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This story is a sequel to Sunset's Overdue Paper

Warning: Contains spoilers for events in Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree!

Experiencing pangs of uncertainty after the events at Camp Everfree, Sunset Shimmer again reaches out to a mentor for advice.

She may find herself unprepared for the answer she gets.

Cover art by uotapo @ DeviantArt.

Inspired by the content, and lack thereof, in Legend of Everfree. If DHX seems content to abandon the cut content that is Sunset's homesickness, that doesn't mean I am.

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Comments ( 13 )

A very wonderful story really need to do a sequel to this one. Loved every bit of it.

A brilliant sequel, and I'm right there with you on the writers not bringing up Sunset's homesickness in "Legend of Everfree", especially since at one point it may have been envisioned as the grand finale for the franchise (but now that doesn't seem to be the case, they've left a sequel hook they wouldn't have bothered to put in if there wouldn't be another one at some point).

7612183 I wish that they'd touch on Sunset's life she left in Equestria, so that the decision would seem more heavy and dramatic.

A very nice relationship piece, and the last line seems to point towards more stories!

While I'll hold onto the head canon that Sunset is Celestia's, or at least adopted by her, until the end of time, I have to agree that it's SAD that these scenes were cut, well, at least the ones that are so character driven in friendship games.

Comment posted by Dave Bryant deleted Dec 1st, 2016

I do very much like this take on various characters’ responses to Sunset’s internal conflict and doubts!
After viewing the deleted-scene clips (which I hadn’t done before) and pondering the dialog, I wonder if there’s an additional reason Sunset’s plot thread was removed: It isn’t simply that she’s homesick—though I agree she probably is, underneath—it’s that she’s restless as well.
Despite the rampant anachronisms, the show staff and writers still pay at least lip service to the idea Equestria’s technology and culture are supposed to be roughly equivalent to the late nineteenth century, per Ms. Faust’s original pitch book. As Mark Twain’s stories illustrate, this was an era when one-room schoolhouses and the apprenticeship system hadn’t faded away quite yet in favor of the modern many-year school system; teens still were “junior adults” who had to make their way in the world earlier in life than we’re used to today. Sunset is accustomed to this more adult status, enhanced by her role as Celestia’s personal student.
By comparison, a modern high-schooler’s life is regimented and constrained, with more of a “senior child” status. Sunset’s emotional response to this dissonance is completely understandable and realistic, but it doesn’t paint her friends’, or the likely target audience’s, situation in a very positive light. Hence it’s glossed over through the use of the journal, getting her to roughly the same destination.
Ah well. If nothing else, there’s a gold mine of worldbuilding and demonstration of intent and attitude on the part of the writers toward various aspects of the portal and the characters’ views of it.

7763052 Thanks for reading, and a great perspective you have as well!

The debate on whether Sunset should 'go home' is lengthy and often-vitriolic on both sides. However, I think that this story does a very good job in capturing the arguments, pro and con, on both sides.

Ultimately, Celestia is correct in one key insight: The good people of the human world need a champion to help them to deal wisely with the power that is slowly leaking into their world through various fractures. It appears that Sunset Shimmer, by way of her greater familiarity with magic, may be destined to be just that champion.

Staying just because of altruism or duty rather than because she want to strikes me as the kind of thing that will lead to resentment in the long run... Which has an unfortunate history of escalating into nightmare beings/ demons in the mlp verse. :twilightoops:

Anyway another nice little short here, thanks for you good work. :twilightsmile:

Well I think the deleted version would have been better. I think it could have made Friends games way better than Rainbow Rocks. Reasons:

1 It would have given Sunset Shimmer the thing she needed to relate to Sci-twi.

2 it would have add drama.

3 the end goal would still be the same.

Even the deleted version show that both Sunset and Sci-twi waiting escape.

I do have a pet peeve when shows miss some really important.

Like Winx Club rai English Bloom and Roxy.

In episode 9 of season 4 Roxy gets possessed by a spell of an angry fairy that's imprisoned. And in season 2 episodes 19,24,25,26 Bloom gets spelled into being evil. And the creators don't even have a single sentence mentioning at all!

It would have help Roxy later in episode 13 of season 4.

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