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Though he be tried, and he be true
I find myself still wanting you
And as I wait with bated breath
I search you for a silent "yes"

Ever if through this whispered plea
Though scarred and burned, 'tis destiny
And though my heart still seems to beat
You alone can see it ceased

And while my heart is anchored true
And though 'tis steadfast bound to you
Your kindest smile to soothe my pain
Shall bring forth heaven's pouring rain

Renewing lands, to flood my eyes
With love's warm hands, to tear disguise
Love's candles burning bright with thee
To light my way, to set me free

For though my heart has stopped before
You seem intent, forever more
To coax my heart once more to beat
to know that love shall never cease.


Of Love

Though time is pain and pain is time,
and love is pain, and love is mine
Love burns and stains, and stings in kind
Love's blissful hurt we yearn to find

For love is pain and love is mine
As thorns are on the sweetest vine
And love, it stains, like sweetest wine
The truest red, love's painful shine

For time is hurt, and love is pain
While love is true, love is not sane
Like perfect art in tilted frame
Love's bittersweet is why we came

For time is pain, and pain is love
On a quest to not succumb
For love is time, so far above
That which we see from far enough

For melted snow betrays a heat
As love betrays one incomplete
Though love is pain, and love is time
Love is patient, and love is kind.


Of Beauty

The time spent in tears
As the light flickered on
The spent with fears
Spent justifying wrongs

The times I have sighed
As I trudged through the snow
The times I have tried
The times I let go

For the bright light has dimmed
To a more pleasant glow
And the soft, kind moon light
Reflects off the snow

For the moment, I can see
Though obscured by my heart
Ignoring destiny
For we can't stay apart

Though the stars reflect and twinkle
They are jealous of your eyes
For in your warm gaze
are held melted dark skies



Though time should falter
Though love should wait
Though peace escapes me
At whatever my fate

Your smile is worth it
A thousand times more
Even if I can't have you
And I search so forlorn

For what I sprint,
I cannot catch
For what I chase
is peace at last

But I cannot have
That which I can't find
For no matter how I try
Your love won't be mine

But my sprinting won't slow
And my race will not stop
For that which I search for,
It cannot be caught

Even if I keep trying,
And though I still want
Even if I just wander
In your smile, I am lost

Though I run the risk
Of but losing you
My run is brisk
And slowing won't do

For I have to try
and I cannot fail
To the ends of the earth
For you, I would sail

I'd journey through space
And I'd journey through time
For though time may falter
I must make you mine.


Just in case you find this...

I have a feeling a couple people I know IRL might stumble upon this. Here are hints so you know you've found me.

Fun dip; it's a dip... that's fun.
Hey, you've got some poetry in your hair.
Elsanna is a completely valid ship, according to your sister.
Hot potato.
Why don't we have matching shirts that label us as factory misprints?

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Hey, thanks for popping by! I had actually intended to leave a comment but forgot, hah. But I left one now! Great story, really enjoyed the twists and turns and feels. <3

Thanks for favoriting Memorial! Let me know how you liked it! :twilightsmile:

Would love to talk to you again.

Oh! Thank you so much! :twilightblush: That's wonderful to hear, and will no doubt help fuel our writing. We're working on a sequel to Lust is Magic right now. It will be much less cloppy, and a touch darker, but should have lots of adventure!

Thanks for reading, enjoying, and especially for taking the time to let us know! :yay:

Light and laughter,

1296180 Basking in the Sun, which if I remember correctly, was co-written by you and Deathtoheaven731, was fantastic, and I quite like the stories that the two of you write, so I decided to follow you to keep an eye on what you might do in the future! You're both talented writers. :twilightsmile:

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