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In the heart of the City of Sin, two women gamble their hearts and fortunes on the blackjack table. Fortunately, the decks are stacked in their favour.

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This was a great story, and I could see Twilight and Rarity filling these roles perfectly. Their interactions are on point, as usual. I do admit it was hard to tell what Twilight actually did to help Rarity, especially since Rarity was the one who secretly told her the card count.

Meanwhile, I will forever carry the shame of somehow having earned a Bachelor of Arts in physics. Derpy truly is my spirit animal. I just don't know what went wrong. :derpyderp1:

In any case, lovely moments between these two in both the tension at the table and the conversation afterwards. Thank you for it.

Twilight was keeping track of the count before Rarity arrived, and signalled her to come over using a gesture (adjusting her glasses) that also revealed what the count was when it was high enough. From then on, Twilight's purpose is to essentially act as a count-checker in case Rarity loses the count, and in theory, if there were multiple Big Spenders wandering around, she could then signal another after the first one left if the count went high again.

There's more information on this here, under "Teams." Admittedly, I wrote this assuming an audience who already knew how card counting teams worked, which might not have been the best idea.

Since I mentioned MIT in the author's note, I should also note that from what I've heard, Harvard College only does Liberal Arts degrees, including for stuff like science and engineering. The relative value of a BA in Engineering vs. a BS in Theatre is left as an exercise for the reader.

This is a really good story and I enjoyed the way Rarity and Twilight played off each other but I do have one question. I noticed that Sunset was brought up multiple times so is this supposed to be an alternate universe where she doesn't pass through the portal or is it just an alternate universe where both sides of the portal have humans but they're just different?

re the fun fact:
Huh, neat.
And I enjoyed the story, too. :)

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