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This story is a sequel to The Horizon Behind Us

Silver Star is only just recovering from a magical ailment that gives him unexpected spell surges. After a night of strange dreams based on a recent tabletop roleplaying game, it transpires that he's not... quite as cured as he seemed.

And now he has a problem. Well, two problems.

This story is set in the Optimalverse, and I strongly recommend reading the other stories in my continuity first.

Cover art by SiMonk0, with additional illustrations by HuckleberryPony!

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Unexpected, but delightful. Thank you for some pure fun. Goodness knows Silver could use some.

Oooh, more FiO to satisfy my values with. Looking forward to reading this when I wake up.

Syke, I don't know how you do it, but you are just continuously able to consistently get your thoughts out onto paper in such a raw, realistic way.
Such a well done relationship between Silver and Snaps, peppered throughout with your usual wit. And turning a topic that can be super weird into one with a much more significant meaning.
Really liked this one. Thank you for sharing it :twilightsmile:

There isn’t a lot of Slice of Life FiO out there. This was enjoyable! Thank you for writing it!

Awesome. I was hoping for a bit more exploration there about the differences (for their shard at least). Still it was a fun little trip.

“Hey, cutie,” Gingersnap says with a grin. But it’s not the voice I know. It’s deep, and a little rumbly, and more than a little smug. I look up at her. Or, rather, at him.

Hahaha! Yes. I love where this is going. It gets even better when you realize that god-CelestAI knew it was going to happen, even planned on it as a matter of increasing satisfaction.

I look down at Silver Star’s little form, curled up under the blankets and undoubtedly trying to vanish entirely. Little . It’s true. He is. Or, I remind myself, grinning as I remember my short inspection of my favourite unicorn earlier that morning, she is.

I immediately love this perspective change. I have a soft spot for FiO moments where the perspective comes from one of Celestia's created ponies. It implies they really do have feelings and goals of their own, contrary to the suspicions of some. But I digress.

I curl myself around the mare-in-denial, unable to stop grinning. “Like you said,” I say into Silver Star’s ear, “the bigger pony should always get big spoon privileges.” She whimpers again as I wrap all four legs and a wing around her little body, encompassing her form almost entirely. “Isn’t that right?”

I just smile every time I picture Snaps speaking with a deep voice. It's just so great.

“Actually,” a kind, playful voice interjects, “I don’t think you can blame me for this.”

And there she is. I was wondering if she would actually show up to take responsibility.


The artwork seems... familiar... :rainbowhuh:

I really like how the pronouns are changed from 'he' to 'she', and the fact that there is now a huge size difference between them where there wasn't before. It really drives home the "reality" of the situation.

PS Do not purchase any potions or spells on the internet.

Dang bootleg gender potions...

I shake my head a little and stare at the ceiling. I wonder if the transformation has affected my mind at all. The desire to be curled up in the embrace of somepony big and strong isn’t something I’ve ever had before. Then again, it’s not something I’d ever experienced before either.

I wonder if there's something to be said here about how biology affects psychology, in a broad sense. That's way above my pay grade, though.

I stretch and sigh. The tabletop chat has digressed into talking about K’s latest permadeath game, and I don’t have any input to give there. I wonder what Snap is up to, and sincerely hope he’s just taking photos. Preferably from high in the sky where nopony is likely to notice his… maleness.

Au contraire, you'd think that'd be exactly the right angle for ponies notice Snaps' "maleness."

I grin. Silver Star sings human songs in the shower all the time. I don’t recall ever hearing this one, though.

Buck, this story is cute.

I try to say something, but all that comes out is: “Hh.”


I chuckle too. “Yeah. Why did ponies on Earth like reminding themselves of the horrific void awaiting them so much?”

“Dunno. Something to do, I guess.”

Everything is either reminding us of the void, helping us forget about the void, staying optimistic about the void, or denying that it exists. All rhetoric and activity falls into these categories. Prove me wrong.

Snaps asking Star to sing with out of sincerity, and not sarcasm or teasing, was a really sweet moment.

“Maybe it’s a stallion thing,” comes the response, and it makes me freeze. That’s not Gingersnap. That’s just Snap. His low, honeyed voice is knowingly sly.

Very slowly, I roll over to face him with a look of accusatory betrayal. “Why are you a stallion still.”

BUCKING LOL :rainbowlaugh:

As we walk into the Silver Sword, I know we’re about to run into a group of ponies we know. Don’t ask me how. I’m getting genre savvy, I guess.

Silver knows he's in a slice-of-life.

Up until now I've wondered about your ability to write something that wasn't at least a little bit melancholy. But this story, for being fluff, was fluff of the highest quality. 100% microplush throw blanket levels of fluffy. Given your ability to write characters in such an introspective, dryly witty, real sort of way, I don't think I can imagine a genre you couldn't write effectively in. I mean, what was the story here? Silver turns into a mare. That's it. Such a simple premise, and yet your writing style just brings it to life.

Thanks for sharing this. I don't know what your future plans are for these characters, but I will never complain when I see them in a story.

And… also pretty focussed on the sexual aspects of the idea. Which neither Snap nor I are interested in, thank Luna.

Oh, you're no fun!

So they tell me :trollestia:

It turned out to change poses based on the phase of the moon.

Now that is a kick ass statue. I love that idea. Luna's changes based on the moon phase, Celestia's can change based on the seasons and how high/low the sun is. Now I just wonder what each pose would be...

New moon would be Luna peeking out from under a stack of blankets. New moon, who dis?

Ohno. I'm feeling anxious for our protagonist just from the title.

Mmmmm as a trans man who would die from becoming a woman again i really feel silvers distress

I just stumbled across this again. I love these ponies.

I lay my head down in the grass with a sigh. I’m more than happy to just lay here as Star continues to serenade. Maybe forever.

I absolutely love lovey-dovey moments like this. I could read a whole fic of just scenes like this.

Good choice of song, too. I can almost hear her singing it softly and quietly. It's perfect for the moment.

I had a great night tonight - ate some great restaurant food and drew up a bath afterwards, reading the entirety of this fic! Another great Horizonverse story, thank you.

I have been going through each of your fics and reading them in order, and they are always a delight (and introspective) to go through. You've got such talent!

Comments like this really keep me going. Thank you so much!

Before reading The Earth and Sky, you might want to check my blog. There is a filler fic posted on an alt that bridges a large timeskip, but it's nsfw. (The alt page also has some bonus content so it's worth looking at anyway- the link is on my userpage 😉)

So happy to brighten your day, even just a little bit :)

Thanks for the heads up - looks like I'm gonna turn off the mature content filter for an hour or two :rainbowlaugh: That is usually a privilege I only reward to gory horror fics, so feel good about yourself! Lol

I found you off the Sci-fi contest that's running right now. I wanted to read more of that on here and I just finished reading FiO and needed more of that too. You scratched both of those itches for me! So glad I stumbled upon your works :twilightsmile:

“Don’t call me Star,” my little mare half-shouts, muffled through my wing.

Celestia simply smiles again, and disappears in a flash.

A few long moments pass. “Is she gone,” Star says tiredly.


Suddenly, with a flash, appeared a white alicorn stallion with a wavy, multicolored mane and moustache.

"It is I: CelestiOS!"

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