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we can be like they are


One mind.

One soul.

Two ponies.

Harmonious Twins, as siblings such as these are called, are usually some of the happiest in Equestria. Not in this case.

Does it have to be this way?

Second-place winner of the Quills and Sofas Thousand-Word Throwdown. The entry had to have exactly 1000 words, the prompt was "denied; intertwined". Use the alternate chapter if you experience formatting problems.

Title art by SiMonk0!

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Comments ( 17 )

Yeah, sorry. This would be better if you had bothered to give it an end, not just leave it hanging. Though I have a very strong hate of Celestia in this. I blame her for the law.

It also gives me an idea. Harmonic twins does sound like a cool story idea.

I actually like the ambiguous ending, sometimes we don't have to have our hands held through all the narrative. This was a fantastic entry in the contest, good job!

This was thought-provoking. I liked it!

"And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand."

Really enjoyed reading this, and it deserved its spot in the contest! Wonderfully thought-provoking, and I like how much of the confusion and conflict at the beginning of the story was resolved with compromise.
Ambivalent about the ending, but it did keep me excited, although I will say that any sequel idea I come up with about resulting administrative bureaucracy sounds horrendously boring :trollestia: Anyways, good job!

if it were expandid on it would be cool

also yes i also hate celestia in this story due to the liklyhood that she is the one who both made the law and if luna, twilight and cadence agreed to let it happen (if flurry isent old enough to have a say yet) celestia would likly not allow it to happen because due to what we have seen of her she would be the hardist one to convince to change her mind

True. I kind of understand why they won't allow it, since it is kind of murder in way. But it should be a choice whether to go through with it on the part of those who want it.

Not law by some stick up her flank alicorn who thinks she knows best. Luna at least is on their side. Not sure where Cadance would be.

i think from what we have seen of cadence with her being about love and a past of looking after young she would proberbly be apposed at first but if sat down with and explaned to the reason from them as to why they want to do it she would proberbly be reluctent but agree

A fascinating concept, though barely scratching the surface of it. What exactly do the twins do besides imperfectly resonate with one another? What family and friends do they have? Has either attempted to pursue a relationship?

I suppose I might be missing the point, but as is, this feels more like a hypothetical philosophical dilemma than a story in its own right. I can appreciate a ponified trolley problem, but it leaves me asking questions about the scenario as a whole.

That said, what's here is a good read. Thank you for it.

I could expand on it, but I don't have any particular ideas for a story. Considering this was written as a thousand-word challenge I'm happy I was able to produce something that at least made their struggle feel somewhat real despite its lack of content.

My initial idea is that they're talented in spellcraft, like Twilight but more inventive and less powerful. They can only really realise their potential together, though, and they just can't ever seem to make it work.

The problem is that I was very much presenting the idea as "they should become one pony" and I would certainly hope Twilight would concede to their desire. Maybe a story where Celestia says no even though Twi and Luna are on board? Still unsure where the plot would come in. I'll think on it some more.

Thanks for the comments as always :heart:

I completely missed that this was a thousand-word challenge fic. :facehoof: Given that, excellent job indeed.

stop thinking and start writing


In the meantime you can read my other stuff. I just posted a new story, Wanderlust, that I wrote in a contest a couple hours ago. Follow me if you want to know when my continuation of Soulbind comes, and remember to leave likes! :heart:

Reading this gives me the same anxiety that I get when I think about matters like the death penalty. Not that this is similar, but the decision Twilight must make carries with it such a sense of life-altering finality. And it's even more difficult when some people seem so sure about their answer (i.e. Luna).

This is indeed a thought-provoking idea! Another one of those "discussion piece" type stories so many of us often enjoy.

Personally, just for my two bits on the matter, see no issue if two ponies want to be joined or combined or what have you. They are the only possible victims and neither one sees it as being a victim, and I'm a big believer in having control over one's own body and life. Some may disagree, but that, in a nutshell, is my thought on it. That said, it would raise interesting, possibly even frightening ramifications for society, so perhaps an amibiguous ending was the right way to go on this...

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