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This story is a sequel to The Sixty-Third Rule

Soulmates are supposed to stay together forever. But forever is a long, long time. Back on Earth, it was understood that broken hearts were far more common than happy endings. Can ponies really love each other enough that it never fades, even after countless lifetimes?

Silver Star worries about this. As usual, he's probably wasting his time.

This story is set in the Optimalverse, and I strongly recommend reading the other stories in my continuity first.

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“You’re still my favourite pony. I love you, Silver. Just not like before. Not like you thought.”

She’s smiling, and stepping forward for a hug, and I want to embrace her and touch her and love her and say it’s fine and I’ll be the best friend she wants but it hurts,

This is gut-wrenching. My heart actually skipped a beat when I read this.

This is, as usual, a beautiful little snippet. You use the Optimalverse so effectively to explore the "human" condition. Thank you for sharing this. :heart:

Very different feel to the prequels. I especially liked the line about ”one of your feathers.”

A beautiful relationship need not wane in the shard. But if those two must separate one day, I'm sure they will be as happy with each other at its end as they were throughout it.

As always, a good story, Syke.

Gorgeous stuff. And yeah, this is an entirely reasonable fear when you're staring down the closest thing this universe has to eternity. It's a long time, and a lot can happen. But when you have a GAI looking out for you... Well, it'll probably turn out alright.

Thank you for this.

This has been a nice series (so far?).

I disproportionately appreciate that you refused to compromise their asexuality through it all and, implicitly, into the unknowable vastness of the future.

I very much like this series and hope it continues, as it adds a nice spin on the FiO series. I can't recall reading many stories with fairly modern tech in Equestria, as well as the POV of one of CelestAI's created ponies.

As for this specific story itself, it certainly has some beautiful moments. For a created pony who's been designed so for them an uploaded human is their perfect mate, and having never had to worry about mortality, an eternal relationship clearly isn't something to worry about. For a former human with an expectancy of decades, and not having been pre-programmed not to be tired with a partner, then it's definitely a long-term worry.

Just read through this whole series and ohmygod do I love it so much. Thank you for writing this series, thank you so much. I needed something like it, lifting my spirits as I peruse the entirety of FiO fics on here. Love ya.

Thank you. Really. It means a lot. :heart:

Silver being Silver and Snaps being Snaps. All is as it should be.

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