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Twilight commissions a dress from Rarity. But it's Rarity and Twilight: there is no such thing as just buying a dress.

This story is a bomb.

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Is this based on the Potion Seller meme?

An excellent little story.

That was adorable. I love it when Twilight gets to be the romantic and takes Rarity off guard, and you've done a great job capturing their dynamics.

Twilight smiled (she forced herself not to smile too much), now was the critical moment. “I need a wedding dress. I’m not sure when the ceremony will be, I’m afraid.”

“Ah, well.” The colored fabrics flew away, replaced by various textures of white, as Rarity did exactly what Twilight hoped she would.

Leave it to Rarity, THE ROMANTIC ONE! to not pick up on the word WEDDING right away.

That was too cute! Good work!

Adorable! Rarity's reaction was great. Not much more that can be said.

Okay, yeah, that was hella cute and funny. An excellent little tale.

Indeed it is.


Short but sweet. I love how fashion is just so automatic to Rarity she doesn't even process what Twilight actually said and what the connotations of it are.

Aha. Very funny video, that.

Goddamn that was smooooth :coolphoto:
Who's this impostor and what did they do with Twiggles? :rainbowwild:

Oh so very cute and heartwarming, Rarity's tux shall be fabulous!! :raritystarry:

You cannot handle my finest dresses Twilight.

Adorable purple dorks. Thank you for it.

Dress seller. I am going into matrimony, and I require your strongest. Dresses.
You can't handle my strongest dresses, Princess. Nopony can. My strongest dresses would kill the mightiest beast. With fabulosity!

Twilight 'smooooooooooooooooth' Sparkle

While various titles have been given to Princess Twilight Sparkle, the current ruler of Equestria, ranging from Twilight the Harmonious and Twilight the Friendly to Twilight the Conqueror, the only official title given by the Crown is Twilight the Smooth, said to be proposed by Princess Consort Rarity. The origins of this unusual title have not been explained, and as Princess Twilight is not particularly known for being smooth – particularly in the early years of her reign, where she had been more on the gauch side for politicians – it has been particularly mystifying. Academics all over Equestria have worked to uncover the reason behind the title, with little to no success and various outlandish theories being proposed.

It was an absolutely adorable story that was well-written and had good characterization, but I feel like the title is just the tiniest, tiniest bit disingenuous because despite the obvious reference it had literally nothing to do with that.

Well, that was exceedingly cute! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

I was expecting memes. I got fluff.
Kinda upset but it was cute.

Got her!

Very nice fic, thanks for writing one where Twi actually gets one over on Rarity for a change when it comes to romance. It was lovely, and Twilight should be very proud of herself.

She is proud of herself, but not as proud as Rarity is.

From the title, I expected something else.
It was a gamble, but your writting outskilled my budding disappointment and you replaced it with fuzzy feelings.
Well done

Hah! Pirates of the Caribbean reference!

Very sweet. Rarity would be a great marefriend to have.

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