This was adorable in every since of the word. I look forward to seeing more updates in your other story.



This is so...good. I love this. More people need to see this story, as it shows why the new changelings can be used as a good storytelling idea.

That cover looked a bit sinister for a second XD

Thorax is best cinnamon roll bughorse daddy.

All is connected in ways the wisest of all cannot begin to fathom. From a kicked dog or few cents in the cup of the half mad man on the street corner to great wars that shake the very timbers of creation that end or begin tyrannies, deeds move people in ways that no power of mortals could hope to control with words or force of arms

Raise him well Thorax... one person can change the world

"If we start having hive-wide cuddle parties or something, I'm going to go live incognito with the dragons."


Comment posted by LucarioFan2066 deleted Apr 15th, 2017

Even if they are Chrysalis's children, he'll treat them as his own.

That would suggest that Chrysalis didn't treat them like her children. Also doesn't that kinda mean that changelings can't procreate further?

8097458 She seemed more interested in using them as tools than treating them like her valued children. x) So yes, that's exactly what it's suggesting. I never bought into the 'Mommy Chrysalis' fanon concept, and honestly the show never made any good case to support it. :applejackunsure:

That's been asked several times on my other story, and what I generally say is I'm not sure. Since the show may or may not delve into that in the future, I've decided to avoid the topic inside my changeling stories for now. :)

8097464 If you expect to be canon with changelings when everything about them is litterally made up on the spot you're gonna have a bad time.

An example would litterally be that Chrysalis should have transformed first in the final episode and the transformation doesn't make any sense. Everything is taken at face value.

8097486 The changelings? True, they've been given no canon personalities or canon info really. Chrysalis on the other hand has had three consistent appearances of doing absolutely nothing but being a classic Disney-esque villan​ with no detailed personality outside, 'everyone worship me, watch as I do evil things'. :rainbowlaugh:

All her dialogue, all her actions have been motivated by her selfish need for power, and as the finale showed, she'd have rather kept her kind starving so she could continue ruling the way she wanted to, than to have let the changelings find a better way with Thorax.

No one's verbatim said proof one way or the other, no. But post-S6, 'terrible mom and terrible ruler' is looking more likely than her actually caring about the changeling's well-being, outside scenarios where it benefited her. :twilightsmile:

8097496 I don't think she's selfish in the sense that she's doing it for herself. She repeats that she wants to feed the changelings again and again. The problem is that Chrysalis imposes her will, or better yet her "vision" on her changelings. She's not selfish, she doesn't force others to worship her. She's dogmatic.

She imposes a status quo and sticks with it but that's not the problem in itself. If she just wanted order among her hive she could be smart about it while still imposing the hierarchy of things. The problem is she doesn't accept other opinions, she's not adaptive about this, she's not "changing".

Every tyrant in the history of ever did something good for the people they ruled. They didn't just force their will upon the people's throats. Ancient Greek tyrants built aqueducts, redistributed land, and with that the people allowed them some leniency since their will was served in the greater scheme of things.

Hitler instilled the fear of communism and made false flag attacks on Poland and managed to gather support to this cause democratically, and not through force.

Chrysalis is no different if you ask me. She's a dogmatic leader who says "Follow me and I will lead you to greatness" or "I have experience trust me.". Changelings wouldn't have followed her in the first place if she didn't do something right, and even if she usurpered the throne she'd have to have assistance to do so.

It is likely that Chrysalis offered results but offered nothing long term and was never willing to negotiate or use diplomacy. As a result though her regime was sucessful and benefited the changelings in the end it was stagnant. The problem is that it is unrealistic to say that Thorax was the only one that defected or shared this belief, but at the same time it's unrealistic to think that all of Chrysalis' changelings were willing to abandon her at the first chance they got. But then again this is where the "face value" of the show comes to place. The whole concept of "a chosen one" betraying the regime and suddenly changing all of the regime's supporters into good guys is ridiculous. Not to mention that there is no cause and consequence in this thing. Or the entire show for that matter. Nobody is punished for their sins.

My opinion is that despite what Chrysalis did the main culprit and guilty person of this whole issue are the changelings themselves. They got manipulated in their desperation and chose a bad leader, but when it came to ditching that bad leader nobody ever aired a hiss except Thorax. They were complacent and satisfied with their situation and feared that if they abandoned Chrysalis they would lose everything. Rather than risk it like Thorax they awaited a new leader and then came Thorax with the solution.

The changelings need to learn how to rule themselves otherwise this is going to happen again.

Sorry for overthinking this but then again taking it at face value is equally bad for me.

8097525 Fine by me, discussing things is great, I'm just afraid your full argument and what you were trying to argue for wasn't perfectly clear up until that last large response. x) Your initial reply simply sounded like you weren't sure why Chrysalis wouldn't care for the changelings as a mother, so that's what my entire point was responding to, that's it. I brought up Chrysalis's character to lead to that point.

After all this is a story and discussion regarding the personal relations, not the politics.

8097530 Sorry not particularly good being organised.

What I mean to say is Chrysalis may have well loved her changelings like a mother, but some mothers tend to get emotionally attached and strict suffocating their children's progress. Chrysalis is both a mother and a Queen. Therefore just like an overprotective mother she acted dogmatically in raising and ruling her children. In the end however the changelings are to blame for this as well. They could, and should have tried to stop her or change her mind or leave.

The rest of the argument is about how revolution and change doesn't come from one person like shows seem to suggest. In real life there's no "chosen one/s".

8097541 Alright, yeah we'll just have to agree to disagree with her character, then. x) She doesn't even remotely come off as a strict regulating mother to me, she comes off as an obsessive tyrant who used her children as tools. If she did care for them, it was too buried by her incredibly unstable personality and obsession with power to have ever reared itself in a noteable fashion.

As for the changelings, yeah, I can't say the rushed ending worked well. But then again, it never does. It's the same problem with most major holes in this show - time constraints. Everyone including myself has had to fill in the blanks for what the changelings were thinking before, during and after the reformation, seeing as Thorax is the only changeling we've gotten backstory on.

What's worked for me is that the changelings grew complacent and used to the way things were. Because Chrysalis was probably in power for so damn long, all the changelings were raised by her, knew no better way. For all we know, Thorax wasn't the only drone to try and leave, but may have been the only one to get away successfully. After all,

'When I find him, he'll learn just what happens to those who betray the hive'.

But because the ending lacked any reasoning on part of the drones, everyone will have different ideas, and won't agree with all others. And that's fine. Honestly I'm just enjoying the new dynamic, seeing as I'm a sucker for fluff and cute things. Thorax, King Cinnamon Roll enjoying being among his own kind again, and the drones finally enjoying not starving all the time.

Wait... there are female drones? From the birthing chamber scene in Season 6's finale, it looked like Chrysalis was the only female. Or at least the only female that could give birth to drones.

Um, what's your headcanon for that/

8097650 My headcanon is that there are females, yes. You'll see 'she' useage in this story along with my other one. I would think only a female that becomes a queen can lay eggs, though. Not really sure. Maybe they become a queen through some special means like how alicorns are made.

8097570 That's just a perspective. Without insight on how the hive worked and how the Queen ruled we don't exactly know what caused all this.

As for the changelings yes they did grow complacent but there's cuplicity (sorry if I spelled that incorrectly) in the blame.

8097650 That might have just been Chrysalis who was there that moment. Nobody says she was the only female and Hasbro won't exactly show genitals for you to figure that out. Don't try to use earth insect sociobiology to explore this because from the moment you mixed two different species one being a mammal and another being an insect you have to decide what they are more of.

In all honesty since the old changelings and the new changelings don't exactly have different shapes for each gender ((unlike ponies)) you cannot clearly know who is what gender.

The show was never interested in providing any believable headcanon in a children's cartoon show just like it didn't care to show you how Celestia having her immense telekinetic powers that manipulate the freaking sun... can't seem to push away a cloud or defeat Chrysalis.


>> vren55 That might have just been Chrysalis who was there that moment. Nobody says she was the only female and Hasbro won't exactly show genitals for you to figure that out. Don't try to use earth insect sociobiology to explore this because from the moment you mixed two different species one being a mammal and another being an insect you have to decide what they are more of.

... Okay what. Sorry did I offend you in some way? I literally just asked him what his headcanon was just out of interest and you go on some accusation saying I should treat it like a children's show and should not take it seriously.

Why can't I assume they have similarities to insects, when they look like insects, have a queen, live in a hive. And I didn't even say the author was wrong, I just asked him, what was his headcanon so I would know how he would approach this story.

second of all, why can't I take the show seriously and ask them to make sense. Avatar: The Last Airbender had canon that made sense. Most Shounen anime usually have some kind of system that explains their stuff. Steven Universe is a children show, but it has grounded rules. Adventure Time's world is diverse, but also has clear cut rules. The point being, you can't wipe away inconsistency and vagueness with saying "A children's show" anymore because there are too many good ones out there to point to and say... "well that makes complete sense."

Aw, that was too cute.

8097758 No I am not offended. I'm just saying that it's not exactly clear what the gender ratio in changelings is. Changelings unlike ponies don't have different shapes to distringuish the males and females.

And you can't exactly use insect biology because two species mix here one mamal one insect. Then there's magic. That is all in regards to what is canon. I know you did because it's the usual fanon. I have some knowledge of it since my father kept bee hives for a time.

Now in your stories you can very well do whatever you wish. Hey I even have established a medieval House political order with changelings gathering around central royal families.

Sorry I should be more careful how I type. Btw I have read your story and I'm about to read the sequel.

Thorax doesn't get nearly enough love from the fandom so stuff like this is very much appreciated! :pinkiehappy:

I like how there's this story about Thorax being the good guy being nice and everything, and then there's another featured story where he's a d**k to Twilight Sparkle. XD

8097803 But the first episode of Season 7 shows there are females and males because of the way their voices sound.

Your going to have to visit the Dragonlands sometime in King of the Lovebugs now. That one changeling probably is living with Ember :rainbowlaugh:

8098137 Really? I haven't seen it yet because I was sleeping after a club night and then eating with family for easter.

Saw who this is by, and what it's about. Instantly favorited.

8099583 Oh yeah. You can find an English version of the episode and the second episode on the Russian MLP channel over on YouTube. The audio is a little bit messed, but you'll clearly hear what they're saying.

Good to see that Thorax is showing by example that even though the ideals of the Changelings have changed, that doesn't mean they can't distribute love by other means and it warms my heart to see the nymph and Thorax coming together in due time. :heart:

8108596 :twilightsmile: Great to see you online again, Gleaming. Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it~ :pinkiehappy:

8108610 No problem, I returned just to comment on your story. :) I make my leave once again.

Thorax is just great in this.

He reminds me of another certain king.

:heart::heart::heart::heart: Oh. My. Fucking. Schnitzel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeee!!! :raritydespair::raritycry::yay:Damn!! that was... Ugh!! My heart can't stop beating, my cheeks are killing me!!! You. NavelColt, you're baaaaaad pony.. Wooooo! Wowza. :derpytongue2::derpytongue2::yay:

And that's reference to 'The Substitute Demon'. dude!! :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: :rainbowlaugh:

Hey Reykan, please...... Give us, your loyal readers, another chapter to read man!:rainbowlaugh:

NavelColt, buddy, you almost made me cry, you devious bastard:ajsmug::rainbowlaugh: :trixieshiftright:

Here, take all of this, I grovel to you oh brilliant one. I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy:fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair::raritycry:

Oh the feelsssssssss!

"If we start having hive-wide cuddle parties or something, I'm going to go live incognito with the dragons."

Well, bad for you.

He shall learn. :pinkiecrazy: The Reign of King Bugmoose brings all the cuddling!

Wow. Loved all of this story!:moustache:

This was very sweet! :scootangel: :twilightsmile:

D'aww. This one got me right in the feels.

Seriously, your take on the new changlings is the best one Ive ever seen. I no longer dislike the fact that thorax usurped chrysalis.

Apex is adorable and Thorax is ALWAYS adorable. I loved him in the episode with Spike and when he became king. I also loved his interactions with his brother in the S7 episode with Starlight and Trixie. Sooooo cute.

So is Apex kinda like a son figure to Thorax?

Just Asking.

Are you trying to kill me with all this adorableness?

"Forget the tails. Does anyling have any inkling as to what decided our colors? I'm starting to ask myself questions I never thought I would," a male drone with a bright fuscia color scheme asked the room, drawing immediate stares.

:rainbowlaugh: Oh you.

"...Well that was way too adorable. I think I just gained ten pounds."

"Can we just talk for a minute about how we went from a tyrannical, conquest-hungry monarch to an attentive dadling in the space of like, half an hour? How do you even do that?"

"If we start having hive-wide cuddle parties or something, I'm going to go live incognito with the dragons."

Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

Sorry for the late reply! That was the idea, yes. I love the idea of Thorax being a father, because his attentive, caring nature is a form of paternal parenting not typically shown, so I decided to create a character for him to have that kind of relationship with. By extension, Thorax could be called a paternal figure towards all the changelings in the hive, in this story, save his own brother.

This story, and even more so in The King of Love Bugs, is all about how the new changelings share a very close-knit hierarchy within their hive, to the point of appearing more like a family than a leader and his followers, at times. :pinkiehappy:

On that note, assuming Ocellus isn't Thorax's child, this whole idea has been built on by how affectionate and supportive he was with her, in 'School Daze'. :3 I imagine Thorax is loving and attentive towards all the hive's nymphs, just as he was with her.


Are you trying to kill me with all this adorableness?


On that note, you may enjoy my latest one shot. :P May or may not be references waiting for anybody who read this story!

--> Lingering Shadows


...because thorax is a Gary Stu

Unfortunately, I do not have the patience to list every single thing that I liked about this story. So I’ll just say that I liked it a lot. :pinkiesmile::heart:


Yeesh, you weren't kidding about the ten pounds thing. I need to go exercise now.

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