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Princess Luna has inspired many in her time as the Princess of the Night, but one author has intrigued her. After visiting her dreams countless times, Luna is now free from the shackles of leadership, so she decides it's time they meet muzzle-to-muzzle.

A thank you to Keybounce and Flashgen for proofreading before publishing.

Take a look into the Kaleidoscope.

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I've been expecting you, Rainbow Double Dash. :pinkiehappy:

What the hell is up with all the duplicate stories of the same name! :rainbowhuh: :rainbowhuh: :rainbowhuh:

I personally found this tender and sweet.

Much like the night itself.

I don't understand why all these stories are being downvoted.

One would think people would get a kick out of a unique writing event.

Great job!

I liked this one.

SPark #4 · 1 week ago · · 1 ·

It's not the stories or the contest, it's coordinating them to all post at the same time to push every other story down off the front page. It also doesn't help to then coordinate rude troll responses to any comments who are confused or don't like the idea. I mean, the first comment here, left by the author, isn't about the story, or about the contest, it's trolling somebody who's been honestly pretty polite in explaining why they felt this was all a bad idea. The whole thing smells like troll, at that point, rather than like a legit attempt to make interesting art.

I also quite liked this one. Night Writer seems like just the right pony for Luna and I love the idea that they've helped each other so much just through dreams.

Oh well.

You know what people say about the good intentions.

But every story gets pushed down sooner or later?

That's just part of the site, I had a story just last like ten minutes before.

But still got decent exposure.

It shouldn't really matter the subject matter.

Overall it doesn't matter, stories are stories.

I mean a horse is a horse, of course of course.

But I can see your point as well, thank you for your opinion.

It was cute.

I enjoy stories that seem very lax.



~Skeeter The Lurker

He's not been polite. RDD doesn't do polite. Especially not when it's connected to Jaxie.

SPark #10 · 1 week ago · · ·

I'm not sure what you've seen that I didn't, because everything I saw was pretty civil. I mean, if you want praise or asspats for your idea of "polite", or for people to dance around rather than give blunt opinions, sure. But I didn't see a single comment that I'd consider rude, especially given the way some people seemed to be going out of their way to provoke him. I'd have almost certainly been much ruder by that point, if I'd been in his place.

Whatever you say.
It's pretty much been RDD summoning sycophants and probably getting banned.

Okay, sorry, can’t let this one go.

I will never, ever, ever summon other people to fight my battles for me. I will never involve people who are not already involved. You can accuse me of anything else, but not that.

Whatever you say, RDD.
Why don't you go write your own better Kaleidoscope story and stop inciting mobs in your one-sided grudge match with Jaxie?

Inciting mobs...?

Dude, is it really that hard for you to accept that FiMFiction in general didn’t like this stunt? Do you really need to have a face and a conspiracy orchestrated by me to explain the reaction that badly? And you think I have the connections and charisma to pull it off?

Nobody that isn't connected to you cares. So, uh. Yeah. Stop embarrassing yourself with this obsession with Jaxie.

This is an interesting one. Overall, I liked it. It's solidly written. Night Writer is interesting, but feels a bit like a self-insert. Perhaps that's inevitable when you have a character who is a writer in a written work, but it comes off that way. I'd like to see more of her personality outside of her writing, to make her feel a bit more real.

Her relationship with Luna is sweet, and I like the basic idea of somepony fictionalizing Nightmare Moon - because of course somepony would - and having that give Luna some comfort in return. It feels like it moves a bit too far too fast, but that may just be because of the constrained word limit.

Overall, solid entry. Well done.

This feels really solidly written, no complaints here besides the sentiment that there should definitely be more.

This story is a pleasant, smooth read. It actually kind of rides the line between story and vignette. There are some beats and development, but it feels like it’s mostly about exploring the moment when Luna shows up at her favorite author’s bedroom. That scene is explored well, going through the Night Writer’s feelings of disbelief, being flattered, and then uncomfortable about this budding relationship.

I did feel that Night Writer was a passive character, though. She doesn’t do much except talk a bit about her past and decide not to read to Luna. This could be a sweet set up for a longer romance story, with later installments being about Night Writer dropping her guard and navigating this new relationship. Of course, that’s outside the story’s limits, so...

This was a generally pretty sweet story. I like the idea of romance developing through Luna visiting someone in their dreams and you execute it well 👍

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