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we can be like they are


Everywhere she goes, Wandering Star takes her humble mason jar and its precious contents.

And she goes everywhere.

Someday, she'll find the place where the jar is meant to be opened. But not yet.

Entry into the fourteenth Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Competition. Conceived and written in one hour; completely unedited. The prompt was "a worthy end".

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Beautiful. I guess the end isn't a matter of where, but when, and it's up to you to decide.

I like where the breaks in this story occur. They're well-placed, and their placement almost makes it read like a fable. I'm not sure why I get that impression.

This story is truly a masterpiece. Even this short chapter almost made me cry.
Nicely done.

Sad, poignant and peaceful. Thank you for sharing this piece.

With the series having ended. This gives a somber feeling
When will we be ready to let go. Will we ever?
We and only we can answer that.
Well done Author.

I teared up a little at the end.

Sometimes it's hard to let go. You always carry the memory in your heart, no matter where you go. But that's the point, is it not, especially of the best memories and the best of friends.

The was so touching. Thank you.

Sweet, sad, and full of feeling.

This was excellent. I like "when, not where" of the letting go theme. It's well executed and well deserved by the end.

Came because if the recommendation.

It's cool how many details are left unsaid, like Twilight referenced.

And the thought that she's been carrying the jar through everything. Eating, sleeping, etc. Wow.

But never talking *to* it. Very important detail.

That Vista joke was really jarring. No pun intended.

The little drops of humor scattered around were great!

And nice reveal of the jar's contents. I had fears that it'd end up breaking, but enchantments and such are an implication of this world, so I wasn't too worried.

Can I say how much I love this story? It's beyond sweet that she loved her friend so much, she spent all her time looking for a perfect place to lay his ashes to rest.

I hope that sweet girl finds what she's looking for, and finally has a measure of peace.

Loved it. There was a lot left unsaid, but this is by no means a criticism. It's very difficult, to tell as much a story and convey such themes without words and you absolutely smash it here
It ended phenomenally strongly as well. While my favourite piece of yours remains your Kaleidoscope entry, I can definitely see why you consider this your best :twilightsmile:

OH MY GAWD :raritydespair:
That hit a little too close to home, but then again, what's the point of art if it doesn't make you feel something?
The lack of flowery prose is very appreciated and it makes this piece stronger, sometimes fewer words tell more than a whole thesaurus could, especially when it comes to things like grief and loss. This was a wonderful piece, thanks a bunch for sharing!

I very specifically put in ONE piece of flowery prose, so that it would stand out. It's probably my favourite aspect of the entire thing.

I still look at this and can't believe I did it in an hour.

ughh I could tell what the 'purpose' was from just the blurb.

...and now I have bits of that crappy Play Nintendo Video Games the Movie stuck in my head.


This story is short but it leaves just the right bits to the imagination to fill out.

I did like the callout to Vista the operating system :)

What I get from it is that Wanda subconsciously gave herself this epic task to "find the right place to let go" in order to put off ever letting go. She was fooling herself, pandering to herself, torturing herself. I think she realized that in the end.

But then, why didn't she empty the jar at the end?

Wow. Thank you for this.

Wanda had traveled to the ends of Equis looking for a place for her friend to stay. Each time looking at them and remarking that she deserved better. She'd traveled to every place in the kingdom and beyond looking for somewhere suitable. Though in her travels, she hadn't thought that her friend had been everywhere with her. This was beautiful.

Wow...the atmosphere here was really deep, and this was a speedwrite? Woah.
I need to read all your stuff now, because if this is a peek of your awesomeness I must binge it all.
I never understood cremation, I'm probably spelling that wrong, but this was emotionally gripping, powerful, and very believable. My heart. <3

Silent really likes Souls and Silicon, and Seer really likes my Kaleidoscope. :twilightsmile:

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