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And so it all boils down to this/We've got our aim but we might miss/We are too fragile just to guess


In a world of saints and sinners, Rarity fights for her soul as she confesses her sins to the local priestess.

Proofread by GaraTheAuthor.

Take a look into the Kaleidoscope.

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You should read them all :facehoof:

Okay, wow? I absolutely loved it. I would soooooo like to see more of this, but I suppose I'll have to settle for binging some Mono instead.

My cat just threw up, so we'll keep this one brief.

By the way the link in the description of each of these stories doesn't actually take one to the contest folder, as it does not in fact actually exist yet from the looks of things. Just an FYI.

This was an interesting glimpse into this world. The way you described everything was great.
I will say I was confused by the other comments until I realized there's a contest going on with a bunch of stories all using the same title and cover image.

I don't know WHY there are so many stories, with the same name, cover image, etc, but I'm sick of seeing it, I'm trying to look for good stories wit hoomans in em! it's annoying to see the same story name and image over and over and over! no offense to you, but srsly, it's annoying

This was fantastic. I loved your portrayal of Rarity, and I think Twilight works really well as a priestess here. It's an excellent exploration of Rarity's character, and what she is and isn't willing to do. Top notch stuff.

The world this story presents is fascinating. I love the interpretation of Rarity as a femme fatale and Twilight as a priestess, and their whole interaction is engaging and fun. The details about Blue Blood’s magical artifacts kind of breezed by, but I didn’t mind because I wanted to read more Rarity and Twilight. Great story!

A tantalizing glimpse of a fascinating world. Every time I read a Kaleidoscope, I wish you all had approached this differently. These stories all deserve more readers than they're likely to get after the downvote saturation bombing. Still, thank you for this.

A great tale that manages to unpack its worldbuilding very well, and has a nice interpretation of Twilight and Rarity that manage to be like their canon selves while also being just a bit different. I really enjoyed it, and thanks for writing it!

Author Interviewer

Boy, that was weird.

I want more stories about this Rarity and her thrilling life of murder and robbery. c.c

Consider yourself blocked for not leaving me alone, lmfao, rudeboi

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