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In the oldest park in Canterlot, a painter brings the last church in the city to life in oil on a canvas. She does so in a trance. There are ponies who think the Temple of the Moon should be demolished, but she's not one of them.

Take a look into the Kaleidoscope.

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Hm. It's interesting, definitely, but I'm not sure how exactly I feel about it.

Edit: alright, in conclusion, I like it. I like it a lot. It's a very neat idea, executed really quite well.

So I've made my way here. I want to take a moment to contemplate how, from an outside perspective, it's kind of silly that I'm putting in the effort to make sure that none of these posts are identical save for the link back to the first one so as to avoid being spam, while posting said comments in a series of stories that, bluntly, looks like spam.

Syke Jr #3 · Nov 30th, 2019 · · 10 ·

I'm sure the site mods appreciate your sacrifice :ajsmug:

Oh, no, I'm not going to report them, I know that they're within the rules. That doesn't change them from being annoying as all Hell by their mere existence and very spam-like, so, y'all get a visit from me in return. You troll the site (approval of an admin or not, it is trolling from a dispassionate observation), you get trolled back, there is balance and I'm personally satisfied.

That was kind of beautiful. The ambiguity is engaging, although I'm not quite clear what I think about it just yet... what inspiration did he take from it? Are her paintings self-fulfilling prophesies? Or self-negating?

Syke Jr #6 · Nov 30th, 2019 · · 11 ·

we're not trolling, but it's nice to see you admit to being a troll. :rainbowkiss:

Again, you understand how from an outside perspective that claim can be difficult to accept.



I win.

Syke Jr #9 · Nov 30th, 2019 · · 14 ·

this coming from the guy who is actively spamming out of butthurt and has a wide reputation as a spammer, troll, and general unhinged lunatic.

but we're the ones being annoying. okay boomer. :rainbowlaugh:

I honestly don't see why given the effort I'm going through to make sure that I'm not actually spamming; this is a legitimate complaint with the idea that went into this and I'm expressing it in what should be a valid way if there's any degree of fairness compared to this "Kaleidoscope" idea.

Frankly as well if anything does happen to me as a result of this and you consider it a "victory", I think it says a good deal more about you than me.

...oh, also, hi Jaxie, been awhile. What's shakin'?

I have a wide reputation? First I'm hearing of it.


I have a wide reputation? First I'm hearing of it.

that's adorable.

I'm curious. Given the coordination required to post all these stories at the same time, do you really think you're providing anyone with any new information with your continued comments?

And if you're not, wouldn't that make it clearly spam, by any reasonable definition of the word?

That's, including you, six users on a site with as of this post about 1,500 users currently online (to say nothing of total registered users), all of whom are friends or at least followers of GaPJaxie which, yes, I had a tizzy with over the course of a few months that I'm not proud of but which also would color their opinion of me. Six users who all know and interact with each other on a regular basis does not, regardless, a wide reputation make, even if one of them is the site admin. Furthermore if what Wanderer D said was true then I'd be making an ass of myself in every single Fall of Equestria story, but in fact you won't find me as having ever commented on a single one of them.

Look, you guys came to the conscious decision to post something that looks like a flood of spam. Is your skin so thin that you can't take criticism of it in your stories?

You have edited your post to remove the references to other users that I was responding to. I will not edit the above post responding to it, however.

You're not criticising the story, bro. You haven't even read them, because you're too busy spamming. Which is a shame, because a lot of them are REALLY good.

And believe me, your reputation goes FAR beyond a few comments I was able to find in about ten seconds. The fact that you don't know about it is hilarious.

Hmm. You actually raise a salient point that I hadn't considered with your first point, though I would disagree with your conclusion. The site's definition of spam is pretty vague - probably intentionally so - but I wouldn't personally consider what I was doing spam since repeating the same point across multiple stories, even if it doesn't convey new information, is not what I'd consider spam if that point is still relevant to the story in question. For example, say I didn't like Applejack and pretend that I was a regular presence on the site blog. If while the show was still airing I gave my thoughts on each Applejack-centric episode and outlined that I didn't like Applejack for reasons X, Y, and Z, that wouldn't be spam even if I was basically just repeating myself from previous posts on the blog, as long as I wasn't deliberately wording things the same way each time.

So, in this case, yes, I was expressing distaste with the "Kaleidoscope" idea in each story, but doing so was still relevant to each story. It might not have been new information but nor was it expressed in exactly the same way.

Now that all being said, like I said, you raised a good point that I hadn't considered. This would take a fair bit of coordination, which means that everyone probably read the same thing, which means everyone's getting the same information. By now my point is probably made anyway. So I won't delete any of my comments already posted, but I will stop posting new ones.

Is there a certain order to read these in?

Or is it just safe to start anywhere?

Lol, I'm about to snatch these all in my library so I can find them easier.

The Book Horse In me is Squeeing! :twilightblush:

Nah, they're all different stories, so just read however you like

they're all independent stories! There will be a folder for all of them soon.


I'm going to challenge myself to read them all.

Also, thank you.

A lot of them probably are really good. There's good authors writing them. But the format in which they were presented was an immediate turn-off. I know the old adage that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but an equally old one is that presentation is everything. You coordinated a reason for people to dislike these stories at the outset, even had Wanderer D acknowledge how much they looked like spam, and then are acting mad when someone reacts to them like spam?

I'm not the one acting mad here :ajsmug:

No, just thin-skinned.

This story’s tone grabbed me from the very beginning. It’s dark and foreboding, which both captures the feel of the Temple and suggests ancient forces at work.

That said, I wasn’t a fan of the ending. Having the painting inspire the stallion to burn down the Temple feels excessively violent. There’s no real evidence that the stallion is unstable or prone to engage in arson just because of a good painting, so it feels very sudden for him to get up the courage like that. It might have been interesting if there was some suggestion that the Temple itself was trying to goad some pony into burning it down, and had worked through Trance to affect the stallion that way.

On a re-read, I also like how the story doesn’t give us a lot of details about the characters besides Trance. It’s mysterious without being unclear, and makes the reader work to fill in the details. Thank you for the engaging read!

I think my biggest issue is Twilight not preserving the fact that the two sisters existed. She went through enough forgotten ancient enemies of Equestria to appreciate the importance of history.

Beyond that, a fascinating exercise in the sometimes muddy relationship of cause and effect.

I'm not sure how to feel about this one. The atmosphere is excellent. It feels mellow and somber the whole way through, and it is very good at conveying nostalgia for time lost.

That said, I'm not sure how I feel about the message. I can clearly see how "inspiration" factored heavily into the story, and the path it took from a casual joke to a painting to arson. I'm just not sure I buy the mechanism, of a painter that doesn't know what she's painting until she's done. Still, it's an interesting premise, and I enjoyed the journey.

Yeah. I continue to be impressed and in awe by the general mood and atmosphere that your stories convey. This was probably the story that took me the longest to process, and it was admittedly a little dense, but it was totally worth it.

Gonna second most of what Zontan said, except for the fact that I totally buy the premise behind the painter (and also wish I could've stolen it :P) Her reactions to her environment are super intriguing, and make a lot of sense given her state of being. Also yeah, curious as to how this fate befell Celestia and Luna, but I don't think that really matters a lot in the scope of the story.

Honestly. No real critiques for this story. Well done.


Celestia and Luna never wanted to be worshipped in the first place. Ponies haven't forgotten they existed; they've just turned away from religion. If tomorrow Christianity disappeared, Jesus would still be one of the single most important historical figures ever.

To paraphrase the great Tom Baker:

"The Temple of the Moon falls no more."

Hopefully I don't have to explain that. You no business using Doctor Whooves as a character if I need to.

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