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Hi, I'm TAW. I write terrible erotic my little pony fan fiction about cartoon horses having sex with each other, or vaguely defined human audience-inserts, for fun. Because... uh. I have no shame?


Because sometimes waiting for something can be the hardest thing in the world. Sweetie Belle looks around her and sees ponies better at her in so many things, and she wants something special too. Is there anybody out there who can teach her magic, though?

So I got an idea in my head and it refused to leave. Just one of those times where, even though I should be working on other things I've promised and that god knows how many people are waiting for, I decided to do /this/ instead. So sue me. I'm really, really bad at this kind of thing, I think, I'm not at all happy with how this turned out. Then again, I never am, so what do I know?

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I could teach her the Magic.

The Magic of Pain.

I'm terrible. Love me.

:fluttercry: But we love you!
Edit: At least it had a happy ending.

Felt that way about one of my stories but somehow it turned out great. Still trying to figure out what people see in it :ajbemused:


what the fuck
she's an adorable marshmallow horse

831693 I know.

I'm terrible. Love me anyways.

Okay, to be serious here, I enjoyed this little read. keep up the good work, TAW.

In case you thought I was serious up there, I'm not. I like all ze pones. I like to do that and see reactions. e.deviantart.net/emoticons/t/trollface.png

And thus it was revealed that Sweetie's special talent is catching things. Or something.

Really enjoyed the story!


A TAW story that doesn't involve emotionally traumatizing sexual acts?
I'm gonna need to sit down for a while.

Carry On

Beautiful story, even if you didn't think so. It's great to see an author explore other genres and still write a story that's enjoyable and good.


I think I laughed when I read your first comment, then TAW's. You have a personality that only a troll could love.


She'll hate you, then molest you, then (insert censored fragment here), and then forgive you. All in a day's work for TAW. Just... try not to piss her off again. Your skill level has to be over 9000 if you can detect sarcasm on the Internet.

But yeah, she definitely knew you were screwing around.


I had the same reaction, and this fic actually came out really good!


And I knew that you knew that she knew that I knew that you were being sarcastic and a troll. Wow, that was a lot of 'knews.'


831871 I knew there would be alot of knews.


FINAL STATEMENT: I liked this story. It's definitely a charming fic.

Toodles, y'all~

Very cool

This story is full of Dawwwwww :pinkiehappy:

Taw i like this stuff better but i am a little confussed. I thought mild rape and kinky shit was your calling card! I enjoy neather but this is just not you!


I mostly focus on adorable ponies doing sticky things, not rape!

Splendid. The motifs already well-known from "Call of the Cutie" work really well here. Is there going to be any more of it? It seemed to end a bit abruptly...

reading new TAW's fic, see the commentaries

"...no sex, no TAW"
"...i hope rape happens"
"...bla bla bla without sex"

two thoughts came to mind

1° the story is cuteness good, live with that
2° there is no sex... yet

I'm going to read the fuck out of this as soon as I get a certain someone fed.

How can something so little eat so much?

As always I enjoyed this immensely. Keep up the good work TAW!

831845 I second this.

Not bad although the ending could maybe be expanded just a little so we can see what the CMC thought about this, and perhpas Sweetie Belle could have a different color to her magical aura as oposed to pale blue because I think that's the same color as Rairty's. :unsuresweetie:

She can do magic now?


I kind of liked one fic where Sweetie's fledgling magic could only set things on fire, even if she was just levitating something it'd burst into flames while being held...

"So I got an idea in my head and it refused to leave. Just one of those times where, even though I should be working on other things I've promised and that god knows how many people are waiting for, I decided to do /this/ instead. So sue me. I'm really, really bad at this kind of thing, I think, I'm not at all happy with how this turned out. Then again, I never am, so what do I know?["/i]

It's been one of those days...

TAW, I loved this story.

831845 it's the end of the world as we know it!


I still read it and I really enjoyed it. sigh. I just wish TAW would make a sequel to this story, I just feel that it needs one. Still, beautiful story.




Hey sorry didnt know i was going to hit a soar spot i love your writing. I was just joking about the mild rape thing but i do recall a story of yours that involved luna that even you called mild rape but i guess that might have been someone elso. Dont worry about it thought i am just not that in to all that 'violent sex' stuff or really any hardcore fetash stuff and 97% of normal fetash stuff but i love when you get that 3%(wow that sounds creepy:pinkiecrazy: but fuck it)

833290 I personally avoid anything with characters I hold a personal bias against since it sullies the author's image in my eyes. Rarity, Sweetie Belle, and Applejack are on my top three of worst ponies in that order.



833519 No to what... Im sorry i have no cluewhat your talking about.

833422 Thanks for the watch... Ill b sure to make a blog someday, for my only watcher xD


You have another as well. Too bad there's no friend system on this other than Watching xD. Well, now I get to stalk you. We should stalk each ot-

There's a Penn. State ad on the bottom of my screen 0_0.

I'm scared...

That was a really nice story. I love these feely ones, and Sweetie is my favorite CMC. I noticed one or two typos that you might correct, and I'm not so sure about the pacing, but I've got issues of my own and am not great with criticism.
At any rate, I enjoyed this one. Keep it up and keep practicing!

833545 "No." To to the 'its good' picture you posted.


833613 Ill tolerate your opinion. But I won't love it.


Get used to it. Buy ice cream.
Oh, I didn't catch those typos. Certainly caught the pacing, though--eugh. I just wanted it gone, mostly, I have more important things to write.

Comments like these are why I followed you.

834969 Comments like yours make me feel...



i always imagined that sweetiebell would suck at magic at first but would become great at it and become ana evil witch and slaughter everypony and become a necromancer with an army of the undead.

Done! And done.

I can see why you had to get it written, ideas like this are fun/a PITA.


A shame it kept me from my various sticky horsings for so long, though. At least past-me can get working on that ice-cream addiction.

That video captures my disappointment perfectly. Still a neat little story though.


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