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Only in death do we value what we love most.

Rarity would gladly tell you so considering she did die and all.

Was going to be a cute entry for the Tumblr RariTwi event going on, but then I started thinking about death and idk what happened after that

Art by lilfunkman.

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Second i saw this up, I read it. And I loved it.

Almost cried in the middle of the band hall!! I would’ve had four directors and a friend over to me if I actually did. Excellent as always Mono. Well done.

Hmmm, unusual, but warmly welcome. This story does remind me of the sadder longer songs my mom and her sisters used to sing closer to the end of family gatherings. There is the same longing in the fic as there was in the songs.
Thanks for this story, Mono and for the memory that surfaced thanks to it.

Another canon!RariTwi for my collection. Far and few between these days, I'm afraid.

How are your tales always so entrancing Mono?

Did you see anything on the other side? There is another side, yes? Or was it just blackness?

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFantastic. Yes absolutely. As always, I never expect for you to tug at my heart strings with a story. Even after reading the description, I underestimated what kind of little ride you were about to take me on. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, that's no question. But in a very unique way. As someone who hates to think about death in any way, having it put like this made me pause a moment to think on myself.
Also FLUFFY RARITWI YAS :twilightsmile:

I have to know your secret Mono, how do you always write so fantastically?

I don't remember anything at all, much to the disappointment of the many people at the hospital who reeeaally were only interested in knowing if there was something rip

Seriously, you nearly die and everyone's just worried about the scouting you did for them... terribly rude. You'd think they'd know that even if there is something, integrating your soul's memories with a brain that wasn't really working at the time wouldn't be reliable. Assuming you'd even left yet. So many variables...

Anyway, I don't know you of course but I am glad you stuck around. Your stories have made my life brighter, including at times when I really needed it.

Fine! Take my heart apart and put it back together again. I don't mind... much.

Great read once again Mono. :raritywink:

Personally, I'd rather not know what's next until I get there. While I personally hope for a total lack of consciousness and awareness (meaning, of course, that I would never know I died) I think that ruining that mystery kinda takes the fun out of life. If we know there's an other side, then there's a second life. A second chance. That kinda makes the finality of our actions lose a little meaning, and love, friendship, all that stuff isn't quite as endgame. If I only have one life I can live with the satisfaction of knowing I'm accountable.

Sorry for the digression. This was a very sweet and short story, Mono, and one I look forward to revisiting in the future. Thanks for sharing it.

This is a terrific story and shows how theses two feel about each other far more than the words show us.

I loved it!

This was beautiful.

Although, I do have a question. Pardon my bluntness, but when you were “dead”, did you see anything? Was it just like being unconscious, or was it something else? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want. I’m just very curious. The story was really short, but also really powerful.

Nicely done as always. Have you read the golden a compass trilogy from Philip Pullman there is a race of people who live the physical embodiment of their own death. when asked about it the said that they found it comforting like an old friend. The deaths would help but around the house and stuff it was kindof a cool perspective.


I'm a simple man. I see a Monochromatic-writen Raritwi angst-fest, I read it.

Also, your brush with death sounds way more metal than mine, all I did was get kinda close to dying. Good job not dying friendo!

At the end, I note you say all songs are sad. That is very true. They all have a melancholy to them no matter how joyful. Because like life, all songs end.

Just want to say that im really glad your still with us.

yeah friend

my house flooded and i drowned trying to rescue my cats

also thank u it makes me very happy people enjoy my angst-fests

Awww this was so sweet I loved it! :raritystarry:

Another lovely Rarilight fic from the master of this pairing, and a very beautiful one at that. Your every story convinces me more and more that this is clearly MLP's OTP.

And I can totally see Twilight as someone on the Spectrum, and thus not quite sure about her emotions or what they mean due to how impossible it is to analyze them....and then how loosing Rarity makes it all so very clear.

I read it once, and really liked it.
I went back and read it a second time, and loved it.

Great job, Mono!


Because she died for a few minutes and brought back divine talent, obviously.

Oh dear god, my heart. *Deep Breath* Alright let's just get this out of our system, shall we?


Alright, I'm okay now. Good job Mono.:twilightsmile:


Personally, I'm the opposite. I'm absolutely TERRIFIED of nonexistence. Everything I am, everything I was, just...gone. Like a candle snuffed out by the uncaring universe. And the even worse part is I'm not sure I can even really believe in God or the hereafter, which means a part of me is constantly aware that this is it and at any moment I'll just...disappear.

I don't want to die.

Lovely stuff, though some twisted part of me piped up near the end.

“No,” she replied. “I’ve been planning for this since last year.”

"And I'm going to have to have words with Starlight about that earthquake spell."

In any case, lovely vignette. Thank you for it.

Score one for Terror Management Theory!
That, according to some psychologists, Is the very struggle that makes us do stuff basically in order to achieve some sense of permanence.
Not wanting to die is a good thing. Long as you don't let fear of death interfere with living everything will work out.

So Rarity was dead, but not for long because MEDICINE! (you have to imagine the god-like, boisterous voice yourself). Interesting.

Death is considered, at least to me, as a temporary perspective, just like life. However Death is captivating due to us not having an exact description on what awaits us...Is it nothing but Darkness? Do we awake in another body with no memories of our previous life? Are we going to Ascend to the Heavens? Descend into Hell? Do we become roaming spirits? Who cares? Whatever is on the other side we will never be prepared for, and we just need to accept that.

Lovely story by the way, 11/10

Royal Canterlot Voice?

I also meet death for a bit i had cancer i was dying but here i am now alive and well and waiting to greet my old friend one day not in fear but in acceptance but that dosnt mean i wont fight him i will with everything i got

I am reading this while you are doing iron author. :twilightsmile:

I was prepared to read a depressing story and cry for a good but I was pleasantly surprised to find a happy ending! Sad, sweet and surprisingly positive, lovely story!

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