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When Dusk Shine is enlisted to welcome Dawn Star, Princess Luna's new student, to Ponyville, a certain blue stallion gets jealous. Can their friendship survive it? And what romances may blossom from the stormy landscapes?

Only the Mane Six are gender swapped.

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R63 shippings are a rare sight on this site. It's nice to see another one.:twilightsmile:

Thank you!
And I know right? I wish there were more of them, I love R63 way too much haha. :twilightsmile:

2671418 Yeah, and the few that are here most of the time are even that good - often they seem to run too much on clichés. It would be great if you managed to avoid that here. :twilightsmile:

whoo a good R63 fic

I'm finding this entertaining so far. I like how it seems to be Molestia as well, manipulating her student. :raritywink:

On to the next chapter! (On a random note, we need an emote with Luna thrusting her hoof out as if to say 'onwards!')

Hehe, I always write Celestia with a little Molly in her. :twilightsmile: Makes it much more fun. :rainbowwild:

Mmm, tis true. Kinda works with R63 Mane 6 as well. And I love that Dawn seems to be the opposite of Dusk in many respects as well; very open, forthright, and has no shame. :rainbowlaugh:

I can't wait to see where you take this, I'm already a fan of Dawn but Blitz is who I came into this story rooting for. I do like how you've written Dusk and his oblivious nature while not making him seem like an idiot.

"What is this Dusk Shine like?”

“I wouldn’t be sat here talking to you if it weren’t for him, I know that much,” said Luna, looking slightly uncomfortable at bringing up her past.

*sitting here

Oh boy, this can only end well :rainbowwild:

Keenly spotted. Thanks for pointing it out. :twilightsmile:

May thine writings continue in our knowledgable world.

Hey, look! It's the same guy who wrote "The Doctor Dances!" I'll put this on my read later list and do just that!:pinkiehappy:

Please write another chapter I love this so far I could just hug poor rainbowblitz poor guy he doesn't deserve the cold shoulder and dusk deserves an icy shower for not noticing or caring much about how rainbow said what he said!!

I like this. And I'm glad you reformatted it.

I recognize your name and style from somewhere... :rainbowhuh:

Interesting read, these kinds of things are rare and therefore interesting.

Twidash AND M/M?~:pinkiegasp:

You win the everything sir, just take it.

"...There re-ally w a s a... cake" -GLaDOS

Gay r63 shipping?
Count me in.

Seems cute so far, there are precious few good m/m romances on the site.


You don't happen to read Terry Pratchett do you? He influences me a lot.

I really like where this is going. The snide writing and dialogue is pretty well done, it feels realistic. Hope to see some legitimate tension between having to choose either Dawn or Blitz (assuming that's where this is heading), instead of plain old 100% straight or gay dichotomy.

JUst started reading this story and as soon as i finish chapter 2 another chapter! :pinkiehappy: and p.s: FIRST!

Oh, Blitz. :facehoof: Famous last words, there. The one line that is the scourge of us all.

Would it be cruel of me to root for Dawn, dood?

Who said there was gonna be a love triangle? :trollestia:

"You really like boobs, huh?" commented Dusk as he snapped open yet another suitcase and was greeted by the smell of paper and ink.

Looks like Blitz doesn't have any competition.

"Daring Do and the Jungle of Terror"
Oh ho ho ho~



Hey wait I remember now, you wrote that one story about Blitz and Dusk where AJ was a royal asshole.

I actually like this so far, moar my dear sir!

Yeah. If you ask me, it's polygamy or ShineBlitz. There aren't enough movies or books or stories in general where a man and woman have a meaningful or close platonic relationship.

"Do you like bananas?"

You went there.


I approve.
As does Soraka.

Can't wait to read the rest.

Write on,

For some reason, the male-version of Twilight just... clicks better with me. It's not gender-biased, it's just that my behavior almost mirrors Dusk Shine... almost exactly.

Anyway, nice job here and enough of my blabbering. Faved and liked.

Great start I just read it all. Love it! :heart:

Wow, you're doing a great job! I was going into it expecting Dawn to be painfully generic and waiting for her to make place for Blitz, but damn, you're writing her extremely well! I'd go as far as saying that it's too bad this is, according to the cover, DuskBlitz because DuskDawn (which sounds kinda cheesy) would definitely be interesting.

It doesn't matter, though; You can go in every direction you want (well, most directions) and I'd still read it. Dawn would seem like a good friend as well.

I totally LOVE this fic :heart:
The group really needs more of this awesome and adictive stories!! Besides, if it has Dusk x Blitz in the story, it has my vote.
Keep up the good work!

Ah, Romantic Comedy, with much of the Comedy coming from Berry. Love it!

This fic needs way more than 100 likes. I'm glad it has them, but it deserves much more.

Poohsticks? like The House at Pooh Corner Poohsticks? hehe

This fic seems good, so that's good.

I wonder what shenanigans will befall there.:rainbowhuh:

Love and Anger make us blind to reason and logic. I just hope it doens't keep Blitz blind too long:derpytongue2:

Exactly why I don't Berry/Pinkie Pie too much

M/F or M/M

Either way I'm totally good this is gold to me a struggle of the oblivious, the knowing but clueless, and the gay but jealous.


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