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In a dimly lit tavern, Rarity tells Twilight a tale of loss, heartbreak, and how you haven't lived life until you've sobbed in a bar.

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Raritwi is best canoe and nothing can convince me otherwise.

Hehehe that was cute

*Long winded, heartfelt comment that is just a longer way of saying "I like this"*

TFW you're reading another fic and get a notification about a new Mono fic.

Ha, didn't see that ending coming. Good old overdramatic Rarity. Great to see another one-shot from you!

JMP #5 · Apr 23rd, 2019 · · ·

....I should have figured. It's Mono we're talking about here. Shame on me for thinking that she'd let Twilight marry someone other than Rarity. You got me with that twist, though, and I admit it was actually pretty funny.

Don't leave us Mono, you know RariTwi is your eternal OTP :raritystarry:

I've never read an author who manages to have every line scream that it's absolutely 100% that character like you do with Rarity or Twilight :raritystarry:

Every time it looks like Mono's canoe is sinking, we cruise by in a helicopter and throw her a bucket.

Comment before I read: I am fully expecting Rarity to admit she looks for excuses to go bar-sobbing, solely so she can say she's done it.

I dunno from popular ships, but when it comes to favorite Twilight ships, for me Twilight/Rarity is only rivaled by Twilight/Sunset and Twilight/TrixiethatonlyexistedinmyheadandmaybePixelkittiesyearsago.

You always make me cry, Mono!

Thank you!

More than Twilight/Rarity for Mane6 ships there is often TwiPie/Twinkie and Twidash. Mostly because of contrast. TwiShy is even rarer than Twilight and Rarity, but that’s mostly because Mono is leading the charge.

Another good story, Monochromatic. Short and sweet.

I burst out laughing and punched my desk when the twist hit. I was absolutely not expecting that and was expecting to be sad by the end of this story.

Fantastic work as always.

...Darn, I'm starting to run out of stories by you. However shall I pass the time?

Who’s cares about those other ships?!
We got style! :coolphoto:

I quite enjoyed the story. RariTwi is indeed awesome.

BUT I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN. :rainbowlaugh:
This was a great idea and wonderfully written (as always honestly). But damn do you make me fall in love with Raritwi every time you do.

I knew it couldn't be true. It wasn't tagged tragedy and there is no sad tag.
I'm very, very happy.

Well done, Mono.

It's your destiny to write Raritwi, because if you didn't, then who would?

Please never stop.

:rainbowlaugh: That is indeed one of the most Rarity things that a Rarity ever Raritied. (Hey, if Twilight is a verb...) Thank you for a lovely canoe ride.

I've officially read all of your stories save for injuring eternity
I'm still bracing myself for that

P.S.: RariTwi stories, and I also haven't gotten to "The last train Home" for obvious reasons

This is a magnificent canoe. Never give it up.

A Raritwi shipper does not concern itself with the opinions of sheep.

Or something like that.

I thought the story was short and sweet but the Author Comment at the end was the best. You ride that canoe for as long as you like and we'll appreciate your determination all the way. Keep it up Mono!


Although some writers can make it work, I've always thought that Pinkie and Dash are just too different from Twilight for it to work very well.

(Except maybe for Skywriter's Mad Scientist Pinkie... :pinkiecrazy: )

I’m quite particular to bats’ Spellbound Fireflies, though that’s more Scootabelle with TwiDash as the B plot. bats actually has a lot of TwiDash, though a fair bit of it is marked mature because...reasons.

Pinkie’s ships are mostly about balance, I’ve found. She brings Twilight out of her books and Twi keeps her grounded. TwiDash, like ShyPie and RariJack are about finding similarities and accepting the differences. Rarity and AJ are both hard workers just in vastly different fields, Pinkie and Flutters are about spreading happiness (to ponies and animals) and both speed and slow each other. Twilight is the Rainbow Dash of Magic or vice versa, and one draws the other out physically while the other brings out a love of literature.

:duck: Where's the rocks?
:twilightoops: Rocks?
:raritywink: The diamonds rubies and sapphires...
:facehoof: Spike...

:moustache: burp.
:twilightangry2: you did that on purpose !
:moustache: Discord made me

I upvoted then downvoted your comment just so I could upvote your comment twice.

Such a beautiful RariTwi ship canoe. I'd say its so nice that it's actually an outrigger.

ok, I had to google to find out what a 'double Hawaiian canoe' is actually called

Marsh-mello-drama horse at her finest.

Raritwi is best canoe, all the haters can fu- I mean buck off.
The fic was great overall! Thank you, Mono! :scootangel:

I don't think it's so much that RariTwi is an unpopular ship; I think it's more that you stand alone as some kind of insurmountable RariTwi behemoth--an early 90's RariTwi Bo Jackson, if you will--and everyone else feels like you've just got this shit on lockdown so they don't bother.

JUST READ IT NOW!! TOTALLY WORTH IT!! Before you read the very last chapter though, read the prequel and then go back. Good luck, cry when you can, and grin and laugh like a doofus!! :raritywink:


This was so sweet! No one writes Rarity like you do :')

I hate you and everything you stand for you beautiful bastard. Take my like and favorite.

No better and finer ship that has ever sailed is the good ship RariTwi.

I admit, you fooled me Mono. :twilightsmile:

Gosh darn it and dang it, Mono/Rarity

They had us on the first half, not gonna lie...

And with that, I've read every Mono story on this site! (and a couple that aren't)

RariTwi is definitely NOT a canoe or that unpopular of a ship, you silly filly! Compared to some of my fav ships there's hundreds more fanart and stories. Granted, half of the best ones are yours, but still!

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