After Sunset Shimmer's magic goes lethal against her will, she is placed in isolation. It isn't going well.

Written for Secret Moon's Isolation contest, found here: https://www.fimfiction.net/group/214867/secret-moons-self-isolation-writing-contest

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Comments ( 17 )

This is depressing

Big mood. (Would be bigger mood, but, you know, I literally have a four year old *climbing* me right now, so... I could write the Princess Cadance Is Quarantined With Flurry version of this or something.)

Being alive is mostly about suffering, but with variety!

Princess Luna is Quarantined With a Rambunctious Little Batpony Foal

. . .Can't argue with that

Well that was haunting. I loved it.

The mood is strong. A very strong mood.

Very nicely done~

This is probably literally the only quarantine fic I'll read. The rest feel to be riding a global pandemic for clicks, this one feels like a solid introspective on the concept of quarantine itself.

Beautiful. Easy to read yet profound. The extra blank space between the paragraphs really add to the story. (Haha, get it, "add"...? :facehoof:)

Tribulation is treasure in the nature of it, or whatever. It’s a lie, but damn is it a good lie. A useful lie.

This line hit me hard. Like, we try to convince ourselves that there's meaning behind the pain and struggles we go through, but really it's just a "useful lie" to make us feel better about ourselves.

I think the John Donne reference is quite appropriate, too.

I can feel the climbing-the-walls crazy oozing out of this story. It hits way too close to home.

This story does a great job capturing the mental health issues many have had with this pandemic. I admit I was expecting more exploration of Sunset's condition from the synopsis, but I'm quite satisfied by this exploration of her handling her quarantine. You know, this story actually did make me realize a key difference between her and Twilight: while Twilight is introverted, Sunset is extroverted. That makes it so that her being away from her friends, unable to see them in person, hurts especially hard.

At first I assumed Sunset was addressing Twilight, then perhaps some unknown third party, but only toward the end did I realize she was talking to herself.

Sunset's powers have gone Rogue!

Ponyfic in the time of Covid-19.

What is the point of sitting on this couch, eating an entire can of crispy potato products?

Okay I don't need to be called out like that. Jeez.

One of your favorite places in Equestria was the Griffonian Divide. You went there with Celestia once, the one time she brought you with her on a trip abroad. You were still a filly then, but you remember it well. You told Applejack about it a month before you sealed yourself in this tomb.

...Story about this when?

A useful lie.

She needs to go outside. Badly

This was probably the quarantine story that hit with the same effect of Mica's Social Distancing, but with the focus being just on Sunset.

I really should have waited until after the lockdown ended to read this. It was fantastic stuff, but it hit very uncomfortably close to home. Well done. Please stop. :raritywink:

Stop? Only for you, FOME. I shall lay down my pen in your name!

:raritydespair: What have I done? What have I done!?

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