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Hours before Rarity permanently moves to Saddle Arabia, she and Twilight talk.

About fear, about pride, and about what comes next.

Spiritual sequel to A Thousand Words of Noise.

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Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

This was neat.

Make sure you tell them about EL JUDÍO you met in Baltimore 18 months ago.

You are a success, Mono. You are a wonderful writer and so many of us here know you and love your stories.

And most of all, you have discovered the Magic of Friendship!

I dont think i understand, but i liked the storytelling you got out in just 1.1k words

Why are they THIS sad though, with magic and trains etc, they can visit on a semi-regular basis

Saddle Arabia is on the other side of horse world, plus we haven’t seen air travel beyond a hot air balloon in the show. I think there’s an airship in the movie, but I don’t remember if it’s canon. Even if it is, “sailing” across the ocean without an engine can take days to weeks. Not exactly an easy journey for someone who would need as much time as possible devoted to work.

Its hard to feel invested without knowing why, i guess thats part of the story and im just not imaginative enough...

There’s a fancy zeppelin in season seven.

Curse you for having a better memory! :raritydespair:

This reminds me of Bloodiest War. I really miss that story.

Comment posted by Dave Bryant deleted December 6th

Captured perfectly those feelings when you take the first step out into the wild blue yonder.

This was a well written bittersweet story. The set up of Rarity going to Saddle Arabia and leaving Twilight behind reminded me of that Parent Trap blog post.

People are getting too hung up on the idea that they could just visit each other. Someone living even hours away is a huge difference from living nearby. Heck, Twilight barely visits the Equestria Girls world and she has a portal in her house.

This actually reminds me of me and my older brother. Both of us are getting out there in the world, but my dad always has the door open to us if we need to fall back. He always told us that, as long as we kept on trying, He would be proud of us.

Almost made me cry man. Good job, I'm a very tough nut to crack.

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