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Hazel Wind enjoys having a soul. She is also desperately exhausted by it.

After being separated from the hivemind, the wayward changeling Hazel finds she has developed sentience and individuality. She lives a secret life among ponykind, finding friends and making precious memories. For a time, Hazel cannot help but love it; but soon, she finds the choices, consequences, and profound joys and sorrows of life are far too intense for a changeling to endure.

But before Hazel can end it all, a cranky donkey invites her on a journey—one that could save her very existence.

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I really like how you wrote Hazel's and Cranky's dialouge!
Geat job! :pinkiesmile:

I thought all changelings had insect-themed names.

It's the name she took while living among ponies. A pegasus named "Cocoona" or something might be a bit suspicious, don't you think? But you're right, she probably has another name.

Okay I've legit been looking forward to reading something new from you for a while and you wouldn't believe my excitement when I saw you come up in my feed. Just reading this alone helped me chill out some. I guess I can infer that feeling overwhelmed by her "double life" is what made her want to jump off the cliff, but what is making her not be adamant about it after the fact and readily accept Cranky's offers and instructions? In any case I'm looking forward to exploring more this character and her interactions with Cranky. Glad to see you around!

Man, I'm indescribably happy to see something new from you! You're one of my favorite authors on the site and I'm so looking forward to this! Now to read :D

Thanks, you guys! Honestly, it's been so long, I'm surprised anyone even remembers me! The appreciation of even just a few people is enough to make me want to press on with writing. I really appreciate the support.

Look forward to more clarification on Hazel's motives in the concluding chapters. :twilightsmile:

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