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For years, Double Take has been the most-wanted criminal in Equestria. No other thief has taken as much fine art and jewellery as him. On top of that, his contacts on the other side of The Gate, in the human world, have made it worth his while to smuggle gold across the interdimensional border.

So when it comes time to escape the heat, there's no better place to escape to... right?

4th place winner of the pony-to-human Autumn TF Contest hosted by Two Bit.

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Comments ( 13 )

A good story! Ponies are too innocent for this world.

This was a very good story!

oh man I thought this was going somewhere else at first! I thought he'd get enticed by some good ol human greed for a second and become some sort of criminal mastermind using his own "pony eloquence" to pull off more complicated plans of some kind but him turning himself in because it was too much was a good ending too! the story itself was great in how it compared the criminal world between ponies and humans so that was really interesting.
Anyways, thanks for the story! it was a great read!

He made the mistake of microwaving a metal can. His first near-death experience on Earth!


Ponies are too innocent for this world.

They just haven't found the right (wrong?) one, yet.

"So, Pony Dan pussied out?"


"See? I told you ponies would be useless on Earth."

"Hey, you just weren't around when that pony moved in on our old turf. Within a month, the Boss was dead along with half of his homies, and that crazy little bitch practically owns the entire district by now. Don't fuck with Cosy Glow."

Yeah, she was a crazy bitch.

I absolutely loved this story when I was reading it for the contest. That contrast between human and pony attitudes is just perfect.

And that's how the legends began. Years later, after Double cleaned up his act and settled down, he told his foals how bad little fillies and colts get sent to Earth.

Excellent work.

The lesson: do your homework before you travel to another world.

I'd read that.

She'd be less interested in going back. On the other hand, Double Take came out of this about as cleanly as anyone could hope for. Cosy Glow depends a lot on being an unexpected element, and even more on being protected from any kind of threat she can't see coming. And that's in Equestria where she's presumably got mark magic working overtime to patch over the effects of whatever's missing in her psyche.

I can easily see her either immediately run over by a car because she couldn't believe cars could possibly be a real thing if there was any way for them to hurt sweet, defenseless little girls and thus making no attempt to check for them crossing a dark street on a rainy night... or surviving, being taken care of by Child Protective Services and constantly frustrated, unable to comprehend why none of her cunning plots to ruin or kill all those around her ever seem to even mildly inconvenience anyone. Or both.

Of course the ponies could always keep him human as part of his punishment.

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