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Lately, Twilight has been developing some unfamiliar...feelings for a certain white-furred fashionista in Ponyville. And, judging by Rarity's rather flirtatious manner, she feels the same way. But Twilight has never been in love before. And from what she's heard, falling in love is a little like dying. You don't come out of it the same pony you went in. A part of you is lost forever. Is that really what she wants?

My entry for Monochromatic's "Interwoven Colours" contest.

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The bigger question should be: How's Spike taking this?

Well, it looks like somepony's going to be experiencing a 'little death' here pretty soon. (Hur hur)

I'm confused by everyone bringing this saying up out of nowhere. :applejackconfused: Didn't really seem like something either RD or Trixie would just say. And then Rarity doesn't seem to acknowledge that she listened to those words twice in a very short period of time, when Twilight asks her if she thinks that way too.

Other than that little weirdness, pretty fun little story. :raritywink: Favorite scene has to be Twilight's lecture with the subsequent Starxie implications and Twilight jumping out of the window. Shining's little speech felt a tad preachy though, didn't care much for it, but it's in character so it doesn't bother me. It's just one of those cases when I wish someone in the story presented a good counter-argument, to represent those of us who don't agree with the prominent message. :trixieshiftleft: I suppose that would've been a bit contrary to the story's tone, though. Oh well.

Also, you're still alive? :pinkiegasp:

8185002 I'd say he's taking it "offscreen" :rainbowlaugh: jk, jk. He's not really relevant to this story, so he never really comes up. I guess in this context, it'd turn out that he's gotten over his crush on Rarity by this point. I feel like that aspect of his character's been emphasized less and less over the past few seasons anyways, and it seems more like he views Rarity as a close friend than a potential love interest. To me, anyways. I'd sort of put him more in the Thorax and/or Ember ship, if I'm being honest, but again, just my preference! Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile: Hope you liked it!

8185097 Ba-BOOM-cha...:rainbowlaugh: Thanks for reading! :twilightsmile:

8185482 Haha, yeah, I didn't have a good explanation for why that saying's being used so much...so I decided the explanation isn't important to the story, and just to ignore it. It's more to emphasize Twilight's hesitation about losing a part of herself by falling in love than anything else. If I had to put an explanation to it, I'd say it's something like RD and Trixie are both very ambitious ponies who probably reminisced over not wanting love to get in the way of their goals at some point, and came up with that simile as sort of a vocalization of what they were feeling at the time. So, they both bring it up independently because they came up with it together (along with...let's face it, anyone else I ever would have wanted to bring up that saying :rainbowlaugh:) From a story perspective, they're more supposed to be vocalizing Twilight's inner fears, and making them clear to the audience...at the absolute most inappropriate times. Sorry you didn't like Shining's speech! There's no counterargument there because, well, frankly that's supposed to be the counterargument to Rainbow Dash and Trixie. But, hey, not everything works for everyone. Glad you enjoyed it anyways! :twilightsmile:

(I hold after "All Bottled Up", Starxie is just baaaaarely not canon. "Be impressed with me!" "You're so good at magic...and having nice hair..." "The Starlight I love...")

Haha, yes, I'm still alive! I'm doing science and I'm still alive :rainbowlaugh: I've had to take a break, work got real crazy, real fast, but I want to get back in the habit of writing! I've got a few stories I want to add, one's about halfway done, so hopefully I'll have some more updates soon...ish :twilightsheepish: Thanks for reading!

8185533 Yeah, I figured it was somewhat non-literal. I actually like when stories go like that, some slight surreality. Just wasn't expecting to perceive this one like that when I read it initially!

Shining's speech was a counter-argument to the initial statements, but I would've had things to say in response to Shining that Trixie and RD didn't really go into. Though it would've been silly to include in this story, since Shining's speech needs to drive Twilight, there's no place for any kind of back and forth. I'm just very mildly not a fan of the way Shining seems to imply that his view is universal for everyone. He probably wouldn't have thought to mention the possibility of other points of view, given his happy marriage, but his speech was big enough to feel like a "moral lesson" of sorts (if this was an episode, that would've been perceived as the moral, I mean).

Definitely agree on Starxie :rainbowkiss:

And good to have you back. Looking forward to your next stuff, as usual.

8185646 Yeah, I can see how Shining Armor's talk could be seen as the lesson...honestly, though, it was more intended to be him just giving his sister some advice he felt she needed (which, yeah, has his own experiences mixed in). She's notably introverted with some anxiety issues, and he was aware of what she was really asking about, and he wanted to give her advice that would lead to her being happy (yes, I'm a sucker for Shining Armor :rainbowlaugh: In case that wasn't clear enough). His advice isn't really meant to be the moral (though I can see how it came across that way), and honestly, my thinking falls more in line with Trixie's or RD's in this case (not strictly, but close enough). Shining Armor's advice is more how I WISH it worked. I sort of take the MLP worlds as an idealized version of earth, so love works in kind of an idealized way. Anyways, just how I saw it :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously, all through "All Bottled Up" I kept thinking, "Trixie seems reeeaaally flirty this episode..." There were some lines where it seemed less like she was completely oblivious, and more like she was pushing Starlight's buttons and teasing her, not really out of maliciousness, but more out of a "I know you like me and I know you're going to let me get away with this" kind of thing (especially when she sort of slyly says, "You NEVER get mad at me..."). And I'm guessing she just didn't realize that she was actually making Starlight angry (because, you know...the anger-bottling, thing...) and thought she was just being sort of flirty-annoying...maybe I'm reading too much into it :twilightsmile:

8185749 You are reading just the right amount into it :raritystarry:

Well that was an interesting read.

8188137 I choose to take that as a compliment :twilightsmile: Thanks for reading!

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