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Twilight finds out that Rarity was nervous about asking her out.

Surprisingly, this is quite upsetting information.

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*quietly squeeling*

*dies of cuteness overload*


One heck of a worthy RariTwi at that!

Congratulations, Mono...

You have made me a RariTwi convert.

I'm a hopeless (maybe hopeful) romantic and these two are my Krytonite.

This is the fluffiest piece of fluff ever!! It's adorable, and I love it!!!!


Twilight you're really not good at being subtle when trying to fish for compliments. That being said, your confession was hilarious.

“Twilight Sparkle, darling, dearest, sweetheart, to my dying day I shan’t ever forget it. Us, talking by the punch bowl at the gala; me, looking beautiful as I waited for you to finish; you, being adorable as you stammered your through asking me out; me, tearfully accepting; you, being so shocked you stumbled back onto the table and tipped the entire bowl of punch onto yourself; me, having to search the entire castle after you politely teleported away, punch bowl and all.”


Mono, proving again that she's the queen of RariTwi

Spoiler that, man. It's in the 5th comment.


Complied, though idk how far down people typically go before reading a story.

fics like these are essentially me looking at myself and going WE'VE DONE TOO MUCH DRAMA, IT IS NOW TIME TO APPEASE THE SHIPPING GODS WITH UNRELENTING FLUFF

I laughed so hard at the end I started to tear up, it was so perfectly awkwardly adorable and I could so see it happening. So well done. Nothing like a short sweet fluffy romcom fic to lift your spirits.

Such fluff. So much precious fluff.

Usually not very far, but yours was in reach of an accidental long scroll. And considering it's the punchline, yeah.

And we aprove wholeheartedly :raritywink:

The Shipping Gods demand more fluffy sacrifices RariTwi stories

Your RariTwi is always so darn good... :rainbowlaugh:

I can see how alternatives may have been...preferable.

Omg it's so wholesome

This is fracking kyoot

Another beautifully written Rarilight fanfic written by the best author on FiMfiction. I loved it, Mono. :twilightblush: :heart: :raritystarry:

this is so gay 🏳️‍🌈

"Practice Makes Perfect" As any artist of Rarity's quality should know!

and for stars’ sake

i appreciate u

"Starlight, I need you to go back in time to help me optimize my relationship with Rarity."
"For the eighth time, no!"

God, they're the cutest couple! Mono: dishin' out the daaaw's as always! Thank you!

They told me I couldn't live for five thousand years. I told them to shaddup and locked myself in an enchanted library, because I would be here for the next one. It was worth the wait. ...How do I get out?


Wow congratulations. One story apart from each other and you're already featured (starts to clap)

Oh and mine was the one below yours. I believe.

Like I mean under the New Story section. Called THERE'S A ZOMBIE ON YOUR LAWN

This was adorable. It's nice to have more of these one-offs from you again.

That was a really nice story, good job :twilightsmile:

A nice sweet fic!! I was curious when I saw how short it was, but it was great as-is, and the ending was perfect and so great for these characters.
I'm not even a main shipper but you sell it here!

This is so sweet. I love it.

Your dialogue is incredible. Seriously, I wouldn't be surprised if you spoke the lines aloud to make sure they sound natural, because they sound great. Reads off like a great movie script.

Hehe what adorable hijinks

The attention to detail - from spot-on characterizations to movement tracking - is amazing. Twilight is so cute to get all puffed up at the compliments and Rarity is such a pro, just working away on that commission. Short and so incredibly sweet
what a twist to find that Rarity wasn't the one to ask after all.

Splendid, Mono darling!

Rediscovered this and I only have two things to say: 1) Adorable, and 2) Well, at least it was on purpose!

When I asked out my husband, it was actually an accident, I wasn't thinking romantically at all at the time. I mean, sure, I brought him brownies, but the way my family works apparently is that if we like you we want to feed you. And after a short confused conversation we decided we were going out.

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