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A relationship is not always so easy to define, especially when the ponies involved are drawn in different directions. Yet it turns out that sometimes the answer to your problems really do lie in books. Even if you have to write them yourself.

Faced with the implications and changes brought about by Twilight's coronation, Rarity must contend with what it might mean for their relationship. A relationship, you see, that lives and dies by the dozens of books quietly stashed away in the back of her closet. 

One day, she hopes, she'll be able to give them back. 

(Takes place before/during/after the Season 9 finale.)

Cover art by the wonderful lilfunkman/idrawraritwi, and a huge thanks to Swan Song, Cursori, and Carabas for editing.

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb! A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is Rise and Shine by Vasar Huineo and you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content here.

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Just when I thought I was done reading RariTwi for the past week.

together we sang, I'm ready now

A lower-case chapter title based on a song lyric? What is this, AO3?

when it was just you and I and the things I left unsaid.

i hate how good u are at this shit

busying yourself with organizing my supplies by style, cross-referenced by size, and reverse-indexed by fabric


“Your guided thesis!” You turned to me, levitating a dress. “Did you want this displayed outside or inside? I think it would look nice outside under natural light.”

I like how Twilight seems to suddenly have an eye for aesthetics now. Osmosis!





“Oh no,” I said, pressing the book against my face, relieved, relieved, so so relieved. “I just… really love books… so much…”


“Or else I’ll start doing that thing you hate.”

You laughed, stepping forward towards the bed. “Oh? And what’s that?”

“Oh, you know what,” I said, a devious smile on my lips, “for Twilight’s sake.”

Your eyes grew wide. “No!” you gasped, abhorred. “No! Ponies are already doing it, and I hate it!”

I gasped innocently. “Oh my Twilight! Do you? Oh no, I did it again! What in Twilight’s name is wrong with me?”

wow r u referencing me in ur fics o:

seriously tho "oh my celestia" needs to die

“Are you doi—Ew!” You lifted your hoof away from my mouth, shaking it just as I quickly retrieved my tongue. “You don’t even know where my hoof has been!”

that's another reference to me wth O:<

“It’s just necessities!”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Necessities.”


“It’s not? What a surprise!” Rarity exclaimed, amused. “Who does it belong to, pray tell?”

“Us,” replied Princess Twilight Sparkle, ready for the next change in her life. “It belongs to Us.”

you're welcome

Rarity’s thoughts on endings and regrets hits so very close to home.
Thank you.

That was absolutly fantastic and I loved every moment of it.
The part with “I’m telling Applejack.” was briliant and while thats the point that sticks out to me there is so much else to love here.
This was just, So good! Your writing is so good its not fair.
Also that sentient crown is a reffrence to another story I just cant remember which one at the moment, If somone could jog my memory that would be great.
(Mono has informed me its Moonlight Palaver by Carabas)
But yeah that story was just :raritystarry::twilightsmile::heart: SO GOOD! I LOVE IT!
A fantastic end to this week of Raritwi.

It is always a treat to read one of your stories.
Especially, when it ends with me giddy with happiness. :raritystarry::heart::twilightsmile:

I would not be surprised if that were the actual case, them secretly dating in canon.


As always, your story made me experience a roller coaster of emotions, I was smiling of sadness at one point, and I won't admit that I might have shed a tear...

Mono you rascal :rainbowlaugh:

But nah, not dating, they totes eloped to Los Pegasus by Twilight's fifth month as queen, got married by a drunk Elvis cosplayer and spent the next three weeks in a "worldwide diplomatic tour" a.k.a. desperately running from a rather irate Cadence. Just so very slightly mad, y'know? :rainbowwild:

Totes adorbs, let's hope they get more than a couple decades living together though :pinkiesad2:

Fanon accepted. This is it. Exactly how it ends💜

This was fantastic to read. Had Me in feels and laughing. 10/10 this should be is canon.

Mono, how is it that you can make me laugh and cry all in the same moment?! You are a master at doing it, I can tell you that!

This was just so wonderful...it lifted me and broke my heart and filled me with much joy and hope.

Thank you!

We're never done reading RariTwi. Not so long as Mono has ink in her pen.

Would explain why neither got shipping fuel in the finale; Spike got over it because he has Gabby now.

This was absolutely lovely, and though you think I would not be surprised by that, I am again. Somehow, the way you write the delicate dynamics between characters always catches me off guard all over again.

This was a great story. Thank you

Oh my Twilight, that was wonderful.
My heart hurt then soared then hurt again.
A great way to wrap up the bomb.

OOOoooooOOoooo my Twilight!! I LOVE IT!! This is exactly what I want to be canon, it's so perfect!:raritydespair: It's canon to me, period. End of discussion. You are amazing! Thank you for this story!

I noticed right away that Twilight and Rarity weren't paired up "officially". What was my first thought? "Oh, that means Mono can still ship them!" Et voila, Mono still ships them!

This was fantastic! I just had to jump past the other RariTwi bombfics to get to this, and I'm glad I did. Integrating the series finale with your signature blend of sweetness and sadness then sweetness again is the perfect way to celebrate the ending.

I was worried that Rarity and Twilight would be apart for the twenty or whatever years between the coronation and the epilogue, but thankfully, they're back to being "us" soon enough and we got that great mane dyeing scene.

It's kind of weird seeing you write about later show events and including characters like Gallus, even if he is just playing the guard role. Cheese Sandwich too, though I suppose he's from the same season as Coco, who you do write.

Overall, a great capstone to the series. And nothing will ever contradict it! RariTwi has won forever.

This was wonderful, but

“That depends entirely on whether the reason you were kissing me four hours ago was because you wanted to kiss someone or because you wanted to kiss me.”

really, really struck me.

Otherwise it was the ride between sad and happy hums and squees as the story went on that I've come to expect of you. Just wonderful.

I loved the details like Capra, and Rarity dying her mane grey.

Twilight making an academic of Rarity while she finally imbues some fashion sense in the Princess in turn is gold. Just in general how these two feel like a couple that has been together for years.

And you've done it again a well-written Raritwi story.

“Darling,” I said, not bothering to hide the tears in my eyes, “what’s the point of practicing if you won’t be there to impress?”

Forgot to mention this The Enchanted Library reference.

I'm personally not a fan of rarity x twilight but this right here,...perfect.

This was beautiful and made me cry like a child.

A beautiful work as always. It's kind of unfair how no other ship has a standard-bearer as excellent as you...
Fiction after fiction, you have completely and undeniably convinced me of how perfect these two are for eachother!

Canon: And so Rarity and Twilight are the only ones who stayed single. The end.
Me: You mean dating in secret?

Hey, sure.

I seem to remember a sentient crown in another story. But yes, I totally see Rarity and Twilight dancing around the issue for far too long.

Because there perfect for each other. Just perfect.

yes, moonlight palaver. Swan links it above.

Rarity: I don't need her
I don't neeeed her



What's a little thing like canon going to do to stop Mono from writing RariTwi?

Now I'm crying and laughing. Great. :twilightsheepish:

“It’s not? What a surprise!” Rarity exclaimed, amused. “Who does it belong to, pray tell?”

“Us,” replied Princess Twilight Sparkle, ready for the next change in her life. “It belongs to Us.”


Mono, you've done it again. Thank you for this lovely story.

Ok, I'm just gonna go have a squee moment here. That was awesome.

I reviewed this story as part of Read It Now Reviews #115.

My review can be found here.

“ Crippling reminders of a time you once loved me?! ”

*Snorts* you're going all out with this! And it's beautiful!

“I’m old, Twilight!” I complained on my bed, that one time you used an official visit to Trottingham to stay with me in the small loft above my boutique. I ran a hoof through my mane, strands of indigo hair dancing with silver. “I’m withering! I have gray hairs now!”

Injuring Eternity all over again
I will cry

“Oh, you know what,” I said, a devious smile on my lips, “for Twilight’s sake.”


“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! Rarity!” she continued, drawing the attention of nearby ponies unused to seeing their sovereign ruler jump up and down in place like an excited schoolfilly. “This is amazing!”

... this is amazing!!!!

I'm pretty sure I like this ending better
Oh and whatever is going on with Discord and Fluttershy looks good :v

Ah!!!! The Drama!!!!

I love it so much, thanks Mono.

Thank you for helping me cope with the end of the show. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful stories with us over the years. Thank you for giving a voice to so many people who needed to know they weren't alone, and thank you for always being true to yourself in your stories. I can't begin to describe how much your stories have meant to me, and how much I look forward to whatever you write in the future, but you've inspired me so much, and I can never repay you for that.

Thank you.

Monochromatic makes me think of the mythical swordsmith. Meticulously folding a blade a thousand times until the edge is so fine that it can strike right at the heart with its nearly supernatural edge.

Or maybe… it's more like Monochromatic is a famous watchmaker who assembles their intricate watches by hand and to have a Monochromatic Raritwi-Rolex is to have something best in class that is beautiful not just for its function, but for the craft as well. Somehow Mono you can write every iteration of Raritwi stretched from canon to AU’s and it always gets in the feels.

Analogies aside, I really did enjoy this fic and it helped me deal with lingering emotional fallout from having pony be… well over. The show might be done but not the stories and that is what matters!

Didn't even make it halfway before the constant dance of Rarity denying her feelings for Twilight had me pulling my hair out.:flutterrage:

Damn Canon, I want my Rari-Twi.:raritydespair:

Maybe I'll try finishing this later.

10.5K of incredible RariTwi.

The only criticism I have is that for some reason Twilight isn't as neurotic as I'd have expected in a relationship like that. I'd have expected them both to have been equally intolerant of the situation - maybe Twilight got some relationship maturity from becoming a princess?

Now this is a heck of a capstone to both the show and the bomb!

Ya know I DID think Rarity's gray streak was a little bit toooo perfect. Should've guessed she was going for a "distinguished" look lol

I never thought I'd really be one for romances but you've really changed my mind lately!

Another moment passed, and suddenly you walked away from the door and towards your bookshelves

I hate you! I audibly gasped when I read this line. Have me letting out breaths I didn't know I was holding.

We’re unstoppable now! You, searching high! Me, searching low! Low and high! High and low! No stray object at the top and bottom of a cupboard will stop us now!

I love this Playful Purple Pair of Ponies:twilightsmile:

And that sudden Twilight header!

It belongs to Us.

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