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The RariTwi Bomb Masterpost · 9:04pm Oct 6th, 2019


Hello, Fimfiction!

A long, long time ago--and by that I mean last month--three different users posted a RariTwi fic at the same time. This led to yours truly asking the TEL Discord server, "haha! what if we all got together and posted RariTwi fics for a week?" and then yours truly being surprised when over ten authors said, "okay!".

So here it is, dear reader, Fimfiction's first ever Rari/Twi Bomb, where a bunch of authors are getting together to post stories featuring Rarity and Twilight! It could be romance, it could be mortal enemies, AU, friends, 1k long, 20k long, whatever as long as bookhorse and fashionhorse were the core. All they had to do was write it and then take a slot in our schedule (we have a schedule!!!) and as of writing this, we have over twenty stories ready!

As the week goes on and the fics gets posted, I will be posting links to all the participating fics (and artworks!) here so you can go check them all out! Additionally, though this was initially organized between members of the Discord server and this is very late notice, if you feel like suddenly writing a Rarity and Twilight fic this week and posting, by all means let me know and I'll promote it here as well!

Be sure to check this blogpost as the week goes by and enjoy the RariTwi bomb!

RariTwi Bomb-fics Masterlist

Friends of RariTwi Bomb-fics Masterlist

RariTwi Bomb-art Masterlist

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Comments ( 66 )

Good God, Mono, what have you done? :twilightoops:

Only what was necessary.


She did what Mono does best.
No one is ready for what comes next.


The same thing she does every night, Pinkie. Try to take over FIMfiction.

*Purple girlfriends intensify*

Light above! Mono, you are a madwoman. I love it.

I'm ready for you and your conspirators to drop this bomb of purple and white cuteness on us like an extra-large serving of mangostein and lavender flavored gelato.


I'm working on a RariTwi story as we speak. How do you feel about M-rated stories being included? And when are the earliest/latest available slots please, so I know how long I've got?


SO, unfortunately, we're not officially including M-rated stories, though there _are_ people who will be posting M-rated stories, and unofficially-officially linking them to the event, we just won't be linking back. As such, it's not entirely necessary to be added onto the schedule, and can just post whenever you want this week and it'll globally be part of the event!

Though, honestly, if enough people post those types of stories, I can do a NSFW edition of this blogpost on my alt account?

My first published FiM fic will come as part of this. Looking forward to it.

Dang it though, I know I still had a Raritwi idea somewhere in my brain from one of the last times you flooded the site... Wonder if I'll remember it before the week is over.

Hurrah for bookhorse and clotheshorse! :twilightsmile: :heart: :raritystarry:

This is a great idea! Can't ever have enough Raritwi :raritystarry:
Quick question, can ongoing Raritwi stories that are updated this week be considered part of the bomb or newly published stories only?

This is a really cool idea! :raritystarry: I would definitely have thought about contributing with a story had I known it was coming—and so I wish you’d done a blog post earlier for the benefit of people not on the server, if you were going to promote it here eventually anyway—but as it is I’ll be happily watching from the sidelines. Looking forward to seeing what comes of it!

If it's RariTwi, then I'd love to add it to the friends section! Any RariTwi story I can promo, I will! Just let me know when you've updated, and I'll add it in.

I'm glad you're excited!

The thing is this was originally just going to a server thing only, mostly because I didn't want to have to organize a lot, so I didn't post this earlier, but if this goes well, I might consider it for next time

Well, I didn't remember my old idea but I already have a new one that I'll have to try and write (or at least start on) before the week is over.
Going by your previous FAQ comments on this, does that mean sign-ups go on the Friends Of Raritwi list and are separate from the bombing schedule?


Yes, they are. The schedule is just for people in the original event from the server! Friends of RariTwi bomb is for anyone else who posts that week.


on my alt account

You have an alt account? With even more RariTwi!?

That is correct! I have two - a sfw one and a distinctly not sfw one, which I can link thru PMs.

And it begins soon. I am prepared.

My ancestors are smiling upon me, Rarijack shippers, can you same the same?

terrified honking

So... I've had a small idea for a RariTwi fic I kind of wanted to maybe write. If I got it written within this week, could I post it here? (I'm a slow writer so no promises, but just in case I manage it...?)

Of course!! I'll add it to the masterpost

hey i'd love to get in on this if that's alright! my fic has more pairings than just raritwi going on, but raritwi is the main focus, and it updates (almost) everyday so it'll definitely be updating during the week lmao


All I ask is that one also features Ragnar Sharkfucker, Viking adventurer.

I will get Carabas right on that immediately

This is why FimFiction was made in the first place. ❤

What the hay, I've had a RariTwi idea that wouldn't get out of my head for a couple days now. I'll add something to the deluge.

I hope you enjoy RariTwi shitfics. :rainbowdetermined2:

Alaaaaas i do not ;-;

You shouldn’t have said anything so I went into it not realizing what it was until it’s too late, you silly billy

What if it was posted before this announcement? I guess it probably doesn't count, just asking.

It doesn’t unfortunately! It has to be set during the bomb week.

Which is this week right? *ponders*
I have no life, I'll see what I can do to fight off the evil D word.


u nerd

Hm... I'm more Rarijack but I might be able to whip something up, hopefully. I never know what will demand my time though. :/

Do you think you could pm me your alt account? I’ve read a lot raritwi fics on this site and I’m always down for more! Especially your stories! :twilightsmile:

be sure to link me if you write something!

don't forget to link me if you submit something!

Oh awesome, more raritwi! I’m especially excited about more Enchanted Library.

hEY SO i forgot that i said M rated fics were allowed in the original thing, so feel free to link me if you finish it and ill add it to the masterpost

5134251 Thanks! I'll redouble my efforts to get it finished in a timely fashion. :rainbowdetermined2:


I will add it right away!

I sent you art via PM!!! I'll share it here too though! derpicdn.net/img/view/2019/10/11/2165204.png

mono did u kno u could use [embed] to embed stories like dis

Rarity discovers a pattern in her relationship with Twilight, and wonders what she may have given up for love.
Undome Tinwe · 3k words  ·  234  10 · 2.1k views

It's 5133484. There is roughly zero chance that it would be possible to mistake it for anything else. Especially with the self-drawn covers he tends to use.

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