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Actually And The Rainfall

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1221683 Oh, well that's pretty exciting! Looking forward to it!

1221656 :twilightblush: You are too kind. I'm super glad you enjoy it though. I should maybe have the rough draft of the next Sweetie chapter completed tonight though, so I can send it off for further editing in the morning. Hopefully you enjoy that story as well.

1221537 Yeah I get what you mean. Ultimately, you already learned what you had to learn from writing those chapters, and I figure you'll only grow more as you write more instead of keeping on polishing the old stuff. For what it's worth I'll probably marathon through the remainder of the fic tonight and tackle everything else on your page in the coming days. Your storytelling is addictive!

1221399 Thanks, I think the later chapters are far stronger than the earlier ones, and I would go back and edit them, but that would require not working on my newer works so... Yeah. I figure more high(er) quality content is better than punching up low quality stuff.

1221323 To be honest I haven't finished reading it yet, but thus far I've enjoyed it so much that it's already one of my favourite fics, and now I'm pretty ecstatic to find you have other related works. I definitely look forward to whatever you come up with next!

  • Viewing 2 - 6 of 6
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