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A collection of short stories inspired by Magic cards generated by RoboFoME, which is powered by FanOfMostEverything’s Friendship is Card Games. Given the nature of the cards generated (completely random), I cannot guarantee that every story will make sense in any capacity, or that the non-AU stories will adhere perfectly to canon.

If you are unsure of why this is, go ahead and have RoboFoME generate a few cards – even if you don’t play or understand Magic – and you’ll see exactly why. This is half experiment and half I-want-something-that-I-can-write-whenever. I make no guarantees on story length.

Rated Teen because I just don’t know. No understanding of Magic is required to read these.

(Some of these may have been proofread by Bugsydor shortly before posting.)
(Some of these may not have been thoroughly proofread by the author before posting.)

“Man, these stories are feckin' weird.” – Present Perfect
“You bastard.” – FanOfMostEverything
“needs a space after the comma” – KingMoriarty
“I like the title.” – Bugsydor

Chapters (19)
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Comments ( 121 )

Not even I would pay seventeen mana for Best Pony, even if she is Best Color Combination. Still, you managed to take a word salad and turn it into a touching interaction between characters who haven't ever spoken to one another in canon. I eagerly look forward to seeing what methods you can make from further madness.

I'll admit, I've never heard of this program, but a few minutes and some fun gibberish has quickly changed that. (Third try and I get: Chain of Seclusion - Enchantment Creature: Season. B, Sacrifice a Unicorns. An ears."—Trixie Lulamoon, we all refuses herself."—Discord’s magic."—Discord’s Dictionary concept to waste in hushed white. It's amaze myself, Rainbow).

Like the other comment said, you managed to make a touching story out of pure gibberish. I can't wait to see more!

7763674 But according to the rules text, anything involving creatures activates it!

Now, if only we knew what happened when it was activated...

Judging by what you made of this card, and what I've seen of robofome, I can easily say I'm looking forward to more.

I feel proud. And ever so slightly terrified. :pinkiecrazy: This is awesome.

7763674 I used to be firmly UG too, but in recent years I've been tempted over to the BG side.

As for 17 mana, think of it as an investment. She is legendary after all.

Could be intresting

As for the card, maybe... Whenever a creature comes into play (or something), you activate all activated abilities on this card, targeting the creature that came into play. That could be broken and would need the cost. Kinda fits the name and GU as well

Soldierserkerserkerfolk. Perhaps the most overpowered creature type ever.

That story in the story had such juvenile insults, although some of them do seem harsh from a griffon's perspective. Was he telling the tale to kids?

Interesting involving dragons...

But, the thing about the three siblings was more interesting, personally... And their possible professional rivalry or something.


About drug

Almost dragged? [Please don't use "drug" for "dragged"!]



Not how

Now how

Even siblings

remove the "even"?

"Spend the battlefield." Yup, that seems pretty draconic. I have to admire Gruff's ability to not only endure but outdo the rare Prench Python Dragon.

Also, since the card is a Griffin, I can't help but think that the name is less an action and more a description of temperament and species.

And I'd say the griffons are making incredible progress, given how last time Dash and Pinkie were here, the library didn't even have a roof.

Okay, that was pretty glorious. Tracking.

So, Harry Potter style Garden Gnomes blocked by Muggle Garden Gnomes, like Scarecrows, sorta. Interesting...

I gotta say, it's impressive how many words from the cards you work into these things

YES! Just the card I was looking for for some anti-War Changeling Masonry tech!

Casting cost seems a little prohibitive, though.

My only disappointment is that Applejack didn't consult Twilight in Fluttershy's new gazebo. Aside from that, amazing work.

Also, I'm actually kind of surprised that I haven't made a card called Apple Family Feud yet.

though much

thought much

Loved the bit about Grape Vine. Good to see you're leaving no pun unwritten.


I gotta say, it's impressive how many words from the cards you work into these things

It bears repeating.

...the Watery Grave of Artax...

You bastard.

Still, a very good showing in the Swamp of Sorrow. There really do need to be more stories set in the Guys' Night O&O campaign.

Disappoint. Now there's an interesting card mechanic.

There's probably at least a dozen references in the first few paragraphs, and you single out The Watery Grave of Artax? :derpytongue2:

To be fair, I knew I'd be kicking somebody in the gut with that.

the Legendary Dark Beast of ‘AHHH’

Perhaps he died while carving it?

Pinkie Pie had carefully paced herself on her way back to Sugarcube Corner. She couldn’t let
On that she was suspicious of anything,

Random paragraph break.

Not even gonna try to pretend I understand this card.

I should probably remove that. Believe it or not, I had to change what I was planning to write a couple of times.

Pinkie's very lucky that either this isn't a worldline where Ditzy can cast bloodcurdling spells or that she has sufficient restraint to avoid doing so. Still, just tapping her isn't worth getting that worked up.

In all seriousness, great work with a very bizarre prompt.

Wow. Nice Crumpus origin-thing!

Explanations for slunked and stuff being tied to "go to your room" is a nice touch! :pinkiehappy:

Wait, so what does the dad do for work? Or is he a househusband?

Her mother set down the hat that she was working on – a strange looking hat with a buckle on it

—Marion Mare, magic surprisingle push your stitching for long with you should buckle as act.

7789685 Honestly, I dunno. It's possible he's a stay-at-home-dad, but since it's the evening, it's more likely that he's just already home from whatever work he does (assuming it resembles a 9 - 5 job).

I regret nothing about that hat.

In short: mail was like magic, only more consistent.

What kind of mad fantasy world does she live in? :derpytongue2:

Actually, don't answer that. :pinkiecrazy:

Verse counters on converted mana pools sounds intrinsically good, even if I can't work out what the rest of the sentence says.

Also, a 3/3 Enchantment Creature for 1 generic mana? Can you say format-breaker?

Excellent use of the creature type, and in using the card as a springboard for an often forgotten part of seasonal folklore.

All of this makes too much sense in every possible way.

Woah. Short card, long story, nice musings on Daring Do's life and how she feels about her fanclub and people and stuff.

I forget if Goody Shoes was in the episode, but what about her husband? I wonder what his name was... Well, not really relevant.

Aw, Trouble Shoes still thinks he's bad luck, even if he's using it constructively. Kind of sad, but at least he's making the most of it.

In any case, yeah, this one's definitely staying out of the canon. I can only imagine what Quibble Pants and his ilk might have to say about it.

doing his job,and he

needs a space after the comma

Also, gotta say, ain't nothing wrong with anti-trample tech.

I love the idea that Daring Do has a bunch of failed adventures that we never hear about. XD

With fewer constraints from the card, I can kinda keep going and fabricate whatever I need with little worry, so long as I still set it up based on the card. In this case, that also included Mrs. (Goody Two) Shoes, as – so far as I remember – Trouble Shoes' parents haven't been shown in any capacity. Since I only needed the one parent for story purposes, I didn't really bother thinking about what the second might be.

I have half a mind to add a line to the story description warning that some of these stories may or may not have been proofread by even the author shortly before posting.

I wouldn't call them failed... just not as marketable.

So what I'm hearing is that...

...if it weren't for bad luck,
He would have
No luck at all.

Wow. Masterful inclusion of available words.

Ahahaha I love it! Seriously, I love any story that has the Ponyville foals working together. :pinkiehappy:

I also like the mystery caused by the lack of context. Some kind of town-wide training exercise? Sounds awesome.

When in Ponyville, expect the earth ponies to have the advantage. Usually through clever legislation. I assume the mayor is in Epsilon Squad.

But yeah, very nice desperate combat scene.

You'd think at first that Pinkie would be on team Pi, but it's clearly not the only irrational faction in play here. :pinkiehappy:

Loved your use of the graveyard. Only thing that'd be better would be if Twilight or Starlight went to the command zone instead when they fell in combat. :derpytongue2:

Mass Squade Balloon, indeed. :rainbowlaugh:

Þis General Firefly is based on þe Firefly þat Rainbow Daſh's G4 character was baſed on, in þat I just looſely baſed her on Rainbow Daſh's character, keeping þe different ſetting in mind.

Well, most any mention of Fireflies would have people thinking that. Thanks for the confirmation!

Disilluminati! Nice name!

Dark. Yes. They're immortal while in Tartarus, perhaps they can be helped in the deep future, after Luna returns?

Explains Nightmare Night! Always cool to see that happen! :pinkiehappy:

Firstly, you comment unnervingly quickly after I post these.

Nightmare Night was probably introduced much later, but this would probably be a large reason that Canterlot is Equestria's capitol about a thousand years later.

As for Tartarus, well, she just reserves the right to change her mind, whatever that means to you.


I set my Shelves to email me when things happen to Watched stories and I check my email regularly. :twilightoops:

Oh, so remove from memory by setting Canterlot as new capital and the idea that Celestia was the sole ruler, with the Everfree and its history and everything connect to it being forgotten?

How do you build such amazing stories out of this nonsense :pinkiegasp:

This isn't just a story of Celestia surviving a coup. It's a story of the pony we think of as Celestia surviving a moment that might have irrevocably changed her into something far worse, of Equestria as we know it surviving a moment that might have torn it asunder in zealotry and rebellion.

That you crafted such a tale from that bowl of word salad is truly astonishing. Thank you for this, and best of luck in the contest.

This probably blows my entry right out of the water. I believe 8015063 said it most accurately.

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