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"RoMS I love you even though you OTP Rarijack!" Monochromatic~


Twilight is rushing back to Ponyville. She saw the flames from afar. She only has one name in mind: Rarity.

Many thanks to R5h, GaraTheAuthor, Pocketbot, and Nethlarion for helping with the editing.

Written for Monochromatic's RariTwi bomb.

The cover art is a cropping of a picture by korafuro.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 6 )

And here I was about to joke that maybe Sweetie Belle caused the fire. I admit, I do find it strange that the story chose to focus solely on Twilight and Rarity and left Sweetie only a few sentences, given her involvement in the fire.
In any case, I enjoyed the rest of the story for its portrayal of Twilight and Rarity's relationship.

Love and Friendship are the most important things one can have.

Thanks for the fav!

You're very welcome!:twilightsmile:

Early on I was thinking, "What is Rarity so upset about? This must happen every other week living with Sweetie Belle."

Sisterly love is quite lit, yes. :raritywink:

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