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Dragonbro Knight · 2:03pm Feb 12th, 2016

Advisory: I don't know if this contains spoilers for Season 6. Personally, I really hope it does.


Comments ( 15 )

The new action toys are certainly interesting.

I sure hope that Spike gets the chance to be a major hero fighting with Shining Armor against a serious threat. Also, I would not at all mind seeing Spike able to get larger, by whatever means. They've kept him tiny too long.

Slowly approaching Eldrazi power levels :)


The existence of this toyline continues to crack me up. Twilight will friendship the ever loving crap out of you with her mechanical friendship claws.

My favorite of the set is definitely Nightmare Moon, though.

Nice flavor text on the card, by the way. :rainbowlaugh:

3749887 I'd like to politely rebut that the show is designed first and foremost as a vehicle for making the toys more appealing. Quite a few people out there would snap these up in an instant if they knew about them, but either by choice or necessity don't have access to this news. In which case, having these concepts appear in the show would maximize the profits of this toy line.

For example, I'm currently on the fence about these figures. But if I saw even a three-second preview of Emperor-General Shining Armor riding Spike the Behemoth being in the show, I would not be able to Futurama reference fast enough.

This could have everything to do with Season 6. It could also have nothing to do with Season 6.

3750043 Hmmm, you make valid points.

But I'm still going by what I read in the original article on EqD.

Oh, a part of me wants to tease about Shining Armor's and Spike's combined dorikiness...the rest just wants to admire how awesome that looks!!! Also, I just want that Celestia and Nightmare moon.

I am glad that it seems Hasbro gets it through their freaking skull tahat girls like to play characters kicking ass too!


Oh, a part of me wants to tease about Shining Armor's and Spike's combined dorikiness.

You realize they are both comic book nerds in a scenario to actually use those campy quotes knowing that the other guy gets it.

Shining and Spike, Equestria's Meme Team!

Why do I feel a bout of possibly large-scale idiocy coming?

3750972 That's probably just me.

3750418 something in the memetics of Twilight's family predisposes them to an unusual combination of dorkiness and badassery. It can't be genetic, since Spike isn't a blood relative, but he inherited it from Twilight anyway.

I'm vaguely annoyed that a RW creature has Trample. And that effect, for that matter (although it is basically only as bad as conditional hexproofing.)

This is meant as a "column A/column B" gold card, and red's been getting a lot more trample lately. However, I do agree that it should probably be "Whenever Shining, Emperor-General attacks, attacking creatures gain indestructible until end of turn." One of the problems with making pictures is that they're rather harder to edit than text.

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