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She's looking at you. Yes you. And she is judging you with her eyes. There is no escape.


Something terrible is summoned to Equestria and now Princess Celestia has her toughest friendship project yet.

Meet Beelzeboob. Nopony is quite certain what he is. Nopony is quite certain if they like him. Almost everypony wants to kill him at some point. To help him fit in, Princess Celestia gave him a puppy and sent him to Ponyville, to learn if a minor spirit of disharmony can learn the magic of friendship.

Edit: Somehow featured on the fifth of September, 2014. It is a mad, mad, mad world.

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so basically the jersey devil ends up in equestria and causes trouble...........


Not sure what this is but... onward! To glory and Madness! :pinkiecrazy:

Yikes...his disharmony thing would probably turn her into full Pinkamena mode.

If you liked this, you should feel bad.

I should feel bad. But I really don't. I've transcended feeling bad about most shit a LOOOOOOOOOONG time ago.

This story is bad and you should feel bad.

Thumbed up and faved in anticipation of further chapters.

This...was amazing...ly bad. And yet amazing. AUGH! :twilightsheepish:

Okay, not gonna lie, I read the blog post, and wasn't too terribly thrilled with the idea. And after reading it, I must say it is so terrible, it's funny, and I mean that in a good way. Anything that can make me say "That's horrible/terrible/evil" while laughing my ass off is a plus in my book. You, good sir, should continue writing this, and have earned a like and fav for it :rainbowlaugh:

You make me sick!
Go on.


Yeah, he needs to meet Gilda. It would also be interesting to see what would happen if he was put in the same room as Noctilucent.

And Fluttershy. :flutterrage:

4950151 I was thinking the same about Fluttershy. Not sure who would get the worse end of things though, her or whoever else is around.

If you liked this, you should feel bad.

I'm too busy cackling in mirth to care.

talking penis :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Am I a horrible person for liking this? You know what, I don't care! I'm laughing my ass off any no one can stop me!

Hmm. Hopefully, Discord will be able to teach Beelzeboob control over his disharmonious aura... provided that just being next to the demon doesn't make him throw his reformation out the window. And there's definitely something more to Beelzeboob's aura than brutal honesty; no one who knows her can think Twilight's dimwitted. Incredibly neurotic, intellectually arrogant, even overdependent on her magic. But dimwitted? Goodness, no.

I look forward to seeing what you do with this.

After the godess knows how many Celestia versions in all the fics i have read (and that´s a LOT of fics, granted) finally i see (read) a personification of Celestia that adds something to the usually "I´M THE ALL-POWERFULL GODESS OF SUN....hey, let´s shagg because....yes ?" that people write.

So, just ´cause your Celestia (and Luna too) is the best i ever read since a long time, i want it to continue.

Sure, just ´cause Celestia, nothing related to mimicing urethas. Not at all. Not for a single second.

So.. much.. funny..


Well, I suppose it's a matter of perspective. Celestia has had millennia to pump her own ego up. Theres likely a part of her that considers everything else dimwitted.


That was my idea.

Celestia's arrogance might be showing.

Oh dear. His 'Aura of Honesty' works on him too, doesn't it?

I would also pay money for him to wander into a show down between the CMC and DT/SS

4955336 not really. especially since her earlier days included sending her own flesh and blood into banishment, screwing around in an alternate dimension to escape her pain, betraying the trust of one of the few mortals she called friend on two related but separate occasions.

she probablty sees herself as the most ignorant pony in the world, yet one with a responsibility to her people.

You forgot to capitalize Zecora's name.

Also I think I saw one other error but I forgot to note what it was.

A few typos, one I did pick up on was this

Her name is zecora.

Should be capital Z

I actually like this story and where it is headed.

My tail is really good about fishing things out of people’s pockets as they go buy.

Not sure if typo.

Always refreshing to see a bullshit-free conversation between such lovable characters. Please continue!

here's to hoping this doesnt turn dark

Ah! I've got it!

His special power is to make those around him act like they're from New Jersey!


And if we had anything to support you view, it might be interesting. Alas, the show generally supports the 'Celestial is evil with a facade of motherly serenity' view. Now go have a cookie.

This thing was just featured....kudzu will be impossible today....:twilightangry2:

Nah, it's just in the popular box, it's not featured yet.

Edit: Or if it actually was it was only briefly. It's not there now.

4958808 :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: yeaaaah no. they really don't at damn all to be blunt. there is more evidence for gummy being a draconequus than that.

and the comics, which are in continuity to the series, show a lot more about her. when habro and similar are stating that true it is true. its not like the star wars comics that are basically housands if comics and hundreds of different series.

:trixieshiftleft: :trixieshiftright:

So......if Elphaba gets splashed with water, does she melt?

If you leave a thumbs up, leave a reason. And go see a peesychiatrist.

I did. He pulled his hair out and ran screaming from the room 30 minutes into our session.

Prehensile pickpocketing penis of paradoxical pagan peculiarity named Bob. :trixieshiftright:

I will say up front that I am one of your downvotes on this story, though I am still reading it to see where it goes. I will also say up front that I usually enjoy your stories and, in general, I believe you to be a good author….. and certainly much better than this.

The story started off with no introduction and with all the subtlety of being thrown down the hole in an outhouse. Sadly, it has gotten no better so far. The story seems disjointed, the characters out of character. You know, when I was writing, I would sometimes read something I just wrote and said to myself ‘No no no, that is not the way this character would act,’ or ‘that was pointlessly weird’…. If it seemed worth fixing, I clipped it and threw it into a ‘junk file’. This story feels a bit like it was strung together out of your version of that.

Thinking about this, I think my biggest objection is there is not enough ‘why’ to this. I hate stories that the antagonist is evil for the sake of being evil. In this case, it is a story about people [ponies] being objectionable just for the sake of being objectionable with no real reason for it.

I will continue reading it and I hope it turns around. I hate giving you a downvote and would love to find a reason to reverse it. But hey, write what you want and enjoy, but you asked why the downvotes..


Not one single character is out of character here.

If you read the story closely and paid attention, you would know why... it is the effect of an aura of disharmony. Nobody is acting evil for no reason at all. They are being influenced by a chaotic force that brings out the worst in whatever is around it.

As for Beelzeboob, again, you aren't paying attention. He clearly doesn't want to be the way he is. There are plenty of subtle clues and indicators. He can't help himself and Celestia has realised that.

The evidence suggests that this wasn't read as closely as it should have been. :facehoof:

Oh no, I read it just as carefully as you might like. I see the given explaination but I just do not see it as being enough. Why? Because there is no reason for it to be that way. He is essentually a demon of disharmony and so must cause disharmony.... maybe.... but why? A demon of evil is usually said to be evil because he is made that way and while that does not speak to its inner reason for being that way, it is what it is for a reason. Fine, this one is cursed for some reason and isn't what he is being forced to be, creating an inner conflict that at least has a potential to be something to work with.... but mostly I see an vehicle to poke at steriotypes of good and bad behaviour, and one that I see as badly linked. Again, I will keep reading and see where it goes.

Have a lovely day.


More is forthcoming.

Including more about the unicorn who summoned him and why Beelzeboob was summoned.

That should be revealing, but that is a long ways off.


I look forward to seeing it. :twilightsmile:

...Mjölna, Mjölnir. Female blacksmith. Let me guess, strong, and thinks she's a god.


She is a real background pony. She has a hammer and thunderbolt cutie mark.

4960783 Holy SHIT! Really?

Now that I think about it 'Holy SHIT!' would be a very good name for a magic move in the Final Fantasy Saga.

“That isn’t a tail,” Elphaba deadpanned. “You sir, have very talented genetalia,” she observed


I am not intrigued as to whether there is going to be a lost chapter.

4961547 ...What if 'she' is really just a very feminine 'he'? That could work?


I am not intrigued as to whether there is going to be a lost chapter.

I dunno, a prehensile penis jerking off another penis might be awesome. Maybe. Surely that is somebody's fetish, right?

Please don't make me gag, please

It is an awesome story and you should feel awesome :rainbowlaugh:

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