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Zephyr Verve, editor, proofreader, creativity well and professional moron at your service!


If you read k12314's story, the How Did I Get Here, you surely found Zephyr Verve.
But who is he? What is his story?

One way to find it out.

(Author's note: million thanks to k12314 and inoeitall, this story couldn't exist without their help.)

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 360 )

pretty good so far. one question, do you have a schedule for this or are you just gonna upload whenever?

zephy finally has his own story

Yay kyle's bud has told a small part of his story! I shall read this cause you and him are an interresting pair hehe....wow im overuseing interresting in most'a my comments I need'a stop that

Actually I already wrote it, (to the 8th chapter) and I'm going to upload it daily.


Ah parents they know just the right thing to say to make you goto school.Then you become a teenager

116837 Ahh, so you finally submitted the story, congrats Zephy. :trollestia:

*Gives 5 Stars to Zephy Verve*



Okay, from this chapter (3) there will be more action and longer chapters.

I hope this will make some attention...


117915 why is this a reply to me?

Nice chapter Zeph,

I wish I knew what your cutie mark meant, before I wrote the first chapter with you in it.

Trust me, it's better as it is.

Btw, when will you write the next chapter of your story?

ive been wondering what your cutie mark meant. well now i know. also, if he wet himself, wouldnt it have gone everywhere? since ponies dont nornally wear clothes

I didn't said a thing about where it went or where not...:pinkiehappy:

I have a feeling that something is gonna happen with RD :rainbowdetermined2:

I still want to see you to be shipped with somepony else though > :twilightsmile:

Zephy must never get shipped with RD. :flutterrage: (Unless he is about to die. :trollestia:)


Your feeling isn't a sixth sense :P

Yeah, me too...


That isn't my sixth sense, my 6th sense is more like: oh crap something REALLY bad is gonna happen unless I do something to stop it, which involves me getting badly beaten, having emotional trauma or both. (hint hint C19...) :fluttershbad:


Well, you were right about the 'something is going to happen' part, in the next chapter, things will go... Unfortunate.


I meant Chapter 20. :derpytongue2: (and maybe C21,22 and possibly 23)

And I meant my story...


Heheheh more material for Dash and Zeph in my story :trollestia:


Um.......I'm confused why is big LB sad (Yheah I nicknamed him already)

He is because he knows what will happen if one of the students try to kill an other one.


123896 Expelled?


123925......................I dunno worst that happened to one was he got expelled then again my school dosen't care unless you kill somebody.So I'm going with Jail sentence?

You will get know it tomorrow.


123941 Ugh don't make me wait ppppppllllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee.Also what's up with you not commenting on why us? thought you'd be angry at what I put in the new chapter:trollestia:

... New chapter?


*checks it*


123950 I get somebody else for every second chapter.It's nice to know you don't track the story your in:ajbemused:


Oh sure you track it NOW

Look, sometimes I forgot to check in the tracking okay?
And find a proper proofreader for your story... I had to reread it to understand what did you wanted to say...


123965 Dude it is pretty straight forward what is being said.

I had to put it in, as you know, I only let it used by the ones I love... *SPOILERS*


Gave you a shout out WE.ARE.EVEN....also I learned something today harrasing an author till they update their story works.

It was a one-shot, noone can drive me to update more than once a day anymore.


124413 me:OBJECTION
Judge:Yes sir?
me:I have evidence proving that is a pack of lies.
Judge:That would be?
Me:Take that! (Shows Author's notes)
Judge:Well it seems you wi..
Me: *holding m24* Boom headshot

:pinkiehappy: DAT SONG!

I can't help but think of Doctor Who every time I hear it.

....fail....epic fail....



124457 You know it works


124499 Meh if it only works once then I'll do it ONCE TO EVERY AUTHOR.

And that's how Ice spammed everyone in this site.

i like what you did with me. although im practically a zombie in the morning and never really get hyper. but stories must take liberties if it is for the plot

Just read through your story. :) I'll be sure to give a shout-out in my story once I update 3 more chapters tonight.

Thank you! I will gratitude it!

i cant decide. love that song. also im gone after one chapter?! whats with that?

Sorry, I had to do this for the sake of the story but you will come back.

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