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"If you ever need anything, come see me, okay?"

When Fluttershy said those words, Sunset had not really believed her. Just last week, Sunset had been a tyrant, a bully. Surely the girl was just being nice. They weren't really friends.

But as her emotions rage inside, Sunset begins to wonder if, perhaps, those words meant something. Perhaps she really could go to Fluttershy for something. Something only a friend can provide...

Now with a reading by Fire Rain

Another reading by Pony&Wolf Productions

Chinese translation by studyb (学习b) is available on fimtale

This story was Featured on April 24, 2019

This story was featured on Equestria Daily as part of a best fanfics round-up for Sunset Day 2020.

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You certainly conveyed everything quite nicely!

I'll read this shortly. But I already suspect this will be in the featured box shortly.

This was really well-done. :twilightsmile:

This was such a lovely read!! Fantastic work!! :heart:

ONLY 1000 words, hug story? Now I have seen everything

Oh my God, this was too adorable.

aaa this is so pure!!!! I love it!!!

This is absolutely good writing. Great job doing so much with just a thousand words.

Called it. And it's well deserved. The featured box needs works like this.

Cute, however just me or does this seem like a shipping fic?

Great Story!
So great Infact hat I added this story to my group Stories with Hugs

It was nice. It was not a waste of time.

What a fitting summary of this story.

Excellent work!

Simple, to the point, not a word wasted, wonderful characterization. I'm honestly a bit jealous.

Nicely done, especially in the constraints you set for yourself. 1000 words of “Sometimes we all just need to be shown a little kindness.”

This is 1000 words of cute. I say job well done!

Nah. My friends and I hug all the time. Doesn't mean we're into each other.

This story is a work of art. We need more platonic hugs. I am blessed to have a pastor who is happy to both give and receive platonic hugs. Congratulations on the feature, you absolutely deserve it.

This was adorable

It is indeed a terrible thing to be unhugged. Good on both of ‘em. 💕

I love Sunset and EQG fics with feels.
And this was adorable. :pinkiehappy:

Gonna be honest, when I read the short description the first thing I thought of was DWK's Rainbow Rocks recap.

You get you that hug, Shimmy.

I love it, it's amazing how something as simple as just a hug can make such a big difference.

This reads as a good opener for a FlutterSet story....

D'aww. What else is there needed? The perfect encapsulation of how just being shown affection can mean the world at times. :twilightsmile:

Everyone deserves a comforting shoulder. Nicely done.

This was quite endearing.
You've come a long way, friend.

a good read. have a like :twilightsmile:

Yes, it may be a bit short, but it's nice. Everyone needs some good old fashioned physical contact once in awhile, no shipping required.

A good short story. I really felt the emotions of Sunset and it was cute and well written. Good work.

-Coco the Bearded:twilightsmile:

This story was posted on my birthday on top of being super awesome!!! :ajsmug:

Beautiful. I love me some FriendShipping. Just, having someone you can be close to and trust, but without the stigma or commitment of a full relationship.
Anyone know where I can get more FriendShipping?

Awww. :pinkiesad2: That was sweet. :twilightsmile: A brief, simple, but worthwhile read. Thank you so much for sharing. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm. Is this what you're looking for? 🤔

Being unhugged is suffering.

I can't believe you got it with exacly 1000 words.

Me too.

If this doesn’t show how good of a friend fluttershy is, I don’t know what will.

I don't have a speech

Hello author, I'm a reader of yours. Your works are really awsome!!!! Can I translate this one into Chinese and post it on fimtale? I will attach the original author and attach a link to the original.:rainbowkiss:

Sure you can! If you could also send me the link to it on fimtale when you're done, I'd appreciate it. That way I can link to the translation.

Noticed this on Sunset Shimmer page, and that I've read it. Must have been a while back, don't remember much. I really like how it shows Sunset getting used to the idea of friends. We see some of it during "Rainbow Rocks," but this is closer to right after Fall Formal. Nice little snippet going from feeling lost to feeling a bit of home.

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