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There's a crisis going on at the School of Friendship.

It's not Twilight's main concern.

This was written purely to make fun of GaPJaxie for misusing "pouring/poring" in a chapter of the Starlight and Pals Magical Half Hour. It's pretty much a fan chapter for that fic. This was written with no planning, in about an hour and a half, and has had no meaningful editing, but that's what silly GlimGlam fics are all about.

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I sincerely apologise for the title. :derpytongue2:

Liar. Nopony is ever sorry on this site for what they do.

...Well, on the one hand, sorry for missing the pouring/poring thing... but on the other, if I hadn't, this might not have been written. :D

Starlight gazed contemplatively at the rift. “I suppose they do have a weird sort of problem-solving synergy.” She looked sideways at Twilight. “Almost like you guys used to have.”

Used to…? Hey, We still save Equestria plenty!”

“Yeah, from your own mistakes.”

You roasted the two entire last seasons :rainbowlaugh:

Wonderful homage to the tone of the original fic. I can only assume that canon Twilight's been exporting her neuroses to parallel universe analogues of herself.

This story would be considerably better if you didn't give away the joke in the description. Would you consider editing it?

This Twilight is my spirit animal.

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