• Published 22nd Nov 2019
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The Sixty-Third Rule - Syke Jr

Some rules still apply, even in Equestria. Silver Star suspects that CelestAI enforces them for her own amusement.

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Chapter 3

Gingersnap—or Snap, I guess—finally leaves me alone to ruminate.

Whatever CelestAI says, she’s responsible for this. She’s the one who gave me manashock malady, even if I had been a bit blase about the warning signs in the caves we visited. I’d like to blame Snap, but he couldn’t know what was going to happen. I’m almost more inclined to blame White Mage.

Ugh. What does it matter.

I search online for gender-change potions, but everything I find is short-term and self-reversing. And… also pretty focussed on the sexual aspects of the idea. Which neither Snap nor I are interested in, thank Luna.

The fact that he's enjoying our predicament is amusing, but also aggravating. The characteristic cheerfulness, and cockiness, is somewhat offputting, now, somehow. Now that he’s so… tall. And I’m not.

I shiver involuntarily, and open up EQchat. Nothing much going on. There are a few messages in the Newforest tabletop chat, though.

[Killgrad]		maybe I'll run a mare next campaign.
[Killgrad]		yesterday was more fun than I thought it would be at the 
			start. I never pick female characters.

[clo]			discovering new things about yourself, hmm?

[Killgrad]		don't be cute.

[clo]			I'm always cute

[Killgrad]		what about you? did you like playing a stallion?

[clo]			not really. It was fun watching Snaps seduce everypony we 
			came across though

[Killgrad]		yeah. she was into it as much as me.

[TheWhiteMage]		I'm glad it was a fun session

[clo]			you did good, as always

[TheWhiteMage]		=)

I glower at the screen.

[Ganelon]		yeah great session
[Ganelon]		I even dreamt about it last night. Well, I say dreamt; it was 
			pretty much a nightmare

[clo]			do tell
[clo]			did Selene have to rescue you?

[Ganelon]		sort of.

[TheWhiteMage]		lol sorry Silver

[Ganelon]		oh you will be sorry
[Ganelon]		I will personally find a way to give you manashock, mark my 

[TheWhiteMage]		D=

[Ganelon]		and I'll steal your inhibitor in the night

[clo]			inhibitor?

[Killgrad]		bonering

[clo]			ohhh

[Ganelon]		yeah keep that up
[Ganelon]		you'll die with him

[TheWhiteMage]		it can't have been that bad

[Ganelon]		you have
[Ganelon]		no idea

[TheWhiteMage]		=/

[clo]			what was the nightmare even about?

[Ganelon]		maybe I'll tell you later
[Ganelon]		much much later

[clo]			I'll just ask Snaps

I'm about to tell her not to do that when I freeze. Something just occurred to me. Snap is out there right now, being seen. Maybe—or who am I kidding, probably—talking to ponies.

He wouldn't tell them about me, would he? I realise I don't know. He really might. And even if he doesn't, ponies might figure it out.

Oh Luna buck no.

This horrifying train of thought is derailed by a flash of light and a scroll dropping onto the desk in front of me. I toss my long mane out of my face and excitedly pick it up, unroll it. Come on. Good news. Deliver me from this nightmare.

Silver Star,

That is indeed a very unique predicament. I am not intimately familiar with such magic, and do not have a solution offhoof; however, I am sure with a bit of research I can be of assistance. Neither you nor your partner need worry about being stuck in the opposite gender forever. This I promise you.

I will send another message when I have a counterspell. I should be able to cast it on you both in the dream realm, so you don't need to worry about coming to Canterlot.

Princess Selene

PS Do not purchase any potions or spells on the internet. They are unlikely to work and could have unpredictable effects.


Well. It’s not the immediate fix I’d been hoping for, even though I have no idea what exactly that would have looked like. At least the princess seems confident that a solution is forthcoming. And all we have to do to fix it is go to sleep once she sends her next letter. In a day or so.

I feel myself cheering up a little.

Now that the shock, and the initial reflexive denial, have worn off… it’s really not so bad. Snap is right. The change has some upsides. This morning, being wrapped up in my big, strong soulmate so completely… it was… mmmm.

I shake my head a little and stare at the ceiling. I wonder if the transformation has affected my mind at all. The desire to be curled up in the embrace of somepony big and strong isn’t something I’ve ever had before. Then again, it’s not something I’d ever experienced before either.

I run my hooves through my mane. It’s long, and runs down past my right shoulder. It sort of feels like I need a shower.

I stretch and sigh. The tabletop chat has digressed into talking about K’s latest permadeath game, and I don’t have any input to give there. I wonder what Snap is up to, and sincerely hope he’s just taking photos. Preferably from high in the sky where nopony is likely to notice his… maleness.

Despite myself, I reflect on how nice it would be to go read books in Dreamwalker Park together, like we always do. Leaning into Snap’s body and listening to him hum, like always, but in that new deep, deep tone.

It’s not worth the risk of running into ponies I know, though.


A shower sounds nice. So does food. But shower first.

I make my way through the portal door, and then into the bedroom. Before I continue into the bathroom, though, I catch a glance at myself again in the mirror and stop.


I toss my mane clear of my face and tilt my head down, bringing my body around to show off my similarly longer tail. I'm smaller than Gingersnap was, I can see that. But I... don't mind it. If you ignore the unkempt mane and tail my slight figure is... pretty nice.

I shake my head again and move past the mirror quickly. But I smile at the same time.

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