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Have you been feeling creative but nobody appreciates your monsters made from lemons and seltzer bottles? Is your undead a god of fruit bats, or is he simply misunderstood because he's hungry for brains? This group was made to let everyone join their ideas together and share the creations they've made, whether they be undead, spirits, or anything new. Gods are also acceptable.

It is the choice of the creator whether or not they will allow people to use their creation in their stories. They must say it before hand and must share the limits they wish to impose upon those who want to use them.

This group allows you to create your own creatures and keep them organized for quick viewing later on. For now, this system will work but, if it ever gets too crowded, I and the admins will think of a better organization system.

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Check out my story Alone, and tell me what you think of the Dire Wasp. :trixieshiftright:

A group for those who imagine or create monsters, sign me up:pinkiehappy:

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