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When an earth pony working as a trucker is fired for a fairly heinous mistake, her human friend cheers her up by showing her his decidedly smaller and faster vehicle.

This was my attempt to do two challenges at once!

Conceived and written in one hour for the seventh Quills and Sofas contest. The prompt was "hard to handle". It came third place!

I realised it was also an opportune time to also have a go at AdmiralBiscuit's Labour Day Challenge! I didn't actually have time to include any scenes of her actually trucking, like I wanted, but... how interesting could it be? She sits there, listens to podcasts and talks to her buddy. Earth pony stamina to stay awake. 'Nuff said.

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Comments ( 29 )

I approve. :heart:

I know the protagonist's feelings, I got to ride shotgun in a Subaru Tanner Faust was rallying. Eighty on a two-track, in the rain.

I hope Windleaf has a successful career as a race car driver.

Steal a truck by accident? How?

I've heard truckers can be lazy and leave the keys in the ignition when they stop for coffee. Same model of truck, same laziness, she just got in the wrong one and full-on failed to notice.

Sure, a highly unlikely scenario, but a funny one.

you rode shotgun with Tanner?? That's wild. It must have been awesome.

That's my car, both in the fic and cover image, by the way.

W- where’s the rest of it?

By the title I thought this was a 9833058 story.

I favorited ahead of time, before reading.

I knew I trusted my heart for a reason, this was a delightful romp.

Excellent job.

I suppose an earth pony could handle a car at those speeds pretty well, they're plenty strong. Sure pegasai are the stereotype but look in a stock car and tell me where those big flappy wings are going to go.

Somebody stole my wrecker that way. Could totally happen.

(To be fair, he just drove it to the other side of the building to mess with me, but the point holds.)

If she wants fun, should go for the psychos.

Caterham 7, Ariel Atom.

Austin Mini Cosworth. :pinkiecrazy:

ARG.. just remembered, theres news about the Bently Blower being made once more. A 1930s (?) race car that one story had it, Sir Stirling Moss discovered that at 120 mph if you floored it, the torque broke traction and you got wheelspin.

That, and taking his pilot freind out for a easy 100 mph drive round the Cotswolds one day, had his freind complaining because if he tried flying that fast in his biplane, the wings would come off. :twilightoops:

My headcanon is that she gets a Wrexie. One of the bugeye ones. And enters the Detroit SCCA Rallycross.

Maybe I'll even write it, if people want it. :pinkiecrazy:


How about a Class B Super Metro?

Big in Europe, so much it got made illegal. At least, for Cross Country Rallying?

Or maybe pick up an old copy of Colin McCrea Rally and the console to try it on?

somehow I think a rare classic MG would be slightly harder and more expensive to obtain in Michigan compared to a WRX.


Its suprising what falls off the back of a truck. :trixieshiftright:

"They said no ponies cuzza insurance or somethin’...."

Yeah. That and a general track speed limit.


... And then she dragged him into the back seats and agressively straddled him.

Nice little story here. Even better that it took place in Michigan.

Beer, trucks, unreasonable speed, adorable ponies... Yeah, this is some Biscuity goodness right here. Thank you for it.

And now I'm imagining a pegasus on the F1 circuit taking out all the bits of the racer that create negative lift. "What? You humans have raced planes since you were monkeys! I saw this documentary on it, Diddy Kong Racing."

This needs a full multi-chapter story!:pinkiehappy:

Why is the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car?:pinkiecrazy::twilightsmile:


Some trucking companies also use the same key for all their trucks. I almost climbed into another driver's rig because of that....

Steering wheel is on the right side of the car in countries that drive on the left side of the road, such as UK, Australia, Japan, and India. It's not the "wrong side." :applejackunsure:

That was a light hearted jab at those countries, the emoticons at the end should have been a clue to that. Has this world become so hyper-sensitive that you can tell a joke any more?

Sorry I honestly didn't read your sarcasm. :ajsleepy: You never know sometimes.

Its OK, On a side note. driving a right hand drive vehicle in the US is a unique experience, I used to do maintenance on the USPS LLV vehicles (The little box delivery trucks), and after growing up driving while sitting on the left side of the vehicle, driving while sitting on the right really takes some getting used to. Also going to the wrong side of the vehicle to get in is embarrassing, In case anyone wanted to know, most of the LLV's are just right hand drive S-10 pickup frames with a Pontiac 4 cylinder engine.:twilightblush:

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