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Gathered Friendship: The FiCG Index · 6:08pm Nov 24th, 2014

One year ago today, I decided to share the cards I made of the Season 4 premiere. As such, this seems like the perfect time to provide a quick and easy way to access everything that's resulted since. The following is a hyperlinked rundown of every Friendship is Card Games blog, both those written and those yet to come. If you don't see something here, either I haven't gotten to it yet, or I've been a bit lazy in updating this particular blog. Feel free to yell at me about that if it isn't a Sunday.

Friendship is Magic

Season One
Friendship is Magic
The Ticket Master
Applebuck Season
Griffon the Brush-Off
Boast Busters
Look Before You Sleep
Bridle Gossip
Swarm of the Century
Winter Wrap-Up
Call of the Cutie
Fall Weather Friends
Suited for Success
Feeling Pinkie Keen
Sonic Rainboom
Stare Master
The Show Stoppers
A Dog and Pony Show
Green Isn't Your Color
Over a Barrel
A Bird in the Hoof
The Cutie Mark Chronicles
Owl's Well That Ends Well
Party of One
The Best Night Ever

Season Two
Return of Harmony (Supplement)
Lesson Zero
Luna Eclipsed
Sisterhooves Social
The Cutie Pox
May the Best Pet Win!
The Mysterious Mare-Do-Well
Sweet and Elite
Secret of My Excess
Hearth's Warming Eve
Family Appreciation Day
Baby Cakes
The Last Roundup
The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000
Read It and Weep
Hearts and Hooves Day
A Friend in Deed
Putting Your Hoof Down
It's About Time
Dragon Quest
Hurricane Fluttershy
Ponyville Confidential
MMMystery on the Friendship Express
A Canterlot Wedding

Season Three
The Crystal Empire
Too Many Pinkie Pies
One Bad Apple
Magic Duel
Sleepless in Ponyville
Wonderbolts Academy
Apple Family Reunion
Spike at Your Service
Keep Calm and Flutter On
Just for Sidekicks
Games Ponies Play
Magical Mystery Cure

Season Four
Princess Twilight Sparkle
Castle Mane-ia
Daring Don't
Flight to the Finish
Power Ponies
Rarity Takes Manehattan
Pinkie Apple Pie
Rainbow Falls
Three's a Crowd
Pinkie Pride
Simple Ways
Filli Vanilli
Twilight Time
It Isn't Easy Being Breezies
Somepony to Watch Over Me
Maud Pie
For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils
Leap of Faith
Testing Testing 1-2-3
Trade Ya
Inspiration Manifestation
Equestria Games
Twilight's Kingdom

Season Five
The Cutie Map
Castle Sweet Castle
Bloom and Gloom
Tanks for the Memories
Appleoosa's Most Wanted
Make New Friends but Keep Discord
The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone
Slice of Life
Princess Spike
Party Pooped
Amending Fences
Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
Canterlot Boutique
Rarity Investigates!
Made in Manehattan
Brotherhooves Social
Crusaders of the Lost Mark
The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows
Scare Master
What About Discord?
The Hooffields and McColts
The Mane Attraction
The Cutie Re-Mark

Season Six
The Crystalling
The Gift of the Maud Pie
On Your Marks
Gauntlet of Fire
No Second Prances
Newbie Dash
A Hearth's Warming Tail
The Saddle Row Review
Applejack's "Day" Off
Flutter Brutter
Spice Up Your Life
Stranger than Fan Fiction
The Cart Before the Ponies
28 Pranks Later
The Times They Are A Changeling
Dungeons and Discords
Buckball Season
The Fault in Our Cutie Marks
Viva Las Pegasus
Every Little Thing She Does
P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View)
Where the Apple Lies
Top Bolt
To Where and Back Again

Season Seven
Celestial Advice
All Bottled Up

A Flurry of Emotions
Rock Solid Friendship
Fluttershy Leans In
Forever Filly
Parental Glideance
Hard to Say Anything
Honest Apple
A Royal Problem
Not Asking for Trouble
Discordant Harmony
The Perfect Pear
Fame and Misfortune
Triple Threat
Campfire Tales
To Change a Changeling
Daring Done?
It Isn't the Mane Thing About You
A Health of Information
Marks and Recreation
Once Upon a Zeppelin
Secrets and Pies
Uncommon Bond
Shadow Play

Season Eight
School Daze
The Maud Couple
Fake It 'Til You Make It
Grannies Gone Wild
Surf and/or Turf
Horse Play
The Parent Map
Non-Compete Clause
The Break Up Break Down
Molt Down
Marks for Effort
The Mean 6
A Matter of Principals
The Hearth's Warming Club

Friendship University
The End in Friend
On the Road to Friendship
The Washouts
A Rockhoof and a Hard Place
What Lies Beneath
Sounds of Silence
Father Knows Beast
School Raze

Season Nine
The Beginning of the End
Twilight's Seven
The Point of No Return
Common Ground
She's All Yak
Sweet and Smoky
Going to Seed
Student Counsel
The Last Crusade
Between Dark and Dawn
The Last Laugh
2, 4, 6, Greaaat
A Trivial Pursuit
The Summer Sun Setback
She Talks to Angel
Dragon Dropped
A Horse Shoe-In
Daring Doubt
Growing Up is Hard to Do
The Big Mac Question
The Ending of the End
The Last Problem

Movies and Specials
My Little Pony: The Movie (2017)
Best Gift Ever
Best Gift Ever shorts
The FUNdamentals of Magic with Princess Celestia
Rainbow Roadtrip
Season 8.5 shorts
Part 1 (Rarity's Biggest Fan, Ail-icorn)
Part 2 (Teacher of the Month, Starlight the Hypnotist, Sundae Sundae Sundae)

Friendship is Forever
A-Dressing Memories
Cakes for the Memories
Deep Tissue Memories
Harvesting Memories
Memories and More

Equestria Girls

Movies and Specials
Equestria Girls
Equestria Girls: Rainbow Rocks
Equestria Girls: Friendship Games
Equestria Girls: Legend of Everfree
Dance Magic
Movie Magic
Mirror Magic
Forgotten Friendship
Rollercoaster of Friendship
Spring Breakdown
Sunset's Backstage Pass!
Holidays Unwrapped

YouTube Shorts
Rainbow Rocks promo shorts
April 2015 music videos
Friendship Games promo shorts
Summertime Shorts
Part 1 (Make Up Shake Up, A Photo Booth Story, Raise this Roof, Steps of Pep, Mad Twience, Monday Blues, Pet Project, Subs Rock)
Part 2 (Shake Things Up!, The Art of Friendship, The Canterlot Movie Club, Leaping Off the Page, Get the Show on the Road, Epic Fails, Coinky-Dink World, Good Vibes)
Better Together
Season 1
Part 1 (A Queen of Clubs, Pinkie Sitting, A Fine Line, School of Rock, Star Crossed, The Finals Countdown, Overpowered)
Part 2 (My Little Shop of Horrors, A Little Birdie Told Me, Display of Affection, Best Trends Forever, Text Support, Driving Miss Sunset)
Part 3 (Fluttershy's Butterflies, Stressed in Show, Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot, Constructive Criticism, All the World's Off Stage, Opening Night, Happily Ever After Party)
Part 4 (Super Squad Goals, Road Trippin', Aw... Baby Turtles, Lost and Found, Too Hot to Handle, Unsolved Selfie Mysteries, X Marks the Spot)
Part 5 (The Salty Sails, Blue Crushed, Turf War, Friendship Math, The Last Day of School, Outtakes)
Part 6 (Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic, Five to Nine, So Much More to Me, The Other Side)
Season 2
Part 1 (Reboxing with Spike!, DIY with Applejack, The Craft of Cookies, Street Magic with Trixie!, Sic Skateboard)
Part 2 (Street Chic, Game Stream, Best in Show: The Pre-Show)
Part 3 (Best in Show: The Victory Lap, Schedule Swap, Twilight Under the Stars, Five Stars, FOMO, I'm on a Yacht, Run to Break Free)
Part 4 (Concert Must Haves, Festival Filters, How to Backstage, Festival Looks, Five Lines You Need to Stand In, Wake-Up!, Find the Magic)
Part 5 (The Last Drop, Inclement Leather, Lost and Pound, Accountabilibuddies, The Road Less Scheduled)
Part 6 (Sock it to Me, Tip Toppings, Costume Conundrum, Do it For the Ponygram!, Cheer You On, Let it Rain)

Gen 5

My Little Pony: A New Generation
Chapter 1: Make Your Mark
Chapter 3: Winter Wishday

Make Your Mark Series
Chapter 2
Izzy Does It
Growing Pains
Portrait of a Princess
The Cutie Mark Mix-Up
The Traditional Unicorn Sleep-Over
Hoof Done It?
Have You Seen This Dragon?
Chapter 4
Bridlewoodstock (Make Your Mark)
Top Remodel
The Jinxie Games
Sunny Side Up
The Manesquerade Ball
A Little Horse
Missing the Mark
Chapter 5
Cutie Blossom Bash
Family Trees
Father of the Bridlewood
Mane Smelody
Nightmare on Mane Street
Chapter 6
The Isle of Scaly
The Roots of Evil
Secrets of Starlight

Tell Your Tale

Season 1
A Home to Share
Zipp's Flight School
Sisters Take Flight
Nightmare Roommate

Welcome to Mane Melody
The Unboxing of Izzy
Clip Trot
Foal Me Once

It’s T.U.E.S. Day
Sunny-Day Dinners
Maretime Bay Day 2.0
The Game is Ahoof

Dumpster Diving
Alicorn Issues
Making a Foal of Me

Queens For a Day
On Your Cutie Marks
Lost in Translation
One Trick Pony

My Bananas
Zipp’s Yes Day
Another Pony’s Trash

Starscout Code
Pony Partay
All That Jazz

Pippsqueaks Forever
Dragon Dad
Nightmare Night Party
Haunted House

Baby Critters Club
Filly Filling
Sneaksy Strikes Again
Making a Meal of It

Taking Flight
Snow Pun Intended
Foal Food
Under the Mistytoe

Secret Canter
A Day in the Life
Firework-ing Together
Bridlewood Spog

Secret Ad-mare-er
Sparky’s Sick
Sunny’s Smoothie Moves

The Hunt for Eggmund Bunny
Mission Imponable
Opaline Alone
Mare Family Mare Problems

As The Misty Clears
I’ve Seen Fire And I’ve Seen Rain(bows)
Bridlewoodstock (Tell Your Tale)

Diva and Conquer
Hot Day, Huh?
Sparkle School
Moon Festival

Scents of Adventure
Attack of the Bunnisus
Nightmare Nightmarket

Very Bad Hair Day
Misty Moves In
Friday Night Food Fight

The Rise and Fall
Crystal Ball
Equestria’s Got Talent
Snow Business Like Show Business

Season 2
Icy Prints
Heavy is the Mane that Wears the Fruit Crown
Cake Dragon
Jazz Loves Rocky

IDW Comics

Main Series
The Return of Queen Chrysalis
Nightmare Rarity
Zen and the Art of Gazebo Repair
Neigh Anything...
My Little Pirate: Friendship Ahoy
Bookworm Storyline
Manehattan Mysteries
Kelpie Issue
Discord in Time

The Good, the Bad, and the Ponies
The Root of the Problem
Wrestling Issue
Ponyville Days
Night of the Apples
Siege of the Crystal Empire
Don't You Forget About Us
Spike Origin Issue
Rainbow Dash's Very Bad Day

A Pinkie Pie Story that Pinkie Pie Kinda Sorta Remembers
Ponies of Dark Water
For the Pony Who Has Everything
From the Shadows
Angel's Big Day
Wings Over Yakyakistan
Apinkalypse Now
The Vines That Bind

Pie in the Sky (Pastry Conversion Therapy)
The Stars on Our Ponies

Convocation of the Creatures
All in Marederation
Everything Old

Queen for One Less Day
Applewood Follies

Tempest's Tale
The Magic Apple

Happy Haunts
Pie in the Sky (Buttercup's Recipe)

Coiffure Confidence
Cosmos Part 1 Part 2
Founding Day
Ponies & Parapets

The Wright Stuff
Hell is Other Puppies

The Friendship Problem of Silver Blaze
Time Enough for Dance

The Spider House Pools
Marble Trials

Draytona 500
Season 10 Premiere
Homecoming Part 1 Part 2
The Prodigal Parents
The Sound of Silliness
The Cat Came Back
Relive the Kraken
A Hooffull of Marbles

Five Temples and a Wedding (Issue #100)
The Knights of Harmony

Issue #1: Twilight Sparkle
Issue #2: Rainbow Dash
Issue #3: How Rarity Got Her Groovy Back
Issue #4: Fluttershy
Issue #5: Pinkie Pie
Issue #6: Applejack
Issue #7: Cutie Mark Crusaders
Issue #8: Celestia
Issue #9: Spike
Issue #10: The Day Shift (Luna)

Friends Forever
Issue #1: Pinkie Pie & Applejack
Issue #2: Discord & the Cutie Mark Crusaders
Issue #3: Princess Celestia & Spike
Issue #4: Twilight Sparkle & Shining Armor
Issue #5: Fluttershy & Zecora
Issue #6: Rainbow Dash & Trixie
Issue #7: Pinkie Pie & Princess Luna
Issue #8: Reins, Trains, and Carts with Wheels (Rarity & Applejack)
Issue #9: Granny Smith & the Flimflam Brothers
Issue #10: Fluttershy & Iron Will
Issue #11: Rainbow Dash & Spitfire
Issue #12: Twilight Sparkle & Pinkie Pie
Issue #13: Rarity & Babs Seed
Issue #14: Princess Luna & Spike
Issue #15: Applejack & Mayor Mare
Issue #16: Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon
Issue #17: Twilight Sparkle & Big Macintosh
Issue #18: Rainbow Dash & Fluttershy

Issue #19: Rarity & the Cakes
Issue #20: Princess Luna & Discord

Issue #21: Zecora & Spike
Issue #22: Princess Celestia & Pinkie Pie

Issue #23: Fluttershy & Applejack
Issue #24: Rarity & Gilda

Issue #25: Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle
Issue #26: Shining Armor & Prince Blueblood
Issue #27: Pinkie Pie & Granny Smith

Issue #28: The Cutie Mark Crusaders & Princess Luna
Issue #29: Rarity & Maud Pie

Issue #30: Twilight Sparkle & Princess Cadence
Issue #31: Rainbow Dash & Little Strongheart

Issue #32: Fluttershy & Daring Do
Issue #33: Applejack & Cherry Jubilee
Issue #34: Pinkie Pie & Cheese Sandwich

Issue #35: Twilight Sparkle & Starlight Glimmer
Issue #36: Rainbow Dash & Soarin'

Issue #37: Rarity & Trixie
Issue #38: Battle Royal! (Princess Celestia & Princess Luna)

FIENDship is Magic
Issue #1: Sombra
Issue #2: Tirek
Issue #3: Sirens
Issue #4: The Dream Team (Nightmare Moon)
Issue #5: The Many Tales of Queen Chrysalis

Movie Prequels
Issue #1: The Storm King
Issue #2: Captain Celaeno and the Pirates

Issue #3: Capper of Abyssinia
Issue #4: Tempest of Equestria

Legends of Magic
Issue #1: The Great Star Swirl the Bearded, the Two Sisters, and the Magical Vortex
Issue #2: Rockhoof and the Mighty Helm

Issue #3: Mistmane and the Mystery of the Castle
Issue #4: Flash Magnus and the Royal Legion

Issue #5: Somnambula and the Snake
Issue #6: Mage Meadowbrook and the Abandoned City

Issue #7: Stygian's Journey, Part 1
Issue #8: Stygian's Journey, Part 2

Issue #9: Stygian's Journey, Part 3
Issue #10: Stygian's Journey, Part 4

Issue #11: Stygian's Journey, Part 5
Issue #12: Stygian's Journey, Part 6

Ponyville Mysteries
Issue #1: The Case of the Sacked Supply Closet
Issue #2: The Case of the Alley Appropriation
Issue #3: The Case of the Elderly Inferno
Issue #4: The Case of the Siphoned Steam Room
Issue #5: The Case of the Abyssinia Albatross

Nightmare Knights
Issue #1: The Big Anything-But-Easy
Issue #2: Luna's Five

Issue #3: The Malicious Falcon
Issue #4: Once Upon a Time in Unholywood

Issue #5: The Explosion Job

Spirit of the Forest
Issue #1: Sprout
Issue #2: Tangle
Issue #3: Thrive

Feats of Friendship
Issue #1: Challenger's Approach
Issue #2: The Games Begin

Issue #3: Taming the Mare of Diomedes

MLP/Transformers Crossovers
Friendship in Disguise
Issue #1: Transformation is Magic/Shine Like a Diamond
Issue #2: Inspiring/They Eat Ponies, Don't They?

Issue #3: Pet Sounds/The Flyin' Fox Trot
Issue #4: Strength in Numbers/Finale

The Magic of Cybertron
Issue #1: The Magic of Cybertron/A Real Mother!
Issue #2: Stunt Flying/One-Trick Pony

Issue #3: Sick Beats/The Beauty of Cybertron
Issue #4: The Mightiest Dinobot/Finale

Issue #1: There Once Were Two Witches of Gloom
Issue #2: Whose Minions Caused Ponies to Fume
Issue #3: When All Seemed Most Dire

Issue #4: Mares Came to Inspire
Issue #5: Now All's Well (Or So I Presume)

Classics Reimagined
Little Fillies
Issue #1: The Laurence Filly
Issue #2: Amy's Lake of Humiliation

Issue #3: Experiments in Metafiction
Issue #4: Laurie Makes Mischief and Jo Makes More Mischief

The Wizard of Odd
Issue #1: The Council with the Breezies
Issue #2: The Rescue of the Tin Woodsmare

Issue #3: The Emerald City of Odd
Issue #4: Glinda the Good Princess Grants Dorothy's Wish

Romeo & Juliet

Gen 5 Main Series
The Return of Discord
Adventures in Puppysitting
Fallout Post

Tales from the Lighthouse
The Final Kindness

Just Say "Yes"
Smoothie Operators

The Basaltic Breakdown
Equestrian Horror Story
Marecrime Bay

Beachside Bake-Off
Violette Tendencies
Rural Renewal
Wacky Wingday Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Camp Bighoof
Issue #1: Orientation
Issue #2: Orienteering
Issue #3: Wildlife Observation

Issue #4: Time Management
Issue #5: Closing Ceremony

Kenbucky Roller Derby
Issue #1: Pre-Game Smacktalk

Specials and One-Shots
2013 Annual: Equestria Girls
2014 Annual: Power Ponies
Equestria Girls Holiday Special
2015 Holiday Special
2017 Annual: Guardians of Harmony
2017 Holiday Special
2018 Annual: Legends of Magic
IDW 20/20

2019 Holiday Special
Equestria Girls: March Radness
2021 Annual: The Canina Delegation
Bridlewoodstock (IDW)
MLP 40th Anniversary Special
Endless Summer
Black, White & Blue


My Little Pony Comics & Quiz (JP)

My Little Pony: The Manga

Chapter 1: Crisis of Infinite Ponks
Chapter 2: Pink Ol' Sun

Chapter 3: Pudding on the Ritz
Chapter 4: SHED.PDF

Chapter 5: Crab Knaves
Chapter 6: If Horses Were Wishes

Chapter 7: X-CLOP
Chapter 8: Twi Sparkle CutieCure!

Volume 2: Infinite Digits of Pie
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Volume 3: Crisis on Infinite Equestrias!
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Friendship is Witchcraft

The Perfect Swarm
Read it and Sleep
Dragone Baby Gone
Cute from the Hip
Spike's Big Day
Neigh, Soul Sister

Lunar Slander
Cherry Bomb
Star Waving Mad

Foaly Matripony
Seed no Evil
Friendship is Witchcraft: Horse Women
You Smooze, You Lose
Silver Spoon Escapes From Camp Energy
Assorted Shorts (The Convention, Horse Women trailer, How Applejack Won the War)

Rainbow Dash Presents

Somewhere Only We Know
Captain Hook the Biker Gorilla
Haunting Nightmare
A Beautiful Day in Equestria
My Little Dashie
The Star in Yellow
Assorted Shorts (Alicorn Day, Investment Losses, Budget Impasse, Equestria Primates Preview)

FiM Novels

Twilight Sparkle and the Crystal Heart Spell
Pinkie Pie and the Rockin' Ponypalooza Party!
Rainbow Dash and the Daring Do Double Dare
Rarity and the Curious Case of Charity
Applejack and the Honest-to-Goodness Switcheroo
Fluttershy and the Fine Furry Friends Fair

Daring Do and the Marked Thief of Marapore
Daring Do and the Eternal Flower
Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds

Princess Celestia and the Summer of Royal Waves
Princess Luna and the Winter Moon Festival
Princess Cadance and the Spring Hearts Garden
Princess Twilight Sparkle and the Forgotten Books of Autumn

Discord and the Ponyville Player Dramarama
Lyra and Bonbon and the Mares from S.M.I.L.E.
Starlight Glimmer and the Secret Suite

The Journal of the Two Sisters

Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine!
Twilight Sparkle's Sparkly Sleepover Surprise!

Pony Life

Season One
Princess Probz
The Best of the Worst

How Applejack Got Her Hat Back
Cute-pocalypse Meow

Bad Thing No. 3
Pinkie Pie: Hyper-Helper

Trail Less Trotted
Death of a Salespony
Big Hoof Walking
The Fluttershy Effect

The Fast and the Furriest
Disappearing Act
Badge of Shame
Discord's Peak

A Camping We Will Go
Campfire Stories
Friendship Gems

Potion Mystery
Sick Day
Meet Potion Nova!
Pony Surfin' Safari

All Bottled Up
All That Jitters
I, Cookie
Keynote Pie

Ponies of the Moment
One Click Wonder
Zound Off
Unboxing Day

Don't Look a .gif Horse in the Mouth
The Root of It
The Mysterious Voice
The 5 Habits of Highly Effective Ponies

Game Knight
Director Spike’s Mockumentary
Dear Tabby

The Debut Taunt
Pie vs. Pie
Superb Six

The Rarity Report
The Great Divide
The Great Collide
Sportacular Spectacular Musical Musak-ular

Season Two
Cute Impact
The Crystal Capturing Contraption
The Comet Section
Cotton Candy-Colored Glasses

Close Encounters of the Balloon Kind
The Tiara of Truth
Bubble Trouble

Time After Time Capsule
The Great Cowgirl Hat Robbery
Planet of the Apps
Back to the Present

Magical Mare-Story Tour
Life of Pie
The Rarest of Occasions
Portal Combat

What Goes Updo
Communication Shakedown
Little Miss Fortune

Playwright or Wrong
The Shows Must Go On
The De-Stress Ball
Mad Props

Magic is Ahoof
Journey to the Center of the ‘Cord
One Last Wish
Wild Heart Beats

Fan Works

The Triptych Continuum
The Palaververse
A Matter of Principals (Fan Script/EqG Finale)
Imposing Sovereigns I
Imposing Sovereigns II
Imposing Sovereigns III
Imposing Sovereigns IV
Villain Exchange Program
Most Delightful Ponidox
Ancestral Tribute
The Enchanted Library
The Flash Sentry Papers Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
The Crystal and the Mirage/Unbalanced Scales
My Little Praetor: Phthisis is Magic
The Tax Breaks (Twilight)
Missing Out
The Fall of Sunset Shimmer
Dinky's Destiny
Project Thundercloud I

Project Thundercloud II: Shadowbox
Minty Root Roundup (Luna's Determination, Beginning of Harmony, Everypony Everywhere All At Once)
What if X Were a Princess? Part 1 Part 2

d20 Pony
Chapter 1: My New Home
Chapter 2: Making a Best Friend
Chapter 3: Windcaller's Quest
Chapter 4: Call to Adventure
Chapter 5: Learning to Fight
Chapter 6: A Siren's Song
Chapter 7: The Order of Dawn Part 1 Part 2
Chapter 8: Yggdrasil's Seed Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Part 1 (Prologue, Observatory I, Lunar Maria)
Part 2 (Bat Ponies I, Maze I)
Part 3 (Bat Ponies II, Maze II)
Part 4 (Observatory II, Changelings I)
Part 5 (Rocs I, Changelings II)
Part 6 (Rocs II, Lunar Waterways)
Part 7 (The Smooze, Tower of Jam)
Part 8 (Final Boss)
Part 9 (Epilogue, Extras, 10th Anniversary Special)

Non-FiCG Card Blogs

Shards of Friendship (Ponies in Alara)
Head Set Designer: Daniel Ingram (Songs)
Vindication! (Supplement to the Breezie episode)
Oops, I Accidentally Changelings (Guess)
Sacrifice a Story: Fallout: Equestria – Outside the Game (Some Fallout: Equestria themed cards, mostly at the end.)
Dragonbro Knight (Single card inspired by one of the more awesome toys to come out of Hasbro.)
Glamour Spinning (New mechanic: fabulosity.)
FiCG 5000 Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 (hawthornbunny's commemorative stat blog for the pentamillennial.)
Fic or Faction (Faction names for FiCG Contraptions)
Summon the Pack (Hole fillers for AlexTFish's FiCG: Equestria Girls set)

Comments ( 22 )

This will be convenient. I'm going to bookmark this blog page. :twilightsmile:

Yeah, after fifty-three of these, the time had most definitely come. :twilightsheepish: I'll also be keeping it on my user page on a permanent basis for ease of use.

Yeah, I kinda paused in my transferring of your cards to Magic Set Editor a few episodes back. This should help me catch back up.

Also bookmarking.

Something eludes me. Is it thanks...or word?

I'm currently embarked on a project to transfer all your cards to MSE. I'm 13 episodes in and having trouble with color indicators. (I'm running in Wine, in which dropdowns fail to work properly, so I keep having to unzip and hand-edit. The same applies to card code text on DFCs, and to border color. I'm using border color to indicate cards that are Un-set worthy [and shifting to Modern frame, so the coloration works] [So far, that's just Range Exceeded {counts sentences}, and Party Suit {d6; it also says silver}.], and card-code text [except in Modern frame] to indicate season and episode [so Fall Weather Friends is 1x13, EqG will be H1, Music to My Ears will be H2S1, Gazebo Repair will be C9/C10, Micro Series TS will be Cµ1, Friends Forever PP/AJ will be Cf1, and Fiendship is Magic will be Cs1-4].) I'm using miscellaneous art, mostly from the show, but with bits of fanart, heavy on dm29 and Heir of Rick.

I'm also copyediting, mostly on the flavortext. For example, it's spelled 'spatial'. Also, I adjusted Zecora's lines so that the rhymes end up just before line breaks (in other words, I inserted line breaks just after each rhyming word). Finally, I adjusted text so as to use 'create'.

Comments on specific cards:
Great pun on Bunny Census.
Pinkie being silly on Pronounce Doom is just funny. Take it literally!
Why isn't "John Smith"'s flavor text a pear joke?
Nice reference on Overloaded Saddlebags.

Best of luck! I look forward to seeing the results.

And I have discovered where you got the inspiration for Songs from. Midsummer Revel. (I'm voting for it on the bracket.)

Actually, there were two cycles of songs back in Urza's Block, of which Midsummer Revel was but one.

Also, what bracket?

mtgbracket.tumblr.com. Every single card printed by 2016-12-31, single elimination. Until round 1 is finished, 32 votes daily, up for a week.

Finished seasons 1 and 2. Set is here. I called it Ungula (ULA)
Next set will be called Equestrian Ascension (EAS). Will post that when it's done. Tentative guess: It will include seasons 3-4, and EQG 1/2, and at least Fiendship is Magic, maybe some of the micro series.

Note that (a) this set is bigger than any official set, (b) it contains no basic lands (too much of a hassle), and (c) all rarities are common and special. (No rarities are specified, and I'm using Wine, so I have to hand-edit rarities in a text editor anyway, so why bother with rarities except where useful?) Special rarity is given to silver-border.

UC #11 · Oct 3rd, 2019 · · ·

Your card names and flavor texts are such gems sometimes.

"Awesome, cool, and radical enough to distinguish the three." would be a contender for the best flavor text in the history of MTG.

"The best kind of party is the one that leaves no witnesses." is drilled into my memory forever.

I laughed out loud at "Advanced Twilighting". It's just the best card name. The best.

So, I figured it's high time I dropped my programme note here. I've been doing various "Alerts" for stuff people might want to know, and they've been getting upvoted by at least one person (probably FoME himself, but I can't prove it). Might as well drop the definitions here:

First off, any alert in bold is criticism of the card it's mentioning. FoME is a good sport about this, so you should be too. Sometimes he just quietly makes the changes without directly responding, so if I mention something that isn't there anymore that's why.

Stupid Complicated Game Alert: There are people actually paid to go to official Magic events and explain how things work, because having tens of thousands of cards means that there need to be strict yet byzantine rules to make sure nothing explodes when an enchantment is negating the abilities of creatures and enchantments are creatures. This is bolded if it renders the card nonfunctional and isn't clearly intended as a silver-bordered card.

Inside Baseball Alert: FoME likes to reference things Magic has done in the past. Sometimes he'll link the relevant card, but if he forgets then I'll make one of these that does it for him. I'll also do these for non-Magic things he references, because he does that too sometimes (especially when the card is based on the comics making such a reference). These can't be bolded because they aren't about mechanically relevant things.

Maro Get Your Gun Alert: The color pie is one of the most important parts of Magic design, and breaking it is one of Head Designer Mark Rosewater's pet peeves. There are also things that he believes no card should be doing regardless of color, and either way this is my bolded-by-default warning not to think too far outside of the box unless you want to be asphyxiated inside a chimney. (The name is also a reference to Annie Get Your Gun).

Protection From Editors Alert: Another one that's bolded by default, this is meant for typos and other writing snafus. I generally only bust this out for play issues and "this is why official playtest stuff uses CARDNAME" errors, because it's not like these are actual printed cards. And the latter probably doesn't need bolding, honestly.

Play Design Alert: The people designing real Magic cards have a thing called "Play Design" as a late pass to make sure things don't get too broken. Their effectiveness is up for debate, but the fact that FoME has no equivalent isn't. Since actual playtesting of FiCG is all but unheard of, this always bolded alert is only brought out for especially worrying things like upgrades of cards that were already used in degenerate strategies.

I sometimes do other kinds of alerts, but they're generally self-explanatory mutations of one of the above.

Disregard this. It was for science.

MTG question: how unbalanced does this keyword, intended for creatures representing armies, sound?

Host X: When a card with Host X enters the battlefield, place X +1/+1 counters on it. Whenever a card with Host X would take any amount of damage, discard an equal amount of +1/+1 counters from it instead, if able.

Something similar been done several times, ranging from the ectoplasmic resilience of Phantom creatures to the unbreathing hordes of... well, Unbreathing Horde. :derpytongue2: The most recent set effectively has this exact ability on Magma Pummeler... though note the "if it has a +1/+1 counter" clause. The problem with the other cards is that if you can increase their toughness through other means, they're completely immune to damage.

(Funnily enough, you've also approached the game's own representation of a great and terrible army, amass.)

In short, it's a perfectly reasonable mechanic, one that can be used to justify greater initial stats for the cost since they won't stay that way for long. Just remember the "if it has a counter" rider.

(Also, strictly speaking, "host" has been used as an MtG mechanic, albeit in a silly set. Host creatures are compatible with augments to create unique and bizarre monstrosities.)

Ah, I see. I intended the "if able" rider to be the equivalent of "if it has a counter" one (you are unable to discard counters if there aren't any on it, therefore the damage cancellation wouldn't take place), though I think your way might be better. Also, creatures can have 0 toughness? I thought that would make them instantly self-discard (they have damage on them equal to or greater than their toughness).

Yeah, Amass was a big inspiration for this. It was also partially designed to make armies something other than "High cost, high stats," something mechanically unique like vehicles.


Also, creatures can have 0 toughness? I thought that would make them instantly self-discard (they have damage on them equal to or greater than their toughness).

It does. As I said, you need some sort of ongoing toughness boost that isn't a counter to make the trick work, but once you do, the Phantoms et al. prevent all damage dealt to them with no downside.

Also, wasn't sure what to make of the "if able" in there. Thanks for clearing it up.

... is it possible to get physical copies crafted of these?

In the same sense it's possible to get physical copies of just about anything made, yes. But I can't offer any help there.

I’m looking for the batch you did about three months ago on Missing Out, but I can’t seem to find it here. Could you please add the link if it isn’t already here?

Appropriately enough, that one was missing from the index. I've added it in Fan Works. Thanks for the catch.

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