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When the Lord of Chaos is finally defeated, the Chaos magic that kept the world breathing is gone from the aether. Seven vessels must step forth to claim the power only Chaos can bring, but there is a price for lack of spirit...

Written for GaPJaxie's Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition. Conceived and written in an hour.
Prompt: "The stars are gone."

The "full" version was finished with fifteen minutes overtime on top of the original hour, to better reflect what I set out to achieve.

The one-hour-hard-limit version was what was entered in the competition, and went to the semifinals.

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The mood is just...incredible.

Stealing the power of a god does not make one a god, only a clever thief.
Nor does it mean a god stops being a god.

Great read by the way. XP


Came here on The Mad Hat's recommendation at the end of his winning entry.

Interesting to see Queen Novo here. I wonder where the others are, or what they were lost to?

Well, now I have some indication of what happened to the others.

9787359 That's why I didn't steal power. I DEMANDED IT!

And so I became the Element of Trolling. :trollestia:

A fascinating take on the greater consequences of sealing something as fundamental as chaos, to say nothing of considering how the Elements evolved over time. Thank you for it.

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